Need Washing Machine 8kg+ Bosch Miele Electrolux (LG?)


The usual. Our Electrolux 7 kg died after 12 years or likely to expensive for repair

Wife wants 9kg+, although, with crazy prices, she is now looking at 8kg. Front loader

3 boys 6 to 10 so we wash a lot.

Any recommendations? Preferably under $1000

The Bosch WAW28460AU 8KG is 950 at David Jones (995 at HN, on EOFY sale)

Looks German made model

Any advice options. Bad experiences with LG before but never a washing machine and it seems much loved machine in Australia, only issue being longer wash cycles


  • I should add we are in WA, so the amazing Sydney Metro deals don't work for us

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    The last time a washing machine of mine died, a plumber recommended that I buy either a Simpson or a Hoover top loader that has dials and no electronics. He said it would last me 20 years.

    It is now about 16 years later. We replaced the agitator once for under $200 (a towel got stuck around it and I snapped the agitator when I pulled it off too hard) and last week a bobby pin got stuck in the motor and my husband had to remove it. Other than that it is still going strong.

    I don't know if that advice is still relevant today, and your wife might hate top loaders. They are cheaper though:

    Sorry but I do live in Sydney Metro!

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      Too funny; for us the top loader a bit harsh on the delecates, so we're front loader family.

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        Yes I understand, that is the one main problem with top loaders. I put all delicates in wash bags which prevents damage, but you have to remember to do it!

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        The other thing is… top loaders really aren't compatible with hot water. Because they use so much water, its quite a demanding request to do a warm/hot water wash using a top loader. Whereas the front loaders these days use about a bucket of water and self heat the water. When we went from a top loader to a front loader, a combination of warm wash and more gentle on the clothes won us over. We will never go back to a top loader.

        We bought the 2nd from the top model Bosch, couldn't be happier. Note - this was the only model that had a true/proper quick was cycle.

        • Fair enough. Each to their own. I only ever wash in cold water so this is not an issue for me.

        • Which model was that?

          • @Carbon Door: WAW28460AU

            The only problem I have with this is when the wash is complete the machine does 3 beeps, 2min later 3 beeps… another 2mins… and so on. Haven't worked out if it gives up eventually, but it's gone on for a while when I have been home.

            I wish I could disable it, but I have not found such an option.

            In terms of size, it washes all our queen size doona's and would think a king would fit (we dont have one tho). Have washed some big camping sleeping bags in them no worries. The only thing to date that has not fit, is a queen size pillow topper mattress cover - which is expecting too much in my book anyway.

    • BTW Simpson models are usually the Electrolux model with some features removed (all owned by the same mothership). E.g. the Electrolux we have EWF 1087 had an exact model in the simpson without the delay start option, my wife wanted for setting up washes the previous night.

      • Good to know thanks.

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      Simpson may be last longer but quality wash is terrible.

      • And power & water usage hasn't been compared

    • Wise advice. I bought my 5.5kg Hoover top loader in 2001 and it's still going strong. I feel ashamed every time I think of replacing it.

      • Yep, mine is a Hoover too!

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    We've been using the WAW28460AU for the past year, and have nothing bad to say about it.

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      I just bought it today from Hardly Normal, along with a 8 series heat pump drier. :) Here's hoping they last!

      • That’s the combination I have - both made in Germany. Bought them last September on sale at TGG as they had an exclusive model for the heat pump dryer that has a light in it - no problems so far.

    • Great to hear positive review - we just purchased the WAW28460AU ($899 EOYF) to replace our top loader.

      • Woah! How did you manage to get it for $899? Which shop? I think I paid $969 at Harvey this weekend along with the WTW87566AU dryer.

        • I rang around to multiple places and said we are ready to pull the trigger on 3 items (washer + cooktop + oven), what's your best package price - no bullshit give me your best. GGs came in the best (with that price + lower on the other items) but a local appliance store (Suburban VIC) then came to party with free delivery + $100 voucher after some negotiations.

          • @supajuicy: Damn! Nice work! We couldn't decide on the 3 items together, so we broke our purchase to a Bosch 8 series dishwasher last weekend, and the Bosch 8 series washer and dryer this weekend. I could have pushed harder if I told them am buying all 3 together.

            • @shadowarrior: Understand that completely - hard purchases. Report back on the dishwasher, couldn't persuade the better half … perhaps next year + stack that Bosch dryer too.

              If you paid via credit card, see if there is 'price protection' feature - you can claim back the different if you find it cheaper within a period. We paid via 28 degrees, so will monitor next 12 months and claim if prices drop :)

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                @supajuicy: We got price protection on both Go Mastercard and 28 Degrees, so will keep an eye on the prices.

                Am in love with the dishwasher! We had a shitty dishwasher the builder supplied with the house build. The Bosch is day night difference. I don't even rinse any utensils anymore. We have heavily soiled pots and pans, goes straight in there and comes out clean! :)

                The dryer is replacing my 9 year old F&P vented dryer. It was the only item left in my house which was drawing whole bunch of power. I put in a lot of work to use the most energy efficient stuff through out when building. The new dryer has a 9 star energy rating and it's max draw I've recorded so far was 2.8A.

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    Also just noticed the LG 9KG has a particularly good price at the Good guys, $720 after cash back -

    Cant really see the differnece between the 1409 VCW and NCW (the last charter is W for White I assume, but the N and V are not explained… I think the V = Vapor; as long as they have turbo wash I am fine..

    • I got this front loader and it's been perfect for me

    • We got the LG 9kg Wash & Dryer model 4 years ago. It has been flawless.

      We have small kids, which means multiple wash & dry cycles each day. All we've ever had to do is empty the lint trap

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        Wow multiple wash and dry every day?? Sounds highly inefficient

  • We have had a Bosch WAW28460AU for about 3-4 years now. We also have 3 young kids, so it isn't unusual for us to do 2-3 loads in a day (and probably close to a thousand loads since we bought it). No issues so far, and it seems a very good machine.

    • Great. Thx.

  • We went with this one recently with 15% off via eBay plus, happy with it so far, obviously longevity is unknown…

    • Made a mistake ob buying a Samsung front loader for my parents. It lasted <5years before developing a leak which damaged electronics (was going to cost ~$400 to repair) leading to its replacement with a Bosch.

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        At least it hasn't caught fire yet

        • Yeah, that was their top-loader debacle.

          • @xuqi: I had one of those. Of course, not a good thing that they caught fire, but they did replace it with a newer model free of charge. So I'd buy one again, it's been great.

      • If you have to choose a washing machine from LG or Samsung, always go with LG.
        Samsung is only good for mobiles.

      • Samsung front loaders always rate VERY poorly in Choice magazine. Bosch are either top, or very close to top.

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    Had a Samsung front loader 10kg and had issue with the motherboard after 3 yrs, fixed under goodwill warranty but had the same problem after 2 yrs later so should avoid Samsung.

    • fixed under goodwill warranty

      You still had your statutory warranty - as well as the second time it failed.

  • Our 15 year old Maytag to lower tends to walk out of its spot, despite trying to balance the load in the bowl. Is this fixable? It's like there's something imbalanced in the machine. It seems to have started after the plumber shifted it to do some work behind it.

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      You may already have done this, but 9/10 times the machine walks because the feet need adjustment (normally two or three feet on the machine can adust. Unless the plumber put the machine in exactly (to the mm) place it was before, it is likley that the tiles are not perfect and you need to adjust the feet.

      Many video on youtube.

  • We bought the Bosch WAW28460AU from Harvey Norman in January for $959. It’s a great machine, well built with more than enough wash cycles. There’s a 15 minute quick wash which is really useful for those items that just need freshening up rather than a deep clean.

    It’s also incredibly quiet, to the point where I’ve had to go and check that I’ve actually turned it on.

    • I have the same model and I find the pump for draining water a bit loud, and so is the spin cycle. But otherwise quiet when it’s just tumbling. Do you find this is the case?

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    Front loaders have a much longer wash cycle . It would be difficult to get a load done and hung out before work in the morning, also most of them only accept cold water and heat it up, which night be more expensive than using your hot water.

    • I realise you probably can't wait even 1 day but isn't there better specials on 1 July

      • we can wait a few days. That is not the issue (have acces to a machine 3 houses away and we are about to go away).
        Our thinking was the EOFY deals is better. Do you think 1 July will be better?

        • I would have thought so but I don't really know. Good guys have a 30 day price match guarrante, (there is probably others that do too)

    • The reason, from my reading, most washing machines let go of hot water is you need tonm run the hot water for some time to heat up (pipe travel distance)

      Therefore it is more water efficient to heat cold water in the machine and not waste it

      We wash 95% cold anuway

      • Our machine measures the temp of the water and mixes hot and cold to achieve the desired temp. It beeps at you if the hot water is not hot enough (ie been used up, it would be better if it yelled "you f#ckin kids stop using all the hot water )

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      Modern top loaders take just as long as front loaders these days, due to not having an agitator, so that benefit is no longer there.

    • our LG takes a very boring 15 min and fails to destroy clothes so no boring shopping trips yawhn

      • What is this about top loaders damaging clothes? I've never heard it before except here. I've used a top loader most of my life and I've never had any clothes damaged in the wash.

    • Supposedly with modern detergent powder you only need cold washes anyway. Clothes last longer too.

      • If your a white collar worker that's probably true, but I'm not and I have 2 little kids. My non work clothes last a long time, over 5 years, usually I'm throwing them out because I am bored with them. Kids grow so fast they are lucky to wear something 10 times.

        • Nope day in/out dusty trades. Miele is too good with hot, takes the colour out within a month and degrades them. Cold seems to work well enough for me. Only time well use hot is for soiled items such as pets and what not but probably over the top.

          Im the same with non work clothes still have 15+ year old clothes that still work and cbf throwing them out.

    • A lot of the new models let you set a timer to start it, so you can set it for it to be done by the time you're awake.

    • Check out the Bosch front loaders. Our's has a genuine quick wash cycle that's a proper wash. Has enabled me to get something done that I wouldn't otherwise be able too.

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    Bosch all the way. 12 years on and still running strong. Had to replace the rubber seal around the glass door recently as sharp object left in pocket sliced it, but other than that works flawlessly (7.5kg).

  • What The issue with your currrnt machine?

    • hard to know. I thought it was the pump out… or the door lock which was clicking on and off and one and off… I checked the pump out and it is a bit rusted, but I could turn the impeller. maybe. something there.

      I had to lay the machine sideways to do this. Once I stood it up again, the door lock went nuts… as in click and the sound of electrical contacts you don't want to hear. Have to switch if off to stop. Turn it on, and it returns.

      We have also had a few other issues (pipes coming loose from barrel from age)… EWF1087 Eletrolux model. A very popular (by volume of sales) Australian model.

      • Did you turn off the machine before you put the machine on its side?

        Any codes on the display?

        Have you emptied the machine via the drain pump? (Before you attempt that one, ensure that you have something to catch the water with. I use baking trays as they are the only thing I can think of which are low enough to be below the drain but also have capacity to hold water.)

        • Yep. Done all the above.

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    I hate LG but have a LG washing machine and it’s great
    I chose it coz of the warranty and the DD motor but probably all machines have DD these days

    Stay away from Samsung and F&P

    • But Samsung look prettier and sing a nicer song when finished. If they would only wash…

      • Bought a Samsung front-loader 6 yrs ago and have so far had no issues. Only annoyance is the wash times are underestimated by quite a bit.

    • We had an LG DD washing machine + dryer (all-in-one) that failed after 7 years. Worn out ball bearing (horrible loud noise, burning smell) - multiple reports of the same problem with the same or very similar models online. Tried to repair it with ball bearing set off eBay, took 3 or 4 full afternoons to pull apart and reassemble (and then it leaked after 4 washes, and so then I cut my losses and just bought a Bosch).

      So personally I now avoid LG for several reasons a) it only achieved half of the 15 +-3 years lifespan that you would hope would be possible for a washing machine, and we treated it well, b) other people had the same issue/failure, so not an isolated case, c) authorized repairs were so expensive that you might as well buy a new machine and get a proper warranty, d) from bitter experience I can confirm they were in no way made to easily serviceable or repairable (had to strip it down to almost nothing to do one of the most common repairs), and e) it was a washer-dryer and the dryer part was completely useless and took forever (like 4 hours) and even still never dried properly.

      Obviously c) and d) are related - it's expensive to repair in large part because it's not built to be easily fixed.

      Bought a Bosch and so far (after 1.5 year) it's great. Of course I won't be able to say for sure until 15 years have passed (or before, it has failed early), so far it seems fine, but ask me again in 13.5 years.

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    I bought the Electrolux ewf12853 for under $600 when on special and have found it great aside from the loud spin cycle. I couldn't justify the extra $300 for the bosch 8kg plus the drum looks much bigger on the electrolux. My mum and brother also have the ewf12853 with no issues.

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    We went from a 20+ year old large Fisher & Paykel direct drive to 8 series Bosch. Should have gotten the F&P fixed, but thought as we had a good run, time to upgrade.
    Bosch & front loaders way over rated IMO. Front loaders - on your hands knees all the time, washing normally ends up on floor! Can't fit in large bedding items. Can't use solar hot water. Takes forever to wash. Towels etc don't come out soft. Can't add clothes during wash. Can't soak dirty clothes in machine. Doesn't clean real dirty clothes well either.
    Had Bosch for about 18 months so can't speak to longevity, but so far no problems. Nor can we speak to wear on clothing, but didn't notice a problem with F&P.
    Front loaders over hyped & Bosch maybe over priced IMO!

    • +4

      I’m not going to argue with you about all of your points. I like the front loading machine and you don’t. We can leave it at that.

      But, I am going to ask you about one thing that you said.

      Why can’t you use solar hot water with a front loading machine? I’m not saying that you’re wrong. But I honestly haven’t heard that before.


      • +1

        Many modern machines only have a single water inlet and that has to be the cold.

        • +1

          Ah. So it isn’t so much that it’s a front loading machine, but a modern machine? Is that correct?

          But if your machine heats its own water (as my Asko does), then it will be using solar electricity, assuming that you have electric hot water.

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    +1 for LG - we've always had top loaders like Kleenmaid and whirlpool because of easy repairs as recommended by repair man. When the whirlpool died last May we decided to get a new washer rather than another repair and went with the LG 14kg direct drive. Best move ever - the cycles are longer, but we can throw in bedding and other large items that couldn't be done previously and also do much bigger single loads. It's very good on water consumption, measuring out each load and the faster spin gets the washing much drier than the whirlpool. It also leaves a lot less lint on blacks compared to the old washer. The machine tells you when to run a clean cycle which the mrs follows and it seems to work well.

    We've had friends buy the 11kg version based on our experience and they are also very happy with it.

    The only negative (very minor) is that clothes can get tangled together so you need to be a bit careful when emptying the clothes and also put delicate items in wash bags. The larger machine can be a bit deep, so just check in the shop if you can reach the bottom.

  • +1

    +1 for lg, good warranty, less need for servicing, cheaper to service when necessary, according to mine and family experience, and the opinion of at least one washing machine repair person.

  • another one for LG, see below
    $1019 -

    I know it is a top loader, but they have a gentle wash cycle; it also has NO agitator
    I have the 14kg model & I love it, just select a higher water level than the one the machine chooses
    this is the one I have - - $1277

  • At 720 we ended up getting the 9kg direct drive LG + 73 bucks install and remove.

    The extra 230 (32%) for the $950 Bosch 8kg German model was just a bit too far.

    In another 10 years I want self cleaning self styling self size adjusting clothes dammit.

    • We got this a few days ago as well - let me know what you think. The only thing ive noticed so far is that the dirty water after a cycle coming out makes a tonne of noise

      • ours is really quiet.
        may be the way it is plumbed? ours is srapped to the drain pipe of hte basin, so seeled, and below the water trap, so the sound doesn't go up the drain pipe out of the basin

    • Cheap
      Do they still have the 7 year warranty

  • According to those who repair domestic front-loading washing machines, there are only two types:
    1. Miele.
    2. The rest.

    There's are differences between brands in the second type, but not as much as the difference between all of them and Miele.

    Even the Asko, which was once known as more reliable, has been known to have reliability problems (their dishwasher, as far as I know, is still as reliable as ever).

    • +3

      The cheapest Miele is also $1600 - thanks but no thanks

      • Similar prices to ten years ago, got mine for on sale $1300 hot/cold 7kg. Never serviced works a treat. Empty the catcher less than once a year which should do more.

    • Friend of mine replaced a Miele with an Asko recently and greatly regrets it. Anything left in pockets ends up in the filter which must be removed, rather than just collecting at the front of the machine. (I'm not sure what else they don't like about it.)

      • I’m extremely happy with my Asko front loading machine.

        My current one was purchased in 2012. It has failed once, and that was due to user error. Don’t ask. (My wife still doesn’t know that it was my fault!)

        My previous Asko lasted me 19 years. It saw me through 3 children from birth to when the youngest was 12. And I moved house with it 8 times.

        And my brother is still using the Asko machine which our mother purchased in 1996. She was a fanatical washer. That machine got way more use than it should have for its age and ownership, a single elderly lady.

    • Honey, will you do the washing?

  • +1

    Call up council offices that have rich estates and ask when the next council throw out is and just pick one up then. It may cost you only 30$ for a drainage pump or 10$ in motor brushes.

  • +1

    Have a German made 8kg Bosch front loader and it's great. Bought it from appliances online when they had a deal posted here a few years ago. Been very happy with it, clothes are done in 59m cycle and it automatically sets the amount of laundry detergent needed.

    Not uncommon to do 2 or 3 loads in a day with a young family, machine has been excellent. Previously had a top loading Fisher Panel 5.5kg which was ok when I was living alone, but far too small for a family.

    • +1

      I can't see why anyone would need to be 2 to 3 loads are day.

      • +1

        Do you have a family?

        With young children?

        And there are many other situations that require multiple loads of washing in a day. That’s not to say that it is every day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. But multiple loads per day? Yes, easily.

        • +1

          4-5+ loads on a weekend? easy

      • Don't do that everyday, but weekends with kids,their school uniforms, school sport uniforms, extracurricular sporting uniforms (eg footy/basketball gear), towels from swimming, plus all the regular towels, bedsheets etc… not uncommon to do back to back to back loads
        I'm too busy on weekdays to be doing laundry.

      • Bedsheets already take up almost half a load, then you have work clothing, underwear, towels, casual clothing..

  • Our Samsung 8kg packed up yesterday, whole drum has dropped out and just floats around, making a horrible clunking noise when it spins.

    Ordered a Euromaid 10kg for $929 (Marked down from $1499) from Appliances Online. Being delivered today, hoping it's good!

    • Spider failure, mass problem issue the ones who screamed loud enough got free repairs
      Boring compared to their top loaders who keep the firies much busier

      • As in the Euromaid or the Samsung? Our Samsung was 10 years old. Our Euromaid from Appliances Online was just delivered an hour ago and hooked up. After ordering yesterday (Sunday) around 2pm.

    • +1

      easy fix if you have couple of hours though, my washer/dryer combo had similar problem after 6 years of usage (just out of warranty).
      Picked up spider for $110 and replaced it myself, took a couple of hours but its been spinning real good for the last 3 years.
      Perhaps dont through the old one, repair it and sell it to recover some money you spent on your Euromaid

      • Wow! I got a free one from Gumtree and stripped it down. The spider had literally disintegrated and the bearing is sold separately which was quite lose as well. Still it took me hours and putting it all back looked like 2 full days work for me! Ended up with a 2nd hand Samsung 7.5kg which is a good looking stunner. Our stone age LG combo gone thru thousands of washes, have replaced one set of dampers and just about every button on the control board besides sealing it against moisture. The drying part never worked, there is no removable lint filter so I assume the heat exchanger would be blocked but you may tell me it is an easy fix?

  • +1

    Have you considered a euromaid? It might be cheap but they're not nasty and apparently have a really good customer support team.

    Otherwise, I would look at something like a Fisher & Paykel.

    • We bought the Euromaid 10kg yesterday and it's been delivered and installed today. Just noticed that they've brought the price down even further from $929 to $818. I also used a code to get another $20 off too.

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