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SanDisk Ultra Type-C 32GB USB Stick $10 (+ Delivery or Pickup Instore) Bonus Free 64GB SanDisk Ultra Type-C @ MSY


Cheap USB-C Flash drives at MSY.
Speed up to 150Mb/s on USB3.1

Advert link

Main link updated to the 32GB drive. The 64GB should add as 'gift' in cart.

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    Link not working :(

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    Why not link to the deal instead of a picture? haha

    • +20

      In fairness… Their website was made in 1965, and is hard to accurately show items/stock.

      • +3

        It’s part of its charm

        • +1

          and low price

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          Bring back the pdf i say.

    • +1

      because PARTS.PDF lol

    • No mention of the bonus 64gb drive.

      • Try to add the item to cart and check out, the bonus will be added automatically. One per customer.

    • +1

      Nice. (Not aimed at you) Where on the page does it say "Bonus Free 64GB SanDisk Ultra Type-C"?

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    It does not show the second free usb info on the website.

  • +6

    Free 64gb shows in cart and is automatically added. So OP is correct.

    There is a postage charge of $12.68 to Melbourne however.

    EDIT: I have placed an order for instore pickup (free). Hopefully they don't sell out instantly/there's enough stock in store.

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    Buy a 32GB, get a 64GB chucked in as well.

    I dig.

    • How to choose CC?

      • +1

        Don't use the link. Go to the MSY site from Google or by typing in the URL. It will ask if you want delivery or pickup when you arrive. Select whichever, then go shopping.

      • Select your store on the top of website, it will be CC at the selected location.

  • Can we pick up instead of delivery?

  • Click and collect order placed. Thank you. Awaiting pick up notification

    • -2

      Yeah I'll do the same I think.

      • I added the item to cart per link op provided.
        I then select individual store to pick up.

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    They seperate online and CC

    MSY Online Order for Pickup from Our Branch
    Online order for pickup and delivery are now separated systems, this page is for pickup order ONLY.
    If you want to order online for delivery, please click Here"

    Here is the link to CC:

    I went to the above link to CC website and search the product (just paste the whole thing): SanDisk ULTRA Type-C (SDCZ450-032G) 32G USB3.1 (Gen 1) Type-C Flash Pen Drive

    it will show up, add to cart the 64GB will be added automatically. Check out now is CC only

  • +1

    Takes so much effort to do a pickup order on this portal

  • I tried to get a yumcha USB-A male to USB-C female adaptor from eBay but it never arrived.

    Paid an extra $2 and got this from Amazon instead: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07ML5ZFRX

    • There are so many shonky sellers on ebay now. Usually if it is a low winning bid they never send it and, of course, ebay couldn't give a rat's bum about it….same with all the fake products..as long as ebay makes their $ they don't care about the buyers.

      • +4

        Other way around, Ebay always put buyers before sellers. It's more profitable for them to retain buyers than to take a few dollars off them.l

      • Just file a PayPal dispute you will win easily if there is no tracking info showing it was delivered.

        • It's more about the waste of time…when sellers have repeat black marks for not shipping items won on low final bids they should be forced to only sell via 'buy it now'

  • Your order status with the reference #<censored> has been changed to Ready For Pickup.

    Thank you OP!

    • Did you choose to pay at instore or already paid by CC?

      • +1

        There was no pay by credit card option for Pick Up at my store. Only pay instore.

  • They were offering these in a promotion for when you buy the Ryzen 2nd gen CPUs.
    Great price. I guess they are readying for Ryzen 3rd gen.

  • +1

    It was working as suggested, but now it seems to have stopped.

  • +1


    Is this the 64gb that is meant to be for free? I added it and the total is $25 for me.

    • +1

      You need to add the $10 32GB drive to your cart, it will automatically add the 64GB drive and at first will show a total of $25. But when you go to the cart to check out, the 64GB drive will change to free and show a total of $10.

  • +7

    The 64GB is not added automatically for me after adding the 32GB to cart. I have tried the different steps noted in previous comments but can't figure out where I'm going wrong.

  • +3

    hmm doesn't seem to be automatically adding the 64gb …

    • It happened for me. Website automatically added 64GB into my cart, total is $25, coupon -$15 so at the end only $10

      Voucher name: Buy SanDisk 32GB Type-C Flash, get 64GB for free -$15.00

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    Is it exprired? It shows $25 for me

  • +2

    I went all the way through the process right up to where I had to confirm the order and there's no mention of a free 64 GB

  • +4

    Didn't work for me either. The free 64gb one didn't show up

  • I still placed clink n collect order but no 64GB added to my cart either…

  • yeah no 64 here too

    • Looks like this one week offer from 02/07 to 08/07 has run out on 02/07.

      • well its ozb of course….

        • When I tried first it didn't work. So I logged in, set my pickup store, searched for SDCZ450-032G and added it to the cart and I got the 64GB one added automatically. YMMV

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    The 64GB flash drive is out of stock at Fyshwick (ACT).

  • Thanks OP. Just a heads up that this worked for me by doing it on my mobile instead of a browser - i couldnt get it to show on chrome.

  • +5

    After many attempts it finally worked!

    I just added this to my cart and both showed up (64gb as gift), changed my preferred store and ordered CC.

    • +1

      Used your link and it worked!

  • +8

    reviews from amazon, this stick is ON FIRE!
    Overheated and burned out!!!!
    March 8, 2017
    Size: 64GBVerified Purchase
    Please please please if you have the new MacBook Pro with touchbar that has USB type-C ports DO NOT buy this flash dive!!!! As soon as I put it in my MacBook Pro, it heated up and after about 30 seconds it started smoking so I snatched it. I wanted a few hours and tried it in a old phone I have that has a USB C port and the same thing happen and the phone would read it because the drive was completely fired!!! I've called Sandisk to make them aware of the problem but they didn't seem to be concerned so next I'm working their corporate office.
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    • +1

      lol another person reported the same thing. I might just give this a miss haha

      Not sure I can recommend this one. I thought the other reviewers that complained about the heat were exaggerating, but sadly they weren't. I can't believe how hot it gets! It literally melted part of a blanket I have, that happened to come in contact with the top of the drive (a down blanket with outer polyester lining). Really calls into question a potential safety issue; had I not noticed the burning smell, it could have potentially caught fire. The plastic bottom is hot as well, but the top metal part is extremely hot!

      I bought this drive for my new MacBook Pro. I wanted a compact USB flash drive that I didn't need to use an adapter. I have purchased numerous USB flash drives in the last 10+ years. This flash drive is incredibly slow for a USB 3 model, actually reminds me of the slow performance of the initial models like 10 years ago. In terms of heat, this flash drive will literally burn your skin. I honestly didn't know it was possible for a flash drive to get that hot. I've definitely felt some warm/hot flash drives in the past, but nothing like this. A great idea but poor execution, too slow and way too hot. This is sadly the first negative experience I've had with Sandisk, they usually have great products.
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      • +2

        good is we are in winter now so maybe can become hand/palm warmer

    • makes sense why these are being given away…

  • Had to try a few times but it definitely works! https://i.imgur.com/qvdr12N.png

    Pickup from NSW Ultimo and can pay on collection which is perfect.

  • It happened for me.
    Automatically added 64GB into my cart, total is $25, coupon -$15 so at the end only $10

    This Voucher was automatically applied:
    Buy SanDisk 32GB Type-C Flash, get 64GB for free -$15.00

  • Successfully ordered for pickup from kingsford store.

    From order confirmation
    "Voucher name: Buy SanDisk 32GB Type-C Flash, get 64GB for free -$15.00"

  • Thank you OP,

    It took a while, i just kept adding it to cart and removing it from the cart via different methods and it eventually worked.

  • +3

    I wouldn't get those for free. writing data is slow, and it heats up like a hell pan.

    • 15 MB/sec. Not great obviously but serviceable for cheap USB stick.
      Reads are fast at least.

      • +1

        another fast point: fast heating

        • Can't believe my own brother would give me the old spicy flashdrive!

      • yes agree. I have 2 from one of the previous OW price match deals haha a 16gb and a 64gb.

      • It's worse than that if you're transferring large files because like most cheap drives it throttles down after a while.

        Here's a 10GB transfer for example: https://imgur.com/a/4O4yI8U

        • That is across the whole disk using h2testw.

          • @coxymla: Do an actual multi GB data transfer and watch it.

            Almost every Sandisk USB drive I have behaves like this, and some other brands too. Actual data transfers sometimes show things that testing apps don't.

            EDIT: Here's another data point using my S9: https://imgur.com/a/lX4esrs

            Same signature drop in performance after the transfer has been running for a little while. Starts off between 15 and 20 MB/s and then drops to an average of less than 10 MB/s.

            (I've tested two 64GB drives with the same result)

            • @cainn: Started at 25-30MB/s for me and dropped to around 15.

              rsync -a —progress —stats —human-readable . /Volumes/Untitled\ 1/
              building file list …
              5 files to consider

              Number of files: 5
              Number of files transferred: 1
              Total file size: 5.88G bytes
              Total transferred file size: 5.87G bytes
              Literal data: 5.87G bytes
              Matched data: 0 bytes
              File list size: 330
              File list generation time: 0.001 seconds
              File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
              Total bytes sent: 5.87G
              Total bytes received: 66

              sent 5.87G bytes received 66 bytes 16.36M bytes/sec
              total size is 5.88G speedup is 1.00

              Using ExFAT because I couldn't be bothered formatting anything. Wouldn't surprise me if NTFS was a bit better.

              • @coxymla: I decided to put a PCI-E 3.1 Gen 2 expansion card with a type-C port in my PC to try to get to the bottom of this (previously I was using a USB3 Gen 1 port and a USB3 type-A male to type-C female OTG adapter, and my S9 of course). Got results more in line with yours:


                That peak at the beginning of the transfer was ~60MB/s.

                Go back to any of my USB 3 Gen 1 ports (across two different computers and operating systems), or my S9, and large transfers eventually drop below 10MB/s again instead of maintaining 15-16MB/s.

                Not 100% sure how to fully account for this given that both interface speeds and power delivery shouldn't be an issue at the lower end of the performance spectrum.

                (and for the record I saw read speeds of 160MB/s for entirety of a 8GB file transfer off both drives)

                At least part of the reason for the conflicting reports we've seen about operating temperatures is starting to take shape. During these tests my drives did get very hot, though not quite too hot to touch. Add a warmer ambient temperate, perhaps some additional thermals from an already warm port on a laptop or whatever, a longer transfer (or maybe some more intensive I/O) and I can imagine things creeping in the direction of too hot to touch.

                But likely wont ever be an issue for those using these drives with devices that don't manage to push them to their limits.

    • Just transferred a 4gb also a 9gb file didn't even get warm on the 64gb.

      If where talking about large files maybe but then again my other ones intend to get warm as well.

  • I finally put an order through and hopefully it works.
    It is an extremely complicated process but with some of the instructions above I eventually got there!

  • now i need to spend more $ to get usb c to usb normal adaptor….
    thanks ozb!

    • +1

      so you bought it despite the bad review of overheating and slow speed?

      • yes. still.
        its all about the thrills and not missing out sensations, most of the time ozb make me spend $ not saving $.

      • +1

        Overheating implies it stops working due to heat which is not the case. They do indeed get hot just like the Cruzer Fit did and Ultra Fits do which I have had and used for years without any issue.

        It's not the fastest either which is understandable for the small form factor and cheap price.

        It's $10 for 32GB and 64GB USB sticks… Higher speed ones are available at considerable higher cost. Depends on your needs. These are good for quick backups and transfers.

  • Last time I turned up to pick up the order they refused to honor the deal (buy one get one free)

    • this time call first ask them to search your order on the system.

      • Good idea!

  • Ordered for click and collect. How long can they usually hold the order for?

    • "Two business days"

  • +1

    Thank you op purchased shocking website though.

    • +12

      That's MSY. Now let me tell you about the bible known as PARTS.PDF

      • +2

        And what used to be boxes that would be about to fall over onto you when you enter their stores

      • +10

        and moses, or should i say 摩西, delivered the commandments to the people

        1. thou shalt not click and collect without paying for items in cash
        2. thou shalt not return faulty items because MSY does not want to refund
        3. thou shalt not attend store in peak times so as not to make queues bigger
        4. thou shalt not expect staff to be friendly, polite or even speak to you
        5. thou shalt not contact ACCC to report fraud
        6. thou shalt not expect working items when purchased
        7. thou shalt not complain about PARTS.PDF
        8. thou shalt not take more than one printout of PARTS.PDF from the store
        9. thou shalt not park outside MSY longer than 10 minutes
        10. thou shalt not offer website design services to improve website because it is not yet considered an antique
      • Here. I can't believe they update this every day.

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