expired [PS4] Free - Samurai Shodown Season 1 Pass @ PlayStation Store


Free to claim even if you don't have the base game. Doesn't hurt to grab it now! Free till 30/6.

Enjoy new SAMURAI SHODOWN characters throughout the year with the Season 1 pass! The Season 1 pass includes 4 new characters and the “Retro 3D Nakoruru” character skin.

Estimated DLC release timing (subject to change):
1st DLC character (planned to release in August 2019)
2nd DLC character (planned to release in October 2019)
3rd DLC character (planned to release in December 2019)
4th DLC character (planned to release in February 2020)

Each DLC character and skin in the Season Pass may be sold separately. If you purchase the Season Pass, please do not also purchase the individual DLC packs or skins, as you will be charged additionally for them.

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  • +1 vote

    Nice find!

    Will probably get this down the line when i have a little more breathing room (Damn new-releases + Eofys sales).


    How do I get the Xbox one version I have the game but I can't find the season pass anywhere

  • +2 votes

    Thanks for this, I was contemplating whether to get the base game this week or not since the season pass was time restricted, I enjoyed the demo but still not sure whether I want to drop $80+ for the base game.

    With this now I can just wait it off till the price is right.

    • +2 votes

      Yea im the same. This is so dumb. Their whole marketing was that if you get it before 30 june you get the season pass for free. It was a really good deal and made if worth while to buy on release week.

      It would of also been healthy for the game to encourage a big player base at the start.

      This deal now ruins all that.

      • +2 votes

        LOL yeah. I was rushing to PO this game and pick up from EB store as I don't want to order it thru postal, fearing it might get delayed and I would miss that DLC. SNK basically eff us all PS4 users.

        Great game still, it has that classic old skool feeling. I was having fun playing online locally with random last nite. Barely noticeable netcode lag. Its bad playing with anyone outside OZ.


    Wow this is game is very new


    These are the DLC chars

    Now, if they can bring back Cham Cham & Shizumaru.

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