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[NSW] $20 Referral Credit in July (Increased from $10) @ Beam Wallet


Beam wallet have doubled their referrals to $20. Refer someone or use the referral link here and get $20 in your account + $20 for your friend.

This is already a very good app. Its quick. There are $15 freebies every week. Some times $30 or $45.

There aren't many shops yet, but there have been more added every week.

Please that the participating outlets for this app are currently only located in Sydney.

Update: Referral system has now been changed back to Coupon format, due to uncertainty on how the referral program works. If the coupon that has been generated from the randomizer does not work, try a different code.

If you are unable to generate a Referral code, you may need to wait until you have used the app and an option appears on the main menu that lets you invite a new user.

To add a referral code to our referral pool, Click the "Edit" button in the gray box below or visit your user profile > Edit > Referral page to see all your referrals.

Referral Links

Referral: random (7)

$20 for both the referrer and referee.

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    i got confused there, its beam wallet and not beem it lol.
    are they similar products?

  • How does this compare to Liven? I’ve been on liven for a long time now and I can see many stores in Melbourne CBD accepting liven.

  • This has only a handful of stores to the east of town hall, it'd be a bit of a walk if you're at Central like me

  • +1

    This is confusing!
    Not "beem it", used in shops rather than personal payments.
    How do they expect to compete with google/apple/samsung pay and bank paywave/paypass?

    Also "Rewards in dirhams, not points" even in Australia?

    • How they compete?
      Beam Wallet gives back rewards every time you spend. For eg. 10% cashback on any purchases and currently $15 freebies every week. Some times $30 or $45, as mentioned by OP.

      They are just starting off and have a blog for Aus:

      • How long until the investor money runs out? It does not sound like much of a business model.

        • To me the point of difference with this app is it includes non-food item purchases as well, among all the other crowded food apps

  • yehhh not many shops. Liven is much better.

    • +1

      Why not use both? I enjoyed my $20 lunch the other day - especially because I didn't have to pay for it (thanks Beam!). I'm the same with Uber/Ola/Taxify and Woolies/Coles: just use the one who has the best deal, switching between them often triggers better loyalty/win back offers.

  • Went through it all and realised its Sydney only…and I can't even get a referral code of my own to make anything more from it?

  • How to get my own referral code? Does anyone know? Thanks

  • Is this similar to the other Beem (beem IT) which i think you can use to send Friends money.

    Can you send money to friends via here, or only buy stuff (in Syd for now)?

    • Can’t send money to friends with the app. It’s for buying stuff.

  • +1

    trying to redeem a random referral but this error keeps coming up:

    Link a unique funding source to redeem this promotion

    if you have a promo code you'd like to share please PM me

    • Me too please :]

    • Pm’d

    • +1

      The promo code isn't the issue…read the error, it needs a funding source. Add in your card details then try the code.

      • Yea I should have clarified that I have a funding source and an email (both verified). None of the codes work.

        Edit: I added a debit card (in addition to the credit card previously entered) and one of the codes PM'ed to me worked. Not sure if just a coincidence but worth a shot if you're getting the same error code.

        • I am getting the error message: link a unique funding source to redeem this promotion. I have verified the card, email and phone, tried other codes but none work for me…

  • None of the promo codes in referals are working think each code only works once or something??

  • +1

    Beam also took $1.74 from my account verifying card hope it's returned or I'm complaining :/

    • +1

      Yeah I have the app and it will be refunded.

      Your pm seems to be switched off. Can’t pm you the referral

  • someone please pm me a referral code (codes from REFERRAL LINKS above are giving "This code is no longer valid" error)

    • thanks. got $20

      • Did you sign up via the app or via a link?

        • i clicked on the "Have you got a Promo Code?" message in the app and entered the code there.

          • @devilbabies: I tried in that section but still got that error message

  • How to find your own referral code??

  • So each promo code can only be used once, and it seems from the FAQs that you can't get your own referral code until you spend 500 of an unknown currency.

  • Need code please.

  • +1

    Anyone got a code I can use? Send a pm

    • PM’d let me know if it works

  • Anyone have a spare invite code?

  • can someone give me a invite code as well please?

      • Reedemed thanks

  • +1

    Can someone send me a referral code? Thanks

  • +2

    Can someone please send me a referral code? Edit: got one,thanks!

  • For those who have referral codes spare, click edit in the grey box under the deal to add yourself to the referral system so some can use your code.

  • Can anyone advise if I need to sign up first, then enter the code? Or I need to sign up with a referral link? Any spare referral code can share? Many thanks!

  • OK I'm confused. I have already signed up and have credit I haven't used yet. I can't find a referral code to pass on to someone. Do I need to spend on the app first?

    • Referral codes only appear once you have spent money using the app. Please read the deal description carefully for instructions.

    • Pm'd

  • +1

    Such a great app, claimed my free $20 lunch a while ago, now they have weekly discount deals ($15 off, no minimum spend) - grabbed lunch at a local bagel joint which again resulted in a free lunch!

  • I have just added my referral code to the list! Very nice lunch at Loluk Bistro. I hope mods can enforce removal of codes after use, as they can only be used one :)

    • Just wanted to say that my code has been shown 18 times already, so presumably it has been used. However I won't know until that person makes their first purchase, which they haven't done yet. So really while the randomised referral system works fine for most cases it doesn't for this. Person to person would be better for a one use code.

      • It's not a one-off code. Not sure who started this rumor. It's the same with any other referral scheme (Uber, Amex, etc), your code is personalised and can be used by more than one referee. I'm loving the weekly freebies and have made it my default payment option for coffees etc as well as the 10% cashback is too good to pass!

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