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Get A Bonus Powerbank When You Purchase a Product using Samsung Pay @ Samsung Retail Stores (First 3000)


Free Samsung Battery pack with purchase at Samsung store via Samsung Pay
Can be found under promotions
T&cs below

  • This offer is open from 21 June 2019 to 21 July 2019, or while stocks last. Offer limited to first 3,000 claimants and one fast charge battery pack (RRP $59.00) per Samsung Account with a voucher code. Voucher code and battery pack are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Samsung Pay is available using select credit / debit and bar coded loyalty cards on compatible Samsung Galaxy devices. Internet connection required. Data and other charges may apply.Full terms and conditions apply.

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  • Didn't even know that Samsung had stores of their own.

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    Free was better ;)

  • +5

    So what's the cheapest thing you can buy at the store?

    • +1

      That was the first think I thought as well.

    • That's what I would like to know too.

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      Some sort of cable I would imagine? I'll report back tomorrow if I'm successful.

      • My bet is a Samsung branded cable is going to be priced like an Apple branded cable, which means it costs more than the power bank is worth (from an alternative brand such as Xiaomi or Romoss that is, not the inflated $59 Samsung's one is priced at).

    • +3

      I bought a charging cable for $15 and got the powerbank today.

      • Did you have to pay using Samsung Pay?

        • I don't believe so, but I did anyway.

      • Saying it's out of stock for me 🙁

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      In Melbourne Central store the cheapest item is screen protector, $19.95.

      Charger and cable bundle is $24.5

      Edit: USB combo cable $14.95

    • It's a usb-c to usb A charger cable for $14.95. Next cheapest is headphones for $24.95.

      I'd be more interested if promo giveaway was the model with wireless charging, which is $99 but on promo on corporate partner stores for $59.20 (see past deals for ways to sign up)

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    Samsung gear $299 wht the …. lol

  • Are they branded Xiaomi?

  • Can buy a cable or phone case

  • I have the offer.

    I already have a card loaded into Samsung Pay but it is telling me to register a card. Do I have to register another one?

    • yes, it can be a loyalty card even

      • is there a minimum purchase value?

        I'm thinking of getting a screen protector which they already sell for $30 so eh…

    • +1

      If you already have a card loaded in then you're set, you don't need to add a new one. They always word their promotions this way for some reason but you can use a card you've already registered to claim the offer.

      • You need to add a card to get a voucher code.

        • Oops, you're right. I thought you had to make a purchase using Samsung pay first then you'd get the code. I was wrong haha, Just added a new loyalty card and got a voucher code then.

  • Cool thanks. Still got an unopened battery pack from the last promo.

    • You definitely need a second one.

      I opened mine to put it in a pouch but didn't charge anything with it.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Great, so i have 'Won the Promotion', their words lol. just no Samsung stores around Canberra to make a purchase…

  • What is the mAH capacity?

    • 10000 according to the picture.

      • Confirmed that at store. With fast charge QC3.0 and two USB output ports + micro usb charge port (at a glance - would make more sense if it was usb-c)

  • got the free battery pack, bought S10 case which I needed anyway.. 😁

  • +2

    Got one with a $15 USB cable. Just be advised that the type C port on this power bank is input only, not output.

    • Good idea thanks. Will do the same

  • I have registered for the promotion, do I need to wait for a voucher code before I can make a purchase?

    • Visit ur local Samsung store to make a purchase

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    Got mine today. They only checked if you have the offer saved on your phone.

    I don't think it would be impossible to go and get another one if you were inclined. They didn't scan anything from my phone or get any code off of it.

  • Is there a way to know if you be successfully registered

    Dont want to go to the shop and get told, you're not eligible

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      The staff will tell you immediately and fix the issue… Then you just buy something on the spot & get your free power pack..

  • Thanks. Bought the USB combo cable for $15.

  • Is there any Samsung Retail Stores in Adelaide?

  • +1

    got mine! plenty of stock,

    staff really didnt know how to process it so it mustnt be that popular


  • 1 left at George St Sydney

    • Had this been verified?

      • They lied to me because i asked if i can claim another on my old device. But yeah, I did claim another, my mates claimed some too. There should still be stock

  • Northland said appointment required?

  • Got two, one for myself and one for the wife by purchasing two combo cables. The voucher code were the same on both our phones. The Samsung staff clicked the button to mark the voucher as Used but you can easily mark it again as Unused. So in theory you could get as many as you want using the same code from different Samsung stores.

  • Got one at Carousel, WA yesterday. Purchased a combo cable too. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Rude service from Westfield Doncaster Samsung. Emphasised that I can't return the cable I purchased and keep the battery. Treated me like a cheap skate. Feedback forwarded to Samsung hq. Just bought 2 S10+ and a S10 5G and previously had a Note 9. Not a great way to treat customers.

    • they said nothing wrong. You can't return the cable. If you want to return it, you need to return the powerbank too

    • ive had mixed experiences with donc store

      last time they were so kind that I thought it was odd, they said "I hope youve had a great expereince at samsung, if there is anything else we could help you with"

      and the previous time, they were useless, promised a call back, they didnt, went back to the store the next day, the guy didnt even acknowledge the conversation, and the proceeded for faster service go to the reair cetnre directly 40mins drive away

  • Just got a couple today from Joondalup (WA), bought the $15 cable, no voucher required just need to pay by card as they don't accept cash - appear to have loads left. Good deal

  • It looks like some are still avaliable as i got this offer today. The cheapest item in the store that i saw was a charging cable for $14.95.

  • am I able to charge two devices at the same time with this

    ive got mine plugged into two and it is both charging but it might be actualyl chargining both

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