expired [Pre-Order] Raspberry Pi 4 4GB +Micro-B to USB-C Adaptor, micro-HDMI Cable, 32GB SD Card $116.22 + Shipping @ Core Electronics


As done in the past, we've got another OzBargain exclusive as a huge thank you this community's support over the years.

This is a preorder, it could take up to 3 weeks to fulfil. As authorised resellers, we'll be getting regular top-ups of stock, 600 boards ought to arrive next week with regular top-ups thereafter.

The Deal

You'll need a power supply of sorts. If you have the older variant of Raspberry Pi Power Supply then you will be able to use the above USB-C adaptor to power your shiny new RPi4. If you also need a power supply, we have them here.

How to order

Add the above products to your cart and on the view cart page there is a VOUCHER text box at the bottom. Enter OZBARGAINEXCLUSIVE code into that box, profit.

Note: you'll need those items "in" your cart to get this offer (or else the code won't work).


The maximum discount applied once per order, no matter what QTYs are involved.

Again, this is a preorder, it could take up to 3 weeks to fulfil your order (up to 600 units will ship early next week).

Handy resources:

If you prefer something more hands-on to learn new stuff, then the Raspberry Pi Official Beginner's Guide has been refreshed for the new Raspberry Pi 4. It's also available as a free download, all 240 pages of Pi goodness.

So there you have it! Any Q's, please post below. We'll check-in often to help.

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  • +14 votes

    $94.95 AUD for a $55 USD/$79 AUD item. Where's the bargain? What's the discount?

    Giftcard / Voucher code is not valid

    • +12 votes

      The Raspberry Pi Model B falls into Australia's National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

      Less known again, is that the archaic regulation applies a 12KG weight to the <100gm RPi, which then attracts a 65c/KG disposal fee ($7.8).

      I hear change is on the horizon for that regulation, largely fostered by the continued lobbying of Single-Board Computer retailers!

      • +7 votes

        Noted. That's still above RRP though.

        Also, might want to make it clearer that the discount code only applies if you add ALL 4 items into basket. At which point the $14 discount still doesn't make it worthwhile for cheap peripherals personally.


        • +5 votes

          We're more aggressively priced for the 1GB variant, as we are supplied direct. Taking into account NTCRS, we're below UK/USD RRP for that variant (trying our best to make it as affordable as possible).

          4GB is via distribution, though we've listed it here as we thought that's the model Ozbargain would like to use most.

          If we negotiate better prices on future stock, we'll mark down accordingly, as we always do @Core.


          That's still above RRP though.

          What about GST? RRP in the US would not include sales tax because that varies by state and county. Once you account for GST, the prices are similar.


      Did you have one of each of the products - they are needed for the code logic as listed above?


    No prices. Hiding something?

  • +2 votes

    I love the "I'm not going to put any price in the title or description of this deal". Really makes me want it more. /s


    Saw a video on YouTube a pommy guy bought one it came with a keyboard and mouse in a kit does this come in a kit.

  • +10 votes
    • Micro HDMI Cable

    • 32GB MicroSD Card

    • Micro-B to USB-C Adaptor

    $116.22 - $94.95 = $21.27

    40% off sounds great until you compare prices and realise that it's 40% off of heavily inflated prices.

    Cheaper to buy them on eBay. (These may not even be the cheapest prices. I didn't look too hard)

    Total: $16.30

    Even if you were to buy the official Micro HDMI Cable from core and the MicroSD + USB adapter on eBay the total would still be less at only $18.40


      Thanks for this. I don't even need the micro SD card and know how to use dd
      I already have 10 Xiaomi USB-B -> USB-C cables.
      So for me it'd just be the HDMI cable for $21.27. I'll buy the one you linked instead and go to the $94.95 deal.


    Wait, does this have SATA? I was pretty sure at some stage there was going to be SATA fro v4, maybe tehy dropped it…


      Not yet - would be a nice addition though!

    • +1 vote

      usb 3 ssd drive is just as good


        Can it boot from USB now?

        Thats exactly what I wanted pi+ssd, had enough of SD cards :)

        Any idea what the performance might be like?

        I'm beginning to think a nuc is my best option but the celeron units feel very overpriced to me (I'm going for low power, usb powered would be great)


        Silly question time..what's the most appropriate usb 3 ssd?

        Could you just utilise a basic 16/32gb flash drive or..

  • +1 vote

    PoE would be a good build in… But maybe with this model they are pushing the power limit of PoE?


      The official comms from RPi Foundation is that it's "PoE Enabled", which ought to mean the Official PoE HAT will work just fine with it. Yet another thing to test!


        Oh wow I thought they'd discontinued the PoE Hat - nice to know there's still stock for it. Be keen to see if they've fixed the USB under-powering issues they had with the hat on the Pi3. If you do check, please can you see what the current delivery over the onboard USBs is when powering with it? That issue was the only reason I never switched a couple of my projects to PoE.

        Looks like I might be swinging through Adamstown on my way home from work again soon. :P

  • +10 votes

    I've got an orange pi running as a NAS, it's perfectly fine… but honestly, for the cash it would be better just buying on ebay a used usff "tiny" hp g1 800 mini or lenovo m92p / m93p, you can get them for around $100 - 150, still very low power consumption but serious performance and only slightly bigger

    i really don't get these singleboard pcs that cost upwards of $50 unless you have a very specific use case for them, IOT or home automation, etc

    for eg

    add one of these

    of if you need more grunt, ~6500 on passmark, 45w

    picked up a g1 800 with an i5 for $100, almost bought an lenovo as above but i just can't rationalise the purchase, have no real use for it lol

    • +2 votes

      No ram, no cpu and no hdd with that first link. Would come out to quite a bit more than $95

      • +1 vote

        ram will set you back like $15 and an ssd $30… thats $125 total

        meanwhile for this pi you still need a power adapter $10, and an sd card $15… in the end you are paying like $10 extra for something thats 10x better as a desktop pc or server, not to mention has operating systems that actually fully support it… it's not even close, completely no brainer

        if you are going to build something custom for IOT, home automation, etc.. then sure.. but these mini pc boards are actually quite expensive when you look at it objectively.. the lower priced ones that cost $20-30, different story

        actually found a better cpu, ivy bridge $15 and local


            @havok44: word of warning.. im guessing these cpus will work out of the box, hardware wise they would but the BIOS might not official support them, it is pretty easy to add support for it though by editing the bios file and adding the cpu in, theres a windows app with a gui that does this and plenty of tutorials online


              @FrugalGamer: $50 lenovo m92p, offer accepted, not surprising really as they are also selling these with dvd cradle for the same price
              $15 g2030T (dual core)
              $4 4GB DDR3 Ram
              $30 240GB SSD

              $99 total, going to retire the orange pi :D



                $50 lenovo m92p, offer accepted, not surprising really as they are also selling these with dvd cradle for the same price

                including shipping?


                  @kamoi: shipping for me was affordable at $12 but im local so going to pick it up

                  be aware they are selling the same model with a dvd for the same price, so haggle away, maybe you can shave an extra $5, looks like he's been really struggling to sell thing, i guess people can't be bothered getting the other parts to make something out of it


      Someone might pick a Raspberry Pi over a SSF desktop due to space, heat or power concerns.

      • +2 votes

        these are the "tiny" models, not the ssf, they are smaller than your average modem.. that being said they'll suck at least twice as much power and take up twice as much room



          where do the drives go? I don't see any bays on that thing. If it's just the internal drive then wouldn't you be better off with a HDD enclosure? Or even an external HDD docking station?


            @fimmwolf: i believe they came with a 2.5" laptop hard drive, probably 500gb hybrid…

            you can see the stock one in this clip

            an ssd would be nice but if you wanted it for a file server than maybe shuck one of those mini externals, i know there are cheap seagates 5TB ones often posted on ozbargain for around $160 iirc… but i believe they might be slightly fatter, 12 or 15mm.. no idea if there is enough room for them.. or use you could use usb docking station with 2 slots for an ultra cheap solution.. my orange pi NAS which is going to be replaced by this just has one of those lacie 8TB external drives

            if you wanted to use it as a plex server then be aware that these chips only have intel HD graphics 2000 which does have hardware acceleration for both encoding and decoding for x264 but no hardware support for x265 which means the CPU will have to decode it.. the $15 chip will handle one stream of decoding x265 but more than this it's going to struggle, not a big deal since the vast majority of videos are encoded in x264 anyway but it's something to keep in mind. If you have a lot of x265 videos and require concurrent streams of x265 videos then you best go with a cpu with more grunt, you can get a quad core xeon 1260L for $55 from aliexpress, 300% the performance


              @FrugalGamer: Thanks for sharing the info here. Tempted to pick up one of these Lenovo tiny PCs for to hide in the lounge room to run some retro and old steam games. I have a spare SSD but wanted to know your thoughts if the Xeon processor was worth it if the primary focus was light gaming and occasional productivity (Office)? Also, do you have any links for where you got your RAM? I had a look on AliExpress and from what I could figure out, these take SODIMM DDR3 1.5v sticks. Will a single 4gb 1600mhz do the trick?

              Edit: Not sure why my previous post was deleted as it for an AliExpress link for RAM and not affiliated!


      what about a cpu cooler, what fits in these things?


        you'd have to stick with the OEM which is apparently very well designed

        as long as your CPU is below 45W TDP then you should be ok, factory is 35W but so people have been running 45W without thermal throttling, if silence is paramount then stick with a 35W

        if you were talking about the PI rather than the lenovo then just any cheap small heatsink will do, no fan required


      HDMI CEC - only reason I keep choosing RPi's over anything else… Used to have a mini PC + CEC adaptor, just too painful to keep working. Now I can use the TV remote for everything within Kodi.


    is it discounted because its a pre-order?

  • +2 votes

    I already ordered the 4GB model from here, but with different extras.

    I got a case and power supply. A deal with those instead would have been nice


      I had already done the exact same haha. I agree though, the case and power supply are more worthwhile and harder to find right now for the Pi4


    Some sort of case would be nice, seeing as they saw fit to change the layout just enough to make all current cases obsolete.


      There was mention on their Twitter feed that the official 3B case fits if you remove a side panel.


    Ive seen a few posts about this elsewhere saying that this has been announced for $35 USD.

    I don't really know much about Raspberry Pi, but have been interested in getting into it myself. I'm just curious why it ends up being $90+ in Australia. Don't take this the wrong way, it's a genuine question, I'm not accusing anyone of price hiking.

    • +1 vote

      US$35 will be for the 1GB ram version, with no peripherals and no GST/other import costs.


      Scarcity at launch if it's anything like the zero is a possibility.

    • +2 votes

      Also see the comment earlier about Australia's National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme which assigns the Pi a weight of 12KG, which, at 65c/KG recycling fee, adds $7.80 to the cost of each Pi sold in Australia.



        Will this additional cost be added to units bought online from overseas?

      • +2 votes

        warning, unrelated rant

        it's amazing how quick the government can move after a news story on ewaste yet dragged their feet for 5+ years and continuing to fine people thousands of dollars based on outdated laws for trying to use greener transport like eBikes and eScooters

        and people look towards government for solutions to the environment


    Anyone know if this one can do HECV natively?


  • +2 votes

    Perfect for hacking NASA

  • +3 votes

    Core Electronics, I like you, but this is an ad, not a bargain.


    Should $49.99 AUD incl postage, gst.

  • -1 vote

    Will there be any lifting of the Pi Zero single unit shipping restriction?

  • +1 vote

    RPI4 4GB + CASE + Power supply = 116.2 + shipping; makes a deal


    If you just want to run Linux on a low power box, there're cheaper and faster options available now

    E.g. Rockchip RK3328 or AMLogic S905 based Android TV box can run Armbian Linux pretty well

  • +1 vote

    so this deal is 116.22 + power 18.95 + case 12 = 147.17

    i can get this starter pack from

    for 149 and that's not on a deal.

    What exactly is the deal here? $2 cheaper and a bigger sd card i guess?


    Hiya Core. Have you, could you see how nice it plays if you install Plex on it? Interested if it can transcode a couple of streams at once (understand it’s unlikely to be able to encode to 4k, a few 1080p streams at once would do me.) Have a good one


    In case anyone's wondering:

    "One of the highest-impact upgrades you can perform to increase Raspberry Pi performance is to buy the fastest possible microSD card—especially for applications where you need to do a lot of random reads and writes."


    So probably not worth getting this bundle, for mer personally :(


      That's 2018 blog. The main selling point of RPi 4 is the USB 3 support (the gigabit ethernet support is also good). This makes it possible to put SSD on it.
      The main gripe I have with RPi is still its weak CPU, which makes it still feel more like a toy, rather than a decent mini PC.

      Also, this constant/regular minor updates every year is annoying.


    does anyone know if i can use a usb C - usb C charger like the macbook charger or the nintendo switch charger to power this?
    or is it not recomended?

    • +1 vote

      USB-C/PD chargers support both 5V charging and PD charging with PD charging operating on PD pins.
      From doing a Web search, it looks like USB-PD charging is not supported so if you use a USB-C charger, it will end up only charge using the standard USB 5V (non-PD charging). Essentially, it uses micro USB port wiring but wired on a USB-C port.

      Short version: You can use a USB-C PD charger except there is no benefit at all. A USB-A charger (assuming it supports 5V high current) is good enough.

  • +1 vote

    I ordered from these guys just after the RPi 4 was announced for delivery around July 4th.

    Now when I check my order it's showing August!

    • +1 vote

      same! surely this is for other orders, if I had of known I would of shipped from elsewhere


    Is this thing faster than a $4000 computer from 1999?

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