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Cygnett Essentials Magnetic Car Vent Mount $9.95 (Buy One Get One Free ) (Was $24.95 Each) @ JB Hi Fi


Hurry!! almost 2 hours left to claim 2nd one for free. Free Offer Expired now

Use your Free JB Voucher to get it for free :)

Free Click & Collect or $4.99 Express Delivery

Buy One Get One Free! : Buy the Cygnett Essentials Magnetic Car Vent Mount and get a second one free! 2 x Car Vent Mounts must be in the same cart transaction, delivery fees apply. Offer valid until June 30 2019. EXPIRED

  • 360-degrees of rotation
  • Strong magnetic hold and a vent grip feature
  • Conveniently position your compatible device in your preferred orientation

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  • How does this work, is there a piece that gets glued to your phone?

    • For easy mounting, this magnetic car mount comes with a large metal mounting plate, adhesive mounting discs, and a spare adhesive patch

  • i use mine between the silicon cover & phone.. Works fine, just moves around slightly, sometimes covers fingerprint sensor.. I'd prefer not to have it permanantly attached to the back of my handset…

    • +2

      use a small tip of Blutack to secure the plate

      • Good point, when I come across some I'll give it a go…

    • Just use sticky tape. It's what I do.

      • That leaves a shitty residue. Blu tack would be preferable.. Not really a problem for me as I simply slide the disc out of the way with my finger. Actually adds a little extra protection :)

    • I bought one from Aliexpress a long time ago and it came with a film that you stuck onto the phone first then stuck the magnetic thing on that.

  • +1

    I remember I bought it and returned it as it cannot hold up my phone with my thick case on.

    • you should use the 3M adhesive stick it on outside of your case

  • +6

    Thanks op, my jbhifi voucher was expiring tonight and this reminded me to make use of it. Pays to check ozb before going to sleep ;)

  • Does this interfere with wireless charging since there will be a magnet on the back of phone?

    • It's steel, not magnet.. magnet attaches to the air vent..

      Nevertheless - depends where u stick the plate, more than likely will affect wireless charger…

  • +1

    thanks got 2, hopefully good

  • +1

    $5 each..even if its not that great, bargain!

  • anyone has a digital receipt number that they can spare?

  • +1

    Got a pair, thanks.

  • Does this interfere with wireless charging?

    • Yep

      • What about NFC?

    • i've only noticed the ring gets hot when charging.

      • Is the metal ring covered in something? I mean can it leave any scratches on your phone?

        • I use it on a case so not too fussed. its polished die cut sheet metal with sticky backing. it won't damage the phone but may scratch the surface it is resting on.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Ordered

  • +1

    Thanks OP. ordered to pick up.

  • Does the magnet affect the GPS positioning while driving and walking?

    • It has not for me. Been using a magnet for years.

    • No . you just stick a normal plate on your phone and there‚Äôs no magnet while you walking.

  • +1

    Thanks, order a pair, also tested my $500 gift card from Telstra sign up deal really has $500 loaded :-)

  • +1

    Thanks OP picked up just in time! =))

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    I prefer the mount you use adhesive to attach to the car.

    The last vent mount I used broke the vent clips of my car.

    • How do you do that

      • +1

        The ones that have the claw type grip also broke my vent. You need to be very careful whilst removing them.

  • +1

    cheers BA. Got onto the bandwagon.

    • +8

      yeah saw that but this is 2 for $9.95

  • -2

    Seems expensive for what is basically a manget and bit of metal…

    • a bit of metal at a hardware store can easily cost $10 too

      • I have tons of free tiny bits of metal and home and nice powerful magnets from hard drives for free =P

        • Call me crazy but it looks dumb/cheap if you had a hard drive magnet stuck to either you car or your phone

          • @vietbargain: Im on Ozbargain no one here cares about looking cheap or dumb its all about being stingy as (profanity) =P

  • does anyone know how to enter the code $10 in the payment section? there is a giftcard section but does not come with the code? thanks much appreciated

    • May be here.. Search for

      Apply coupon code

      • Thanks much appreciated, just in time.

  • +1

    Fantastic. Ordered 2, $0.

  • +1

    Thanks BA, just got in my order. I've had family asking for something like this for ages so great timing for the 2 for 1.

  • +2

    Doesn't seem to be working now. Comes up at $19.90 for the 2

    • Same for me as well.

      As soon as it hit 11:50pm the price jacked up!!

      • I had it in my cart.. Was just trying to find another $5 item to add to it to use the $15 voucher. That'll teach me for being greedy

  • will the magnet work on my rubber case iphone?

    • Don't know the strength of magnets that cygnett uses but mines on the back of my phone and between the mount there's a thin rubber phone case that holds up nicely. You could even stick it to the back of the case directly.

  • Hey guys, anyone willing to sell the 2nd one? Please pm :)

  • If anyone in Melbourne, Victoria. CBD like to sell a spare one too? Pls PM me :)

  • Does the metal plate affect NFC payments?

  • +2

    Yes and no.

    In Australia we use North polarity magnets to counter the fact our continent is in the Southern Hemisphere. Since most NFC chips are made in China from the Northern Hemisphere, the 2 polarity systems clash and will resort in any dollar amount to become neutral or zero (with monetary transactions). Its unethical but the choice is up to you.

    • hahaha polarity theory

  • Dos anyone know how i can add my $15 voucher to the purchase?

    It does not come up even though it's been activated.

  • Wouldn't you block the heater vent? So you're blocking heat from warming you, and at the same time you're heating up your phone to levels it shouldn't be.

    • Nah, when I use heater in my car it comes out from the defroster.

      • I use the same vent as my AC.

    • But in summer you'd be cooling the phone…

      • Not a bad idea. I'll just use it in summer.

  • How long does the voucher take to arrive?

  • I'm so sad I missed the deal because they ended it 10mins early. Can anyone see any other great bargains for $15 so I can use my voucher?

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