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Free Icecream @ Ben and Jerry's Knifepoint (Melbourne)


free scoop of icecream at Ben and Jerry's Highpoint. 09 June 11, 5pm to 10pm only.
on todays mx
*must attend scoop shop at hoyts

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    +1 :)


    I predict a riot.


    nothing special about b&j's. Go to any gelateria for much better options


      nothing special? its a bit pricey, but nothing special? pfft!


        absolutely its nothing special. bought a scoop of cherry garcia a few months back expecting to be blown away from what i've heard of B&J's. Waaaayy too sweet. like i said, go to a gelateria for some good ice cream


          ive only had 2 varities, but i havent found them to be overly sweet, but then different people have different food palette's

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          BJs always blow me away. Getting it at knifepoint seems like a dream come true.


      actually i really like B&J's. When Broadway, NSW (actually Glebe) had B&J's opening free scoop i took about a few of each (they let you do that) and some were really good..the banana monkey or something was interesting because it tasted more natural than your average expensive banana ice cream. I think B&J's have made a deal with Hoyts which is why Broadway Shopping Centre got a B&Js as well as knifepoint's Hoyts

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      Plenty special about BJs … oh wait :p


    Icecream is expensive and average…


    Meh, you'd be surprised the free stuff you can already get at knifepoint! :p


    How do I redeem this? Am I missing something?

    I assume it is at the B&J outlet in the Melb CBD? what is this about attending scoop shot?


      First, you're gonna need a knife! ;)

      It looks like you just rock up, B&J seem to have a free cone day or something at random locations, this Hoyts must be one of them…maybe?


      apparently you need to go "Knifepoint" Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong (props to me if i spelt that right) available at the Ben and Jerry's at the scoop shop at hoyts.


        HA HA, now I get it (Knifepoint = Highpoint)! I honestly, up until reading this post (and the one below) just then, thought it was at B&J Melbourne (CBD)

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    "knifepoint" HAHA

    All you people who hardly, if ever, visit Highpoint quit bagging it like ignorant dimwits.

    I go there regularly and have never heard of nor encountered any crime, except perhaps for thefts from cars which happens anywhere (yes, including Chadstone too, shock)

    Neg (not the deal) but for the ignorance of the OP and other comments.

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