[Cancelled] PS4 PS Plus Game July: PES 2019 & Horizon Chase Turbo @ PlayStation

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The PlayStation Plus monthly games for July 2019 are:
* Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
* Horizon Chase Turbo

Mod: PES 2019 got swapped out for Detroit Become Human. Deal cancelled. Please see new deal post for Detroit Become Human.

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  • +1

    I guess this is good for anyone who wants the single player part of pes.
    As you can play the lite version for free without ps plus

    • What is the lite version?

      • Lite let's you play the online only 'myclub' mode
        You can play my club friendlies too

        Konami are hoping you'll buy coins to get featured players

        • Deal no longer available.

  • +3

    At least its not EA.

  • +6

    This one won't suit everyone but this is actually a pretty good selection for me. I've wanted both games at times and haven't played either for once.

    • i agree. im super excited about PES.

      why is any1 negging PES ? its not a crippled app, is it?!

  • -2


  • +1

    Never heard of Horizon Chase Turbo, but my initial thought was "Is this a spiritual sequel to Chase HQ?" After a quick google, looks like it is :)

    • +1

      It is, I've been following it for ages but I'm a tightwad with these kind of games.

    • +5

      Not really. It's an arcade racer with retro graphics. With a focus on getting the best times to unlock more stages.

      You're not chasing anyone like Chase HQ.

      It's fast and fun. I played it a fair bit on Switch.

    • +1

      Looks more like a spiritual successor to Out Run.

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  • +5

    Horizon is decently fun, lovely look and full of style. It's been called a spiritual successor to a tonne of franchises, but the only one I really cared about was OutRun. If you, like me, are jumping into this game looking for a new OutRun, you won't get it unfortunately. Still fun and all though, worth a play, just don't jump in on day one and spend 30 bucks for OutRun 2019 only to get something entirely else.

    Overall pretty shit month considering PES has a free version and Horizon has been on sale for around 10 bucks already before. Y'all defenders given up yet? Given up hope that "well now that there's only 2 games, they will at least be much better games", yet?

    • -1

      The free PES is there one where you grind or pay for random players like FIFA FUT. It's not a pick up and choose a team game. The Master League is why people play PES, not the pay to win free thing they released.

  • Terrible.

    I hate sport and racing games. Is this a byproduct of Dry July?

    • If it is, then it wont work. I need good games to distract me from drinking!

    • Obviously it won't suit everyone. I hate sport games but love racing games tho :p

    • +10

      We better contact Sony guys, tallkid123 doesn't like sports or racing they need to go over this again ASAP

      • +1

        1300 365 911 is their contact number then. Off you go.

    • haha ^^

    • Agreed

      • +2

        Damn right.

        I speak the truth.

        If it was FIFA and Gran Turismo, I'd keep my mouth shut.

  • +4

    Guess I'll be holding onto my activation code for another month. At this point, I don't know why they even bother offering the games if they're going to put this little effort into them.

    • Especially since they have dropped the 2 PS3 and 2 Vita games we used to get. You would think that they would substitute those for better quality PS4 games seeing as we still pay the same price for a subscription.

      • When you're outselling your competitor 2:1, some arrogance is inevitably going to creep in. It's a back and forth game because MS have been guilty of it in the past also.

        They don't care about giving you good value because they don't have to. They've already got you and have won this generation handily.

  • Horizon is awesome. Free PES is nice, too, though a tad underwhelming given how featured the Lite edition is for very casual playing.

    But whatevs.

  • +2

    Very limited market that would be interested in this month.
    PES19 has a strong following, but its last years and already hitting the bargain bins, has steeper learning curve than other games and those that would wanted to play it probably already have.
    Horizon Chase is a fun little racing game, but they've already have enough of those on ps+ lately.

    A bit of a lackluster month.

  • +4

    Very happy with PES, was going to purchase a couple weeks back, glad I didnt.

    • +1

      PES20 is due this year, so it's a strategically timed giveaway.

    • +2

      Just added to my wishlist last week as I had a hankering to play some Master League. I see this month as an absolute win!

  • +2

    PES is a great game, I bought it in Dec 2018. Steep learning curve however, compared to FIFA, as others have suggested.

    Unfortunately it seems to have a pretty small player base. I don't much care for the Ultimate Team mode and like 1 v 1 online matches against randoms. However, it's been really hard to find any games/matchups so I haven't been playing it.

    I'm hoping making it a freebie may give a boost to player numbers….

    • I got it on PC and mostly play MyClub online and get a decent amount of matchups even if it takes a bit longer then usual, there is also a bit of lag for 90% of the matches which is disappointing but not a show stopper. It seems like most of the player base is on myClub, I've tried straight online Divisions and was hard pressed to find players at all. I've always wondering if the player base is any better on PS network so now is the time to find out. This is a perfect game for cross-platform, but its KONIAMI, so I'm not surprised that its not enabled.

  • Is PES 2019 good? I've played Fifa 19 and it was turgid.

    • +3

      Yes, from a gameplay stand point, it is the best football game on the market imo. I've played both fifa and pes for the last 10 years, and there's a sense of freedom with the passing and control of your players that you don't get with fifa. Don't get me wrong its not perfect, there are still moments where you think wtf? that shouldn't have happened but they are few and far between.

      Mates who have come from fifa say the same thing once they come to grips with the controls.

      • soon there be no PES2020

  • I have Horizon Chase Turbo physical imported from Brazil. Its def is a PS plus game.

  • Good month for the psychos that enjoy soccer games I guess.

  • Where can I find this month's games?

    • Click on PS Plus icon (in PSN store)?

      • I mean, while at work

        • Both Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo are available to download from PlayStation Store on 2nd July until 5th August.

          In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up June’s two PlayStation Plus titles.

        • Use PS app, you can "purchase" from that. When you are home then you can download it.

  • +3

    I love me a bit of PES. I haven't got this year's version (I never buy it in consecutive years, and I got the previous 2018 version), so I'm pretty happy with this. I can (and probably will!) happily sink 100+ hours into Master League without ever touching anything else in the game.

    • +2

      Yes, bloody ML can do that to ya, far out.

  • Not bad.

  • -2

    Meh Konami Bad

  • +2

    I wish PS+ would give us a choice of 2 games to select between 4.

  • +3

    Can people stop defending Sony? Both of these games have gone for less than $15 each plus one of them has a lite (free) version and another one is worse than Asphalt Racing Game on mobile platforms.

    PES 2019 price history

    PES Lite

    Horizon Chase Turbo price history

    Sony stopped giving games for PS3/PS Vita, increased the price and giving these kind of games. There's a new PES coming in late August.

    • I've not played (or even heard of) Horizon Chase Turbo, but the metacritic store ranges from 77-82 depending on what platform you're talking about, so it sounds like it's at least reasonable. Good enough to be worth at least giving it a try.

      The free version of PES is not much more than a demo. The only thing in there that's full featured is the myClub mode (similar to FIFA Ultimate Team), which is why that version exists at all - so they can make their money on the myClub microtransactions. There's no Master League or Become-A-Legend mode, so if you want a single player game there's nothing in it for you except one-off exhibition matches. I don't know if it even supports basic online play outside of It also doesn't support option files, so you can't put in the real-life clubs, strips, etc that are missing from the standard game (if you care about such things). And the fact remains that the gameplay of PES is sublime, so getting a game of that quality included in PS+ is a good thing, not something to complain about.

      Most games have been on sale cheap by the time they show up on PS+ or XBLG. Publishers aren't generally in the habit of giving stuff away like that until they've squeezed all the sales they can out of them. And yes, there's a new PES coming in late August. There's one every year. But that new one is $85 on PS Store (pre-order), while you'll be able to get this one included in the cost of your PS+ subscription in early July, so the equivalent of about $3.33.

      And yeah, I understand that some people might not like it because they don't like sports games or whatever, and that's fine. But there are always going to be months when the games are to your tastes, and other months when they're not. But not being to your tastes in no way detracts from the quality of the games in question.

  • Sony stopped giving games for PS3/PS Vita….this one hurts the most.

  • soccer… meh..

  • Last two games on special I purchased. Both superb, but now free. :-(

  • Wtf. Games are up now, but we didn't get PES.

    We got Detroit Become Human, which I already bought ages ago and never played.


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