Council DA Submission Q Re: Solid Fuel (Wood) Fireplace

Hey All,

Has anyone gone through the process of submitting a DA to install a solid fuel (wood) fireplace. My local council have stated that they won’t allow open fire places but they will allow solid fuel heaters (wood fire) via a merits based assessment.

Trying to get more information is like getting blood from a stone and i wanted to see if anyone has any advice about submitting the DA yourself (and specifically what type of points could we make that would be in our favour re: merits) or engaging in a town planner? / building designer? to submit for us.

Happy Friday and cheers!



    I think different councils will have different by-laws on this issue


    You need to check the zoning restrictions on the land you’re submitting the DA for. As you mentioned, maybe get in touch with a licenced draftsman to do the plans. If it gets knocked back you’ll have to see a planning lawyer