Private Hospital / Paediatrician Experience - Documenting Boy as a Girl

Hi all,

I'm writing here to get some feedback or suggestions in regards to my recent experience at a Private hospital(+ Paediatrician).

We have opted to go to Norwest Private Hospital to have our first baby. It was an elective c-sec scheduled on 06th June & everything went as planned. We were blessed with a baby boy :) My wife along with the bub were discharged on 11th June.

On the day of delivery, I was given the parent pack(medicare, centrelink forms etc.) which had all the information correct. On the day of discharge, a midwife has shown my baby's blue book along with the discharge summary and placed it inside the NSW new born goodies bag.. after which we walked out of the hospital.

We received an invoice of about $500 for the initial & follow up consultations by the Paediatrician the very next day after coming home, which is yet to be paid.

Yesterday 20/06 We decided to go to our Family doctor to get the bub weight & Jaundice levels checked. We handed over the blue book to our GP, that was the first time the Blue book was opened. He noticed the following discrepancies.

1) Sticker on top of the blue book & header labels within has the Gender as "Female" where as I had a baby boy.
2) Paediatrician who saw the bub has filled the "Newborn Examination" section in the Blue book.
This Gentleman ticket the Sex as "Female", Hand written Genitalia as "Female", Testes fully descended R/L as "NA(Not applicable)".
Also, in the comments section he has hand written as "Normal Female Infant".

My GP has pointed out these things and we were completely upset with what has happened after spending nearly $4k out of pocket going to a private hospital. Private insurance claims show that the hospital were paid out close to $7k for our 5 day admission.

I called up the hospital and they quickly followed up with Maternity & I received a call from one of the mid wife to get the book in to rectify all the incorrect information.
I spoke with the Paediatrician as well who accepted that it was his mistake, apologized and was willing to update the information in Blue book ASAP.

In parallel, I gave a call to HCCC and inquired about my rights. I was advised to talk to the Hospital & Doctor. The lady over the phone mentioned that this is very uncommon and she was shocked to know that the doctor actually opened the nappy and written notes as a Female infant. She said that if the doctor accepts it as a mistake, I could actually lodge a complaint with them.. which they would review and take appropriate action against the doctor.
However, any compensation related would need to be lodged with NSW Fair trading after it has been lodged with HCCC.

I went to the hospital today to get the information rectified, and they copied over the information in to a new blue book and i was given both old & new books for records.

What would the community here suggest or recommend ?
- Should I take it easy and leave it here.
- Talk to the hospital & Doctor for compensation - The doctor leases space in the hospital and is not directly employed.
- Raise it with HCCC, Fair trading etc. about Hospital and the Doctor.

Thanks in advance.


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      Don’t try to cover up for incompetent and stuff ups no matter what field of work.
      He obviously didn’t even check if the testes were descended.

      He didn’t pay any attention and didn’t do his job properly. I wouldn’t pay him a cent. No leniency.

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        This attitude is exactly what I mean when I say something like this thread takes things out of context. You use incompetence as a way to characterise a doctor that made a documenting error?

        You don't know that the doctor didn't check for whether the testes were descended (and if they were I would be quite surprised for a newborn). All you know is there's been a documenting error and now you say the person doesn't deserve to be paid. It's entirely not equitable and also not how the world works. Even if a formal complaint were made, the compensation would be commensurate with what value you missed out on as a result of this error and should it be an error of documentation, the damages are minimal. Maybe the inconvenience of having to get the paperwork redone?

        Patients need to give doctors the same compassion that doctors are expected to give patients.

        Mistakes happen in life and we try to help people out if they were honest mistakes, even if it was their fault. It would be like me saying I'm going to treat you worse because I believe your lung cancer is caused by your smoking. I don't do that because I believe in the good of all people and it benefits us all if we look at the bigger picture and help each other out when sh*t hits the fan.

        Sure, if its a matter of it not being an honest mistake and the doctor is doing things that harm patients, I can see why remediation is required. But this doesn't seem to be the opinion of this board. It's not about getting things better for the system and eliminating errors, but rather figuring out how to save a few bucks or discredit someone as punishment.

        I work in a public hospital and I see a lot more patients than I need to because the demand is unreal. Clerical mistakes happen…

        I can probably decrease the rates of clerical errors… by seeing half as many patients, leaving at 6 pm which is when I'm paid until, and taking a lot less stress… If I don't do my paperwork at the end of the day the hospital doesn't get reimbursed by medicare. Makes no difference to me financially because I get paid by the hour. What incentive are you giving me to work faster and try to help out the ever expanding elective surgical lists if you're going to roast me every time a small paper error occurs? And if someone does to me what you're suggesting, why should I bother working harder and faster so that you don't have to wait another month to get your surgery? Why are there different expectations for doctors for even small matter?

        What goes around comes around my friend. Tolerance, leniency and working together to make the world a better place works well. Trust me.

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          You know what? The more I read this thread the more upset I get. Why am I skipping out on getting home for dinner with my kids when this is the attitude the public has on us?

          Seriously, have a think about the other side of the coin and also think about your own profession and what happens when you make a mistake.

          • @alienurbanite: lol i'm not sure if sintro is being sarcastic or not.

            This is the general public (i am medical and now work in consulting corporate) we're talking about. This is the same type of person who gets sick then expects a pill or surgery to correct a problem that could have been prevented in the first place. This is the 80% that essentially follows the dreams and wills of others - could you honestly expect anything more from the masses when this is exactly what they are for? This is the typical blame game mentality that keeps the poor poor and the rich rich.

            Not worth your reply though, but worth the trolling and the ranting it generates lol.

            • @Gallifr3y: I think you'll find if you're an ozbargainer you'd do all you can to stay away from hospitals… time is money, pills is money, other people's stuff up is also money.

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              @Gallifr3y: I'm no being sarcastic.

              It's very simple terms of trade.

              Complete a task or provide services to me and you get paid.
              If the job is not done properly, correctly or up to standard then you don't get paid.

              No harsh feelings, no need to get emotional.

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            @alienurbanite: That's exactly right, it's about equality.
            Being a doctor doesn't mean you get special treatments. You get commended for a job well done but if you stuff up then you'll get complaints. Pretty normal situation to expect.

            Attention to detail matters when doing a job and it applies to any job, contruction work, strata manager, computer technician, plumber, electrician. People who are in other fields of work also skip dinner at home with their kids. It would be naive to think that your field of work are the only ones making sacrifices when it comes to family and work.

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              @sintro: Exactly right, doctors aren't the only professionals that have to work back. I am a professional (Engineer) and will be held to account strenuously by peers as well as superiors if I make a mistake. I don't get applause for a job well done.
              It's not just doctors that have to justify their decisions (or errors).
              Doctord do not have the sole claim of having to have attention to detail.
              The Pediatrician who wrote N/A for testicles descended just compounded the error.
              I do not think compensation is warranted, but surely he could refund the fees he wanted.

            • @sintro: To get compensation in any civil claim you have to prove damages. No damages, no $. An analogous example is saying all price errors on ozbargain should be honored because, hey, they made a mistake.

              It's not about who works harder or makes more sacrifice, I agree, all people serious about their career will make sacrifices for it and doctors are no more noble than the checkout girl at woolies who has to work 2 other part time jobs back to back to feed their kid. But that isn't a reason for the OP to be compensated. Yes the OBG made a mistake, but he didn't cause any damage. A sensible person would ask the hospital to change their systems to ensure this doesn't happen again to other parents rather than trying to make a quick buck.

    • Don't worry - Op just wants $$$.

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    I went public, I was left out of pocket $75 for parking (2 days). Wife wouldn't let me hunt around for a free parking space since she couldnt hold on :P

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    What do you do for work? Do you get docked by your employer/customers whenever you make an error?

  • This community is not friendly about this kind of discussions.

    Congrates for safe delivery. $500 out of pocket paediatrician bill sounds like an outpatient medicare gap amount. You have paid the private doctor and you expect to receive error free services. I suggest you to talk to the doctors/team again and request to bulk bill the consultations.

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    Had the same thing happen with our son born 4 months ago, although via the public system. On the discharge paperwork and the hospital system he was recorded as a girl.(due to clerical error)

    I pick up the error on the paperwork when we got home, but it don't bother us so did nothing about it. The midwife mentioned on a home visit that he was recorded as a girl on the system, but clearly the baby was a boy, but again not a big deal.

    Anyway upon registering his birth to get a birth certificate with BDM, they called and said that I registered him as a boy and the notification from the hospital said he was a girl so what's going on. I said no he is a boy and sent the midwifes (who delivered the baby) paperwork that said the baby was a boy to them (BDM).

    Next day I get a call from the manager of the hospital maternity wing, apologizing profusely, asking if we are we home and they would come out straight way and fix the paperwork up. So they come out again apologizing profusely etc, I say no worries it's not a big deal etc. The manager said it a very very big deal, that it shouldn't happen and they have systems in place to prevent it.

    In fact the hospital was part of trial project to prevent this happening as it means they have lost track of the baby and people may have the the wrong baby. (not us as they baby never left our sight). Also health department had been notified and the hospital was being investigated and were in all sorts of trouble.

    Anyway the CEO of the hospital sent a letter apologizing etc a few days later, but we don't blame anyone, mistakes happen, we have a happy and healthy baby with a good story to tell him when he is older.

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      Get outta here with your reasonable and proportionate reactions.

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      At least you didn't get a phone call and home visit to say they gave you the wrong baby.

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        Yeah, now they just have the wrong baby and don't realise it, ignorance is bliss though

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    You are going to put this doctor through the stress of a health complaint and try and fish for money? The doctor, having probably done 50 baby checks in the last week was on autopilot and wrote the normal exam into the book for female and not male. Get real. You have a healthy baby. Hopefully you don't pass on your USA style attack and sue mentality to your child.

  • I would demand compensation
    your son has been scarred for life, thinking that for the first few weeks of his life it was a girl
    ask for at least 100m in compo

    • Hopefully OP just means a refund for the consult where that form was filled out.

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    Might want to check the actual health of your baby compared to it's blue book value, maybe the doctor made other mistakes.

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    Well, if it helps, gender is fluid these days, so it could be anything you want it to be.

  • Compensation? How greedy.

  • OP wants to get maximum return from the baby, long term investment.

  • What trauma do you want compensation for?

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    How dare the doctor assume the baby's gender like that

  • Let it go!

  • Next time go public and pay $0 :)

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    Maybe your baby identifies as a female.

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      Has Op even asked the Baby?

      Why is Op ASSUMING what Gender the child wants just because it was born that way?

      If the Doc has already identified child as a female - why has Op. not already started Hormone treatment?

      I feel like Op is a transphobe.

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    The OP is probably just suffering from stress / the emotional roller coaster ride of just having a kid - let's not be too hard on him. Don't worry about the compensation.

    To the OP - just play with your new miracle and enjoy :)

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      Real reason why post made: Op was not offended, Op just wants to save some $$$, and just pretended to be offended to get some $ back.

  • Hire the most expensive barrister you can find and pretty soon you will own that bloody hospital.

    • I encourage Op to sue.

      Got to make our $.

  • You should sue your boy for not being a girl.

    And then sue the dr for assuming your kids gender.

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    You got a boy instead of a girl… BARGAIN!!

    • Whoever said a boy was better than a girl, has never had to raised a cheeky little boy.

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        I never said boys were "better". Anyway you dont get it. the comment was in reference to the post having no association with a bargain website.

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          I go one further. Having a child is the opposite of a bargain. Essentially negates every bargain you've had so far and in the future. Money pit here we come

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    What would you claim compensation for?

    You've got a great story for when your son turns 21. That's a better outcome than if they'd got it right.

    Plus: Have baby > documentation goes wrong > ask for Ozbargain's opinion 🙄

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    Maybe the paeds filled the paperwork in after the fact. Perhaps after looking after a number of other newborns as well.

    Fair enough the mistakes documented are quite significant but I think you are coming from a bad place if you are looking for compensation

    Disclaimer: I am a doctor and it's actually patients like yourself that make me consider alternative vocations

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    Pretty shitty reason to ask for compensation, really, especially considering the kind of life saving services a hospital provides. Sounds like you are looking for a quick buck. You were slightly inconvenienced at best.

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    Dude this is just a documentation error which the doctor (and hospital) promptly acknowldged and fix.

    Stop being a drama queen and get over it! Geeze if something remotely serious happened the world might end!!

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    Binary gender doesn't exist anyone. It is hoax concocted by the Patriarchy in order to oppress people.

    At least that's what social progressives tell me. I reject the concept of "gender fuidity" though, but it is the future.

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    Same thing just happened to me! Just had my baby girl today, but they had her down as a boy on the blue book. I picked up on it and they fixed it 30 mins later. We went public, maybe this is why my butt doesn't hurt…

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    I'm pretty surprised by people's reactions here. I'd certainly be asking questions and having any other important details checked. It brings into question weather anything that was noted in the reports is reliable. When you're dealing with all the stress and worry that comes with being a new parent I wouldn't want any unnecessary concerns.

    If there's important info in there that isn't as readily verifiable as your child's gender then I'd want to have the whole thing double checked and would lodge a complaint.

    If there isn't any particularly important medical stuff that could be wrong then I'd forget it and move on.

    Either way, on the plus side, I'd take the piss out of my son about it later in life. Or was it daughter?

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    Congratulations on your new baby girl.

  • Let them know they made a mistake so they can improve there process. Other than that concentrate on the bub and mum because life is going to change very quickly every day and unannounced. You don't want undue stress now!

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    Plot twist - the Doctor examined the baby's sexual preference!

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    Plot twist the baby identified itself as a girl!

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    Just wait to the newborn is 3 and ask them do they identify as male, female or other.

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    When your son grows up make sure you tell all his girlfriends that when he was born the doctor looked at his genitals and assumed he was a girl. He'll love you for that :)

  • At least the pediatrician admit the mistake and prob very upset by it too. He/she didn't try to find an excuse or cover up. It is an admin error not a medical error that can lead to harm.

    Don't waste hospitals time….let them go help others in need.

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    Plot twist OP is the baby

  • It really depends what result you want. As the actual record has been fixed, this just leaves formal compalints and compensation.

    I'm unsure what actual losses you suffered as a result of this, so a compensation claim may be a non starter.

    Otherwise you could make a formal complaint, but as the issue has been addressed, and resulted in no real harm, I'm unsure what you are hoping to occur as a result.

    I'd personally chalk it up to a funny story and spend the time with the new member of your family. Way better than stressing over a complaint process.

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    Today when I was doing my car insurance quote online, I noticed that it would give me a lower premium if I put my gender as female instead of male.

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      Plot twist So Op should be paying compensation to the Doc?

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    I spoke with the Paediatrician as well who accepted that it was his mistake, apologized and was willing to update the information in Blue book ASAP


  • Haha,wow, I was just alerted to this thread by a mate…..this has to be a troll post SURELY! Compensation..? Really? Am I missing something?

  • Mistakes happen, nobody was hurt, no clear and evident malpractice (Which requires deliberate action) has occurred, and the pediatrician offered to fix it as a priority. What more are you expecting?

    • +1


    • The sad thing was that because the PD admitted to the mistake, he was punished by OP by loading a complaint…. So if PD lied and did not admit to the mistake? OP won't report the PD?? …..I think whatever the PD did, he was going to be perused by OP for whatever reason

  • Would hate to be this guy's family doctor. FTS too much stress for risk of being sued and we already get compensated shit for our time. I am a doctor too.

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      You get compensated shit? How so?
      Get another job.

      • Exactly, you're a doctor not a god.

        • lmfao y such hate.

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    Going by the comments, I hope OP realises what a dingbat they are

    • I think the crux of this is OP didn't want to pay the $500 invoice due to a clerical error.

  • Your "completely upset" because of something trivial like this … My advice, take 3 tablespoons of cement……………..

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    Return the baby and ask for a refund.

    • Change of mind return?

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    Clerical errors happen - the more trivial stuff (e.g this case), has less safeguards to mitigate risk as the risk of harm is low. The higher the risk of injury, the more safeguards are put in place to prevent errors. This is why when giving meds, often 2 nurses will do it, verify patient info (him saying name + DBO + wrist ID) or before performing operation surgeons they perform time outs to double check the procedure. As with everything, nothing is 100% safe or risk free and everything requires a cost benefit analysis.

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    Raise it with HCCC, Fair trading etc. about Hospital and the Doctor,

    why: because the PD didn't check thoroughly, this is a simple test, if the doctor makes a mistake on that simple check, he should not be a doctor at all, report him so he is not make the same mistake or GOD FORBID make the big mistake to other babies.

  • A fairly simple mistake was made and easily rectified with no real injuries aside from… Feelings?.
    Your hospital experience could have been much worse than the wrong box ticked in a book… I mean it's not like they removed the healthy side of your cancerous bowel or something:

    Perspective guys. Healthy baby, healthy parents, it's a happy time right?

    You did get the right baby yeah? =p
    Good luck on your sleep patterns for the next 5-10 years! Fun times ahead!

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    Thought I'd contribute some insight to this. Congratulations on the new baby boy!

    The whole ordeal here sounded like a clerical error which can be easily overlooked, incorrectly entered from a sticker printed by admin, and misleading to the doctor who may have been filling in the forms. The more important thing is if you felt that your baby had been looked after, your child examined and the care received when you saw the Paediatrician during the initial and follow up consult.

    The Blue Book becomes very routine for many doctors who have to fill them up and can sometimes be done very quickly / without as much thought as this is more paperwork for the doctor, so if your baby got his baby check during your clinical consults, but the Book was filled incorrectly then I would let it slide. If you however are saying that the doctor did not touch or examine your baby and got the gender wrong as a result, and that care was not received adequately or poor, sure… make a case to HCCC. I'm not trying to justify that the doctor's mistake which he had admitted and is willing to fix, but everyone makes mistakes. Your baby was probably one of other 30-40 babies he had seen and Blue Books filled. Just be happy that the error was not that resulted in your baby being harmed.

    Sounds like the OP is disgruntled from less than the perfect care provided for the private fee paid. You have opted for Private Specialist care in a Private hospital. Irregardless of the standards of care received, it is a fee for service and there is a cost to healthcare in a private facility. You are still paying for time spent and service provided by your chosen Paediatric specialist in your preferred facility. If I buy a meal at a restaurant or a product at the store and it's not as good as I had expected, I don't get a refund for it. I am left dissapointed for not getting my expectations met, I choose not to buy the same product or eat at the same restaurant again and move on. I don't go reporting to the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading and take action against the company or restaurant.

    I'd suggest talking to the Practice Manager at the clinic and Doctor if you're unhappy about the fee and service received and maybe (not that they have to) you'll get a part of the fee waived. I don't think you'll get far with HCCC or complaints unless the case was really about the overall care provided during your clinical consultations (which will be crosschecked against medical records documented by the doctor) - good luck!

  • You're being a dick

  • OP is even more petty than the post where a lady was asking for compensation from TrainLink because she slipped on a wet puddle on a rainy day in a train station or that lady that slipped over onions in Bunnings.

    I might as well slip on grass and then sue the council for not using non-slip grass >. <

  • tldr

  • call the police

  • -1

    Am a doctor.

    Everyone, including health care staff make mistakes.
    Fortunately we have many checks in place to ensure no life threatening mistakes are made.

    Clerical errors do and will continue to happen. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill, it won't get you anywhere and you'll just serve to further disenfranchise the pediatrician who is providing a valuable service.

    Just be happy your child is healthy. The amount of things that can go wrong with the human body and condition is staggering.