[NSW] Free Lunch (Worth $15) - Metcentre Rewards 100 Points


For those around Wynyard in Sydney CBD.

For the month of July sign up to MetRewards (download the app in the link and fill in your account details) and get 100 points instantly. You can redeem any of the offers below by scanning the QR code at participating stores through your MetRewards app
Free Coffee – 50 points
Free Lunch – 100 points, which gets you food up to $15 from select retailers
$20 Gift Card - 150 points

Earn 20 bonus points through referrals (via email not referral codes).

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    The place is closed on weekends :/

    Looks like this will mainly benefit those who work near the area.

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    I used to think there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

    Well not anymore, finally a free lunch for those of us who live in New South Wales.

    And if you need to see how far to get to Metcentre, just click here

    I'm a mere 711 kilometres away. If I leave soon, I'll make it for lunch tomorrow.


      Lol, seems that 1 person doesn't have a sense of humour. Op, I suggest you put "Sydney" in brackets in the title.

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    Good for people who work near wynyard or Martin place.


    why not giftcard which has $20 value?
    edit: apologies didnt see it requires more points. Plus all the hassle with fees. free lunch is good enough


    Thanks. Signed up.


    Did the points come up for you automatically?

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    List your birthday as today and get 50 points more, so total of 150.


      I completed the whole profile and only got 100 points. Should've left out bd and completed later?


        I just redeemed today and it was great. Nice lunch and coffee for 150 points. The app is terrible though and it took a while to get it going. Probably struggled for around 5-6 minutes to force the app to spend the points along with staff.
        Just created a new account, entered all details along with the birthday as today's date and got 150 points straight off the bat.
        Good find OP! Thanks.

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