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Ozito 1200W 35L Wet and Dry Vacuum with Power Take off $69 @ Bunnings


Bunnings seems to be pre-price beating Aldi's upcoming 35L Wet and Dry Vac.

The power passthrough is really useful if using on a sand/soda blaster, hook it up to the light control and you're good to go!

I/N: 6290599

  • Power take off socket
  • 35L stainless steel tank
  • Wet and dry vacuuming
  • Blower function
  • Drainage outlet

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  • Can someone please advise the advantages of this kind of vacuum cleaner?

    • Pros:
      - can vacuum wet things
      - can vacuum dry things

    • +1

      - They suck
      - They blow

  • Is there any reason why you'd not just use this for your house instead of more expensive ones sold in Good Guys?

    Is it worse filtration or suction? I mean $69 compared to $300 Mieles and Dysons?

    • +9

      Zero filtration. Usually used by trades to clean construction debris

      Doesn't have the suction for cleaning carpet thoroughly

      Dyson is a waste of money unless your after handheld

      Miele is where it's at for a household vacuum

      Be nice to your wife/mother and buy them flowers instead

      • +1

        I have used similar vacuums for house hold use, they have a cloth filter and the option of using bags which filter very well and are huge compared to a retail vacuums, the only negatives are noise and some of them have poor floor heads and pipes, they tend to be bullet proof for household use.
        Power wise ours was 1300 watt and sucked better that our last 2 2400 watt domestic vacuums.

        • Cloth filters are useless against fine dust. HEPA filters are brilliant and worth every cent especially if you have dust allergies or have babies/kids

          These vacuums work well and are versatile with the wet and dry. They are heavy, bulky, loud, chunky wheels, wide and extremely inefficient when it comes to cleaning a household.

          I'd like to know more about how you worked out the 1300W 'sucked better'… .

          • @Suspect420: Genuine question : why are none of these 'shop vac' style even vaguely cyclonic?
            Regardless of price they all follow the same model - a bucket with a sucker on top and hole in the side that shoots material straight at aforementioned sucker.

            I have an old water ('bong style') vacuum that's too puny for decent cleaning but is quiet and has adjustable power.
            Knocked up a cyclone (bucket and a couple of PVC elbows) and it catches about 99% of everything from fine dust to coarse chips when hooked up to power tools.

            If one of these manufacturers just angled the inlet tangential to the drum, it'd hugely extend the life of the bag/filter.
            .. Perhaps I just answered my own question - that'd mean less ongoing income from consumables, or replacement when you can't buy a $10 paper bag years from now.

            • @AnneThrope: I've got an older style Ozito shop vac and while nowhere near cyclonic, it does have a debris diverter which stops incoming debris shooting straight at the filter - the downside of this is it prevents it being used for larger debris, eg using it to vacuum leaves out of the gutters generally ends up with them getting caught up at the diverter.
              I plan on making a similar DIY cyclone separator for sawdust and the likes as it just clogs the hell out of the paper filter.

          • @Suspect420: With a quality bag you will see a very tiny amount of dust on the non fan side of the cloth filter once a year and none ever on the inside as the paper will filter so much, IME.

            Efficiency of air flow, fan etc. most domestic vacuums are very poor in these areas as they sacrifice them for noise, style, size etc.

      • Some of the shop-vac's do have hepa filters.

        These vacuums are designed for a different purpose with being robust placed way above ease of use. They are designed for workshops.

  • Anyone got one of these??

    Any good??

    • +1

      I've had this and the $99 Ryobi, both were pretty much the same.
      Plenty of power and unlike the Aldi equivalent, if it breaks just take it back to Bunnings for an on the spot replacement.

  • These are great for cleaning up after renovations or building

  • Does anyone know the difference between this one and the 12L one ??? (apart from the smaller container)
    I need something that will suck out sand and leaves out of the gutters, but the outdoor vac's nozzle is too big to be effective.

    • You can connect another appliance to it allowing you to hook it up to a sander etc. for dust extraction.
      Or if you are like me when I clean the car the air compressor or steamer.

      • -1

        Tell me more about cleaning your car

    • Get a leaf blower.

      • Tried that. Was nasty. Dirt, dust and debris goes everywhere (in the air and all the surrounding surfaces around the house). Then realised half way through that I had a shopvac so used that instead. Way better and between the vac's large nozzle and a narrow vacuum attachment has all the suction you need.

  • Hey….What is the normal / RRP for this item????

    Can't seem to find that! I checked price hipster

    I am thinking of buying it tomorrow morning..

    • $189 was the marked price at Narre Warren when I bought one yesterday scanned at $69 and was Brilliant for my Reno cleanup thus far.

      Saving my Miele and Dyson for home so they don’t get wrecked by all the debris.

      • Bought one

        Very good!!!

        • Haha nice work. It’s paid itself already for me and works well for what it does!

          Just as long as you don’t expect it to be great on carpets compared to a good vacuum with a motorhead brush

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