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Google Chromecast Audio $41 | Toshiba Exceria Pro SDHC Memory Card 16GB/32GB - $5/ $10 @ Officeworks (Instore/Online)


If you cant find stock online check in-store, online site isn't very accurate

Toshiba 32GB/64GB -$7/$14 Exceria SDHC Memory Card & PRO 16GB/32GB - $5/$10

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    chromecast audio is the cheapest way to send a wireless signal to an optical out. thanks so much, OP! ordered.

    • Will this sync audio with a Chromecast 3? If I wanted to play synchronised music on my receiver downstairs and my mini system upstairs?

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        With a chromecast 3 yes. You can add it to a speaker group in google home.

  • Note - Youtube does not allow casting to a Chromecast Audio, only a Chromecast.

    • Not as convenient but you can mirror your phone's audio to the Chromecast audio.

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      The 'Youtube Music' app allows casting to Chromecast Audio.

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    Price matched at JB, they have plenty of stock

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    Due to so many limitions with Chromecast Audio I bought a number of Laser WiFi Adaptor. It's recognized by all devices and systems, is DLNA compatible, works with Spotify/Youtube, can be set in groups, etc and is extremely cheap: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Laser-Wi-Fi-Adaptor-for-Audio-Sp...

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      Oh nice. So how do you use that from the phone? Do you cast as well, just like to a chromecast?

      • Yep. Exactly like Chromecast plus alfa those extras chromecast is missing.

        • So there's no downside at all? Is it slow or buggy?

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            @rhino015: Laser works much better, more stable and with greater support from various apps for me than Chromecast, as I have both. Can't complain… but speaking only for myself. The other thing - DLNA is open standard so it will be here in the future, whether Chromecast is proprietary format… and Google is just killing these dongles.

    • Am I right you need to install a special app?
      Meaning the music is being played via the mobile/device ? - so your device is a man-in-the-middle ?

      Chromecast Audio doesnt need the mobile to be a man-in-the-middle.

      • Just cast from Spotify like you'd do it for chromecast. No need for any extra app, despite there's one. I'm not using Qualcom app - no need.

        • It may work for Spotify, but it does not appear as a Chromecast device in other apps.

    • Really hard to find info on the Qualcomm AllPlay supported streaming services. As far as I can tell, you can't stream Google Play Music to it, which is what we subscribe to. It feels like it's not being supported any longer. Can't find any mention of it on Qualcomm's website. I fear anyone buying this is buying into a dead product.

      • Remember, Chromecast Audio is also "dead"

      • Google Play Music is being phased out in favour of Youtube Music, which will work for you with your current subscription. Try it out, it looks a lot better.

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      Just got this for $16 after applying POLAR20 eBay code.. I think it's a good fine. Cheers mate.

    • Hey mate, just wanted to thank you for this bit of tech as I didn't know something like this existed.

      So my earlier comment mentions that I got it for $16 and in this one I want to share my experience so far.

      Overall I was surprised to see a cheap $16 device made by laser to be this stable. I am just awe struck. I connected this to my non-wireless 3 year old Logitech Speakers which already had good sound output to make that wireless.

      I love that it supports AllPlay Radio which allows playing commercial radio wirelessly. The only neg I have is that I am yet to find a way to stream YouTube Music to it as I think that's the only free music app which allows searching and playing the music you want (even if with ads in between). All other music services require you to pay for this option or restrict playback. The only way I have found around that is to download the song and play using AllPlay Jukebox.

  • I saw this the day after buying one from JB Hifi. Doh!

    I was gonna get a second one at that price but it now appears to have gone out of stock all around Sydney, which means that price-matching at JB Hifi is also out of the question. Pity.

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