Buying New Kluger Grande AWD 2019 - Negotiation Tips and Help

Hi guys,

Long time lurker first time poster.

It’s finally my turn to buy a new car and I have been eying it for about 6 months and finally decided to start getting quotes over the phone.

The car in question is
Toyota Kluger Grande AWD 2019(Pearl white)

Price - Initial price is 76K however after back and forward talk sales person went down to 63K
I felt I could do better so decided to call another place and he straight away said 60K
I went back to the first place and they lowered it to 58

Dealer lowballed my car(Toyota Kluger 2013(KX-R, 5 Seats, FWD 215K) and said they would be able to do 7K which I think is just him trying to make some of the money back.

My questions are

  • What’s a good price for the new car?
  • What’s the best negation strategy when I see him in person?
  • I’m wanting the extras such as mats, premium plate, ctp and towbar to be included into the deal - When should I be -adding them in order to get them for free?
  • There has previously been deals where you set service etc. for every 6/12 months to a agreed fee - is this still happening and what’s the sweet spot.
  • Finance or not to? And does it make a big deal as I was thinking to take out second mortgage
  • Do I get a contract prior to buying to review extras etc?(Been told some car sales people will say 1 thing and then “forget it” and later deny
  • Tips to lower the price even more

Anything else I should look out for or any tips for first time new car buyer

Appreciate your time reading this and helping out in advance


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    I was thinking to take out second mortgage

    Taking out a second mortgage for a new vehicle is NOT the Ozbargain way.


      Thanks for your reply - Really appreciate it.

      Please come up with some ideas I’m all ears - only reason I don’t want to go through finance though the dealership is they got some pretty rotten deals.


    So offer is $58k including trade in?


    Offer is 58 if I trade in total will be 51(my car is valued at 7 witch is very lowballed imo)

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      witch which

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      Try to avoid a trade-in as they are always low-balled. Yes, it is a pain in the arse selling your car but it should be easy getting something more than the absolute bottom offer.

      Then either go for the $58k on it's own as it does sound like a good deal to me without having done any research. Or if you're super keen and motivated use that figure to do a final call around to all the Toyota dealers and find the best deal.

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    $76k Toyota being offered for $58k seems suspiciously cheap, @spaceback to report

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    Do OzB mods make up these fake alias and fake posts to generate buzz?

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      Dude - Go do something else more constructive.

      Actually people wanting some proper advise around saving $ and get the best value

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      I would guess its a toyota rep looking to unload before financial year

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        You’re funny…

        I’m apparently
        Negging our own finance
        Asking how to push the price down
        Saying we lowball cars
        Trying to figure out how to get extras for free

        Yes you got me!

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          No you are negging one dealership probably a rival or one you have bad terms with saying they are overcharging for the car .

          Later you will magically find another dealer that gives you a steller deal and decent fiance

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    Your current car does have above average kms -

    Are you set on a Kluger or have you looked at the CX-9 or Sorento? Why the top of the line model? And is selling privately an option?


      Hi Mate,

      KM is high but 7K is still pretty low.

      I had a Pro Ceed previously and partner had a Mazda3 -
      Pro had transmission issues at 50k and was an ongoing expense and swore I never buy a Kia in this lifetime.
      Mazda had a small car accident(I mean really small as in 2-3k repair) and we had ongoing issues for 7 years until we decide to sell it and never buy Mazda either as we had 4-5 breakdowns with it on top including engine light coming on randomly and steering stopping to work.

      The reason for the Kluger is space, reliability, low value drop and overall amazing experience(first toyota) never had an issue with it and even been driving to QLD and Melbourne and never had a hiccup

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        As mentioned below, maybe just keep your current car and give it a new head unit. Does the new Kluger even have CarPlay or Android Auto?


    If you're patient, the next gen kluger should be coming next year. It would be interesting to see if the hybrid kluger reaches our shores (as the v6 petrol is known for its thirst).

    If I were you I'd check out the CX9.

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    60k is a lot of money for a slightly upgraded version of what you already have… have you considered spending a bit of money to freshen up your car instead? Get a modern head unit, a nice detail and a service?

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    Dude, with possible economic downturn on the road you're taking a second mortgage for a car? Its time to roll over as much as money you can for later, then to dig yourself deeper in debt. Buy a 2nd hand or roll your current car till it busts, or buy something you can afford


    You want to trade-in your old car and take out a second mortgage to buy a brand new car? Dude, this is OZBargain!!! We are professional bargain hunters, not just everyday consumers (just ask Gerry Harvey).

    A true OZBargainer would walk 2 kms just to save $ 0.50 (some would do more for less) and you're asking this people if $58k was a good price for a brand new car???

    You just created your account 4 hours ago but you claimed you're a "long time lurker" so you knew you'd be criticized harshly if you were to ask this question.

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    No one can value your car without knowing condition and what needs to be spent. Those kms are massive for the year! Jees that must've cost you a tonne in fuel.

    Now, are you gonna buy before COB Sunday or are you still flakey? If you leave this purchase till Monday, all offers will be off the table.

    Under $60k is a very good price for that car. Where do you actually want to be? You seem to be under the impression they've left lots more to play with or money for accessories, so what are you hoping for?

    Accessories cost the dealer money, we don't just get them from some slush fund. Much better off just dealing with cash discounts unless you really want some accessories.

    2nd mortgage might annoy the dealer as it means a month or so before your finance settles. This doesn't help your negotiation position.


      Totally missed this reply - Sorry for that.

      Honestly considering that the car is EOL next year etc. I was hoping to be out of pocket 43-45K(New car 55 and get 10 for my old car) however some say there has been deals in the past where they went in the very low 50’s including all extras

      The reason why I believe there is a lot to play with is the price was steady @ 63K for some days and was unrockable and suddenly after I said I got an offer for 61 he dropped it to 58.

      Deal needs to be done 100% by Sunday - We want a new car and we want a high discount and this seems to be the best time to do it

      I did drop by Castle Hill Toyota to see what they could do and they said 65 is the best they could do - and this was even after 30 min talk back and forth

      Have you seen them go for less - Any tips on how I can press it further down or my car price up?

      Thanks again for your response - appreciate it


    This the 2wd or 4wd model?

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    1. Work out your spec to confirm a price you can compare.
    2. They aren't going to throw alot extra in ex ept for maybe mats. The accessories are where they make the extra profit.
    3. Do your own finance if you need to.
      4.Go in with firm price. If you don't get it go to another dealer. They all sell the same car.
      5.Make sure 2019 manufactured new car
    4. Avoid dealer tint and protection
      7.Read the several other threads asking the same question, but different car.
    5. Don't trade in. Of coarse they will offer low price as they have given you a cheaper buy price on car. If you must do trade in negotiate on change over price. It doesn't matter what you are getting or your car. Ie you might go to another dealer who gives you higher trade in but higher cost for the new car price.

    Dealer lowballed my car(Toyota Kluger 2013(KX-R, 5 Seats, FWD 215K) and said they would be able to do 7K which I think is just him trying to make some of the money back.

    If you want a wholesale buy price then expect a wholesale trade-in price.

    If you think the old dunger is worth more then sell it privately

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    The current Kluger is end of life, about to be replaced. Compared to its rivals its a dinosaur, have you sat in a CX-9 for example? The build quality/refinement difference is huge, new Kluger due early next year… my advice is you're making a bad buy -


    Dealer lowballed my car(Toyota Kluger 2013(KX-R, 5 Seats, FWD 215K) and said they would be able to do 7K which I think is just him trying to make some of the money back.

    Geez I’ve been searching used klugers for a few weeks and nothing below 13k and they’re all FWD


    Once you have gotten to the nitty gritty, i e. You are about to say yes to a deal and sign, then throw in in one last 'sure i will do it now, but only if you add in xx', eg. Window tint, carpet mats, full tank of fuel, headlight protectors etc, any bits n pieces, 9 out of 10, they wont let you walk, they mostly will cave. If they give any excuse to say no, then be prepared to leave, they will call you, or try to get you to stay and agree to something.


    Guys really appreciate everyone’s comment and have considered all.

    Walking into 2 different dealerships and hopefully walking out with an agreement.

    Other reason why we want more seats is because of growing family


      Hi mate where did you end up with price, I'm out to buy today! Did you end up trading in the old??


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    Im not a massive fan of most Toyotas in general (Landcruiser 200 aside), but I went in a Kluger Taxi a while ago, and I was amazed at how comfortable and roomy it was. As with most Toyotas the dash and interior was very dated, and it certainly is at least 5 years behind the market in terms of mechanical technology, but it was a great car to sit in, a good match for more Mercedes in terms of comfort.


    In dire need of a new generation which as stated above, should be releasing around next year.


    Hi mate where did you end up with price, I'm out to buy today! Did you end up trading in the old??


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