Terminating or Porting from a Post-Paid Mobile Service

Hi All, wondering if I could get some advice from people who have ever ported from a Telstra post paid BYO Sim plan to a prepaid service with another provider. I have only ever done posting between prepaid accounts.

Do you have to call the termination department first or do you just initiate the porting from the new provider?

Also wondering if that matters whether I am inside a contract with the service I am taking out of Telstra (only a month left in my plan so only a small ETC to pay. I imagine when I get my next bill, I will get some credit for the month I already paid to offset the ETC, calculated to the date I terminated). Still have other services with Telstra so my post account should remain.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance!



    Call Telstra first and and say you want to switch the number from Post pay to Pre pay.

    Once that is completed, your new provider can make the switch.

    Thats how it worked with Boost


      for boost this is probably the correct proecedure (as with any telstra mnvo) i suspect this would be specific case though going from telstra post to a telstra mnvo prepraid. going any other carrier your just wasting you time and adding an addition step where things can go wrong

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      I can see you’re getting downvoted but what you’ve suggested is how I would do it too, just to avoid having to pay the port out fee they slug you with when you port out of postpaid.

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      This is only the correct procedure for Telstra Postpaid to Boost ports. All other ports simply require you to provide the gaining provider your service and account number and they will bring over the number and the losing provider will finalise the account automatically.

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    The only difference is that you need to provide an account number, rather than having your Date of Birth matched, as is the case for prepaid.

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      This. You don't need to change to prepaid with Telstra first. Just port to the new provider.

      If you call and initiate a termination first you will lose the number.

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      Morien is correct.
      We just ported from post-paid with Voda to pre-paid with Aldi. Easy and same number retained.

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    first up, make sure Telstra has your correct details (DOB, listed name etc), then you call up your new provider and get them to initiate the transfer. My suggestion is to do it on a Monday and not on a Friday because if there's issues with the transfer you might not be able to use your service over the weekend

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    It is easy to port from post paid to prepaid as you only need your account number to do so. I would call Telstra and get them to switch you to prepaid first as they charge a port out fee $8 for post paid accounts which I was able to avoid by getting them to convert my number to prepaid first and then porting out. Hopefully it still works like that.


    Do not cancel your plan or make any changes to your post-paid plan before porting. If you cancel/terminate your number, you'll lose it.

    Just go pick up your pre-paid number kit and when you activate it, you can tell them you want to port your number in. They'll probably give you a huff because no carrier likes pre-paid but it doesn't matter. When porting a number that it currently on pre-paid, you will need the account number from your current carrier.
    The new carrier doesn't know nor care if you're in contract when the port is done.


    This is what I did to port from Telstra post paid to Boost prepaid

    Chat with Telstra customer service to convert Telstra postpaid to prepaid
    They will tell about the early termination charge for remaining days and ask you to confirm
    After confirming that your same sim will be Telstra prepaid

    Then follow the porting procedure at your new mobile operator