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LG OLED55B8STB 55" OLED TV $1562 + Delivery @ VideoPro eBay


For those that missed out on the last deal looks like the PROMPT code brings this down to a reasonable price again!

The LG B8 OLED TV series features an OLED Display with no backlight, for the most hair raising blacks imaginable. It also comes with a new, Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor. Together, they help bring the visual effect of 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™ to life, for an amazing home entertainment experience.

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  • Does anyone know if they send out a real tax invoice after purchase instead of eBay invoice?

    Also looks like appliance central put down their price to compete. Slightly cheaper due to cheaper postage.


    • Appliance central for me is $76 postage vs Video pro's $55. I'd recommend that you all check which one is best for you before purchasing.

  • Do these run at 100hz plus? Thinking about next gen consoles.

    • Get the C9 if you're thinking about next generation consoles. HDMI 2.1 and a few other things. Should hit $2k over Xmas if it follows the C8 pattern

    • I think they can do 120hz at 1080p but are limited by HDMI 2.0 spec.

  • Can someone please tell me what happened to the C8? The B8 was 2 models ago then came the C8 (faster processor etc…) but it seems that no one buys a C8 now and all focus has been back on the B8 for more than 6 months now..

    • They made the C8 EOL quite early and seemed to push everyone towards the B8 that remained in production probably because of price point. I asked the same question of stores locally and they didn't have an answer as to why the C8 was disappearing from the shelves and the B8 remained.

    • Not quite right, the C series get released in the first part of the year and then the B series come later in the year.

      No one buys a C anymore because the stock has been sold out everywhere for a very long time. As we approach Black Friday you'll see more discussion about the C9's because there will be some crackin deals again just like last year….Then all that stock will be gone and you'll see deals upon deals for the B9.

      • Are you sure?

        The B8 was from the previous year model. It's like parts/stock remained and once the C8 (newer, faster processor etc) sold out they went back to stock clearing the B8

        • No, I think you might be confusing it using the A7 processor which was also in the 2017 model with the entire product being old, which is not the case.

          The B8 series was released in the later part of 2018 and yes it uses the A7 processor but with a 2018 panel and design etc.

          • @Osiris: Confirmed.. B8 is the previous 2017 model, B8 is the 2018 model.

            B8 - A7 processer, 20W speakers, 2 speakers
            C8 - A9 processor, 40w speakers, 4 speakers

            Still doesn't explain why the EOL'd the C8 early and kept going with the B8.

            I have a C8 and am happy but do think the stand on the B8 looks better. Just wish I had of got the 65"..haha

            • @r1mick: There are a variety of small differences between the two but the b8 is a 2018 model that came out after the c8. That's a fact.

              The b9 is a 2019 model that will get released here later in the year.

              Because the c9s come out earlier (and the c10s will be released earlier) and not as many of them are produced as the B series, they will run out of stock earlier.

              Not sure what the point of contention here is. As I said just using the a7 processor doesn't make the b8 a 2017 model.

  • Anybody know the depth of the stand, my unit is short

  • Also coming up as 1770 for me - 200 prompt discount + 34 shipping = 1604 total?

  • Any offers for 65 inch. Pls let me know

  • Really wanna pull the trigger on this TV but im worried about burn in since i play a lot of Fifa 19 and their logos are on there the whole match. Anyone have any similar stories or feedback to ease my mind?

  • Ordered from appliance central, asked JB Hifi to price match after quoted 1795 in store, waited 15 mins to ask, guy said no and the previous customer asked for the same deal.

  • I got a call from Hunter Express today (bought from appliance central), regarding the delivery and it's coming today. Literally, it only took less than 2 days. Very impressed.

    • So just got my TV, there was another one in the delivery van, and it's going to Glen Iris it seems. Just giving an update to whoever bought one.

  • Took $1562 number to TGG and they sold for $1520. Harvey Norman didn't even consider matching.

  • So for those who bought this TV, anyone having issues with vertical banding? I saw a slight band towards the right side of the screen in darker grey screens (visible when prime app is starting up) barely noticeable but it's there. When Googled, it seems this is common with OLEDs. Anyone else seeing this?