Kogan Mobile | $14.90 for 90 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days | Unlimited Talk & Text (Porting Australian Number to Kogan Required)

  • Free SIM card included
  • HUGE 60GB of data – 20GB per 30 days
  • UNLIMITED standard national calls for 90 days
  • UNLIMITED standard texts and MMS for 90 days
  • All for use within Australia
  • No hidden fees!
  • Voucher expires 31/08/2019


Referral Links

Referral: random (2101)

Referee will receive $5 credit to spend (min. $200 spend). Referrer will get $5 credit after the referee has made a purchase (minimum $200 spend, within 14 days).

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Kogan Mobile
Kogan Mobile



    *** Requires you to PORT an Australian number to Kogan ***

    NVM. OP has updated post with relevant rider info…

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    I think a better choice would be a Belong mobile starter kit +$20 referral.

    Starter kit can be bought for $15 here https://cellmate.com.au/product/belong-40-starter-kit4/
    Includes $40 credit, which can get you 30gb + 30gb

    Sign up with a referral and you can pay for an additional two months at $10/month

    So similar deal, but more work, but on Telstra (wholesale) network.


      Thanks for sharing. However, I can't find anything about $10/month for 2 months being listed anywhere when referred.

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        What they're saying is to buy a $40 sim at a discount.

        This sim is loaded with $40, regardless of what you pay for it.

        Now, activate this sim using a referral code. This gives you $20 straight up in credit. So now your total is $40 + $20 = $60.

        Now you initially sign up to the $40 pm 'plan', which gives 30gb of data. The "30+30" they are referring to is a hack you can use with Belong which basically takes advantage of their billing cycle (or something like that), combined with the fact you can switch plans whenever you like, combined with the unlimited data rollover they provide. So basically, you sign up for the $40 pm plan on a specific day, which gives you 30gb instantly, and then wait a day or two for Belong to give you your next chunk of data.

        After this, you switch to the $10 pm plan, which only has 1gb given per month, however since you started with 30(or 60gb) initially, you still get to keep all that and have it rollover each month. Assuming you started with $60 credit, this means you end up running 3 months with it ($40 + $10 + $10).

        Just want to note that everything I said except for the bonus 30gb part I mentioned is correct, I just can't remember the exact process to do it.

        TL;DR: This is arguably the cheapest way to have a high data allowance on the Telstra network, especially if you take full advantage of the referral codes as you can effectively buy cheap belong sims below $20 and then simply refer yourself to gain another $20 for your main service.


      How do you get extra 30gb?

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      I use this. I pay 26 dollars a year for unlimited calls, text and 1gb per month. I'm on wifi anyway, so no big deal.

      40 dollar sim for 13 bucks, use your other numbers promo code. both get 20. set it on 10 dollar plan, pay 5 dollars a month more for unlimited international calls.

      Belong website and app barely works, but who cares. port out after your credit expires in 6 months and port immediately back in for another 6 months


    Nice, thanks for sharing.
    Optus contract ending in a few days might use this plan to negotiate with Optus for a better offer else I swap to this.


    How long does it take to get the voucher code?

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    Note that now Kogan will send you text message first with an authentication code during porting process which you need to reply back (so you need to have your existing service active with available credit to be able to reply to the text).

    • +2 votes

      Yes very annoying, took me 2 days to port to kogan in the end. Lots of calls to optus


      I suppose that's a good security feature in light of the the recent barrage of SIM swap attack. But definitely will be super annoying if the SIM expired and you wanted to churn to a different service provider.

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    wheres Port Australia?

  • +1 vote

    After the 90 days does this change in price? or is it consistent?

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    expiry not long enough


    VoLTE – Voice over LTE

    Stay connected on the 4G network during voice calls and use your 4G mobile data simultaneously to enjoy great call quality, coverage and connectivity. Available on compatible devices.

    Looks like Kogan finally got VoLTE now. Tempting. :D


    Nice! Just moved off the Telstra Premium Plan at $139 a month (after Amway and credit) to the $50 plan. This'll do nicely until the new iPhone comes out…

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    Another three months at 5 bucks a month, suits me.


    How many sims can we have? How many do u guys own lol? I've bought like 10+ sims since arrived in Melbourne.

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    The voucher actually expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/08/2019

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    What is the cheapest way to get an active Sim to port to this? Boost $2 Sim?

    • +2 votes

      Why pay $2 when you can get this Telstra sim for free


        As someone mentioned above, you'll be required to text back a code to Kogan in the process. Expired/no credit SIMs are excluded.



          Online SMS with number inserted?


            @Steptoe: Yep. I used my ClicknCall VoIP account to do this yesterday. :)

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              @Colin2905: How does this work?

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                @orbital: Assuming that you have a ClicknCall account, login and under the SMS menu there's an option to Set SenderID. Enter the mobile number in question, and ClicknCall will send a 6-character code via SMS which you then submit via their portal. Once verified / confirmed, go back to the Send SMS option and select that number as the Sender ID. Now you can send the required code to Kogan. :)

                If you don't already have a ClicknCall account then it looks like the minimum amount required to open one is $20.

                From memory, there are other VoIP providers who can do this too.


              @Colin2905: Yeah, I just used my Mynetfone account.

              I'm sure you can also use free txt services that allow spoofing, but I don't know which ones allow it. There was one earlier with the real estate site or something. I can't remember.

              I think they could make it allow us to send it from another phone number, but we need to type both the mobile number and the verification code next to it. That would be a better system. I'm not sure if all providers will start to implement these procedures, but if they do most people will need to port before their plans finish (i.e. you can't wait until the last day to do it in case it gets delayed or something); otherwise RIP or pay extra money to a third party sms provider.

              I think dingtone or something might work if you want to do it for free. You'll need to watch a few ads though. lol.


            @Steptoe: what wbsite did u use?


    Kogan deal can you come back in 2 months?, I just signed up for catch connect for 90 days.


      Perfect timing for my, my 365 days expires soon. I just hope they run another 365 special inside 90 days :)


    so i can use the optus 4g modem ($20 kmart) and port the included sim phone number to this?


    Would this work for iPad cellular numbers? If I bought a dirt cheap starter cellular sim pack and then ported to this?


    Anyway to get this working for new numbers?

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    Getting 185mbps down 60mbps up at home (no wifi or any sort of home internet yet). Seems too good to be true. I know in other areas the speed or connection is non-existent.


    I can't get nbn at my house yet, what do I do since it looks like 4g/lte is fast enough for me (Netflix, no gaming)


    I have two phones on my account with optus and the plan end date is in a few weeks.
    I'm keen for this but will I have issues with my GF's phone being on the same account or name ownership etc for the 2nd service?


    it seems Kogan have best porting..never have any issue while Voda-Optus and among others have some delay or problem now and then.


    be good to port to this so i can port back to telstra for my 500 gift card

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