Issue with Sony WH-1000XM3 from eBay Plus Weekend Sale

My unit has constant white noise on the right ear cup only when the noise cancelling is turned on. It is noticeable even while listing to music at relatively quiet place(home).

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


  • perhaps request a replacement?

  • No, its faulty

  • What did the seller say when you contacted them?

  • I have this issue, after 3 months of using. It sounds like crumpling sheet of paper / static / white noise only on the right cup that come and go - that's my explanation to JB Hifi.

    Apparently it was not a regular occurrences they said, but they swap me with another unit a month ago. The new unit works fine at the moment.

    I reckon you might got the returned product from another customer like me instead of just damaged boxes.

    Ask for a refund, that static sound still noticeable even if you play songs.

  • Sounds to me like the mic on the right side is stuffed or has faulty wires and the unit is trying to cancel out noise that's coming back from it.

    Should be a fairly easy warranty issue.

  • Got mine also from the eBay plus weekend sale and I just had this issue occur only after a few days use. A weird white static type noise in the right earcup when the noise cancelling mode is on. May I ask, did you get a replacement/refund? Really need to know because it is quite annoying and not something I'd expect for a supposedly high quality and pricey pair of headphones.

    • This is the response I got. I have started eBay return request for the free postage label. Hopefully, they will see the problem and give me a replacement and not a refund, because the eBay return system seems to be for a refund. I might message seller again for clarification.

      Hi there,

      No worries. Please arrange to send it back to us at:

      (ATTN: RA)
      P.O. Box 6991
      Silverwater NSW 2128

      1. Invoice (Or packing slip)
      2. Return reason (Description of fault)
      3. The product with any accessories it came with.

      We will process the replacement to you asap after receiving and testing (if needed) the return item.

      If no fault is found, we must charge you a shipping fee to send it back to you. So please include all the steps (if there are any) to replicate the issue.

      Please ensure the product is not physically damaged or water damaged, as this will void any warranty you may have left.

      If you had paid via PayPal and would like to claim your postage cost back, you may visit the link below to PayPal Returns. Within 14 days of sending the item back, you can submit a claim to PayPal returns and they can reimburse you to up to $45 worth of shipping cost, as long as the transaction was made within 6 months. Please ensure you have PayPal returns activated before paying for the postage:

      If you're an eBay Plus member you can ask eBay for a return label so that you don't have to pay for one.

      Thank you!

      • Okay thanks. I had a quick search on the issue and apparently lots of people have had this same issue. Seems to be a mechanical problem. Pretty annoying but hopefully I can get a replacement as they are definitely a good pair of headphones.

      • The difference between customer service. I got mine from Amazon, personally I think they are very underwhelming and Amazon will pay for return shipping and refund me even though I have used them.

      • Hey, any update on the replacement? I'm returning mine tomorrow after waiting a couple of days for the same generic message they sent you. Have they got back to you/sent you a replacement pair?

        • No not yet. They are testing apparently.

          Now I start to wonder it might be easier to get repaired or replaced directly from Sony. I have delt with sony for warranty repair couple times before, they are definitely faster.

        • Update: I finally got my replacement pair. New pair does not seem to have the problem but there's still very slight white noise during ANC. I believe that's unavoidable

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