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Bonus $25 Myer Gift Card When Staying Subscribed to Norton Security


Got email about auto-renewal of my Norton subscription which i don't want, and i went to turn off the auto renewal function when offered a $25 Myer gift card for me to stay subscribed.

Doesn't change my mind, but would be nice for those that do stay subscribed to Norton!!

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    Free means FREE no strings attached but this ain't Free


    Norton, you'd be better off with just Windows Defender =\

    https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/real-world-protection-... Slightly more false positives however higher overall protection rate, and it's free. Edit: also unless things have changed, Norton/Symantec always slowed every machine down significantly.


      For quite some time now, Norton has been one of the lightest antiviruses there is - not the like old days. It usually will have very little impact on system performance. Myself and many others, find that Windows Defender noticeably slows down their computers at times. This is why I do not use Windows Defender on any of my computers.

      Windows Defender is fine if it doesn't slow down your computer. If it does, there are alternatives that won't.


    I prefer Norton. Norton security premium 5 user 1 year $39 max if no eBay discount code.

    They give virus protection guarantee.
    I had virus in a PC as I do lots of "online" stuff. They spent 1 hour on PC remotely to clear it.