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All Mirabella LED Globes 50% off @ Coles (Prices from $3.25)


All Mirabella LED Globes 50% off @ Coles (Prices from $3.25)

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  • Tried a few in my table lamp but they all flickered.
    Bought Ikea LED lights instead and very happy.

  • I tried a few Mirabella LEDs, but really don't like the colour reproduction - the colour of warm white just looks wrong.

    Compared to Philips and Osram which I much prefer.

    I think you get what you pay for.

  • Not 50% off the 4 pack mirabella globes though

  • These are ok. I bought a whole lot for a place I just moved into and the warm white isn't as warm as other brands. Also the 15w Dimmables can flicker sometimes which is pretty annoying.

  • Are MIRABELLA better than coles brand or is coles brand just as good? I thought MIRABELLA was the go but after reading about them maybe not that great, but then why if not good they ask a premium price when fully priced.
    I'm in a rental which we moved into recently which has a mixed bag of globes,72w,42w,20w etc these are in bathroom,hallway,laundry and toilets they are all halogen globes.
    I had no idea these cost more to run than led,but see no point in replacing until we they need replaced we have two one in a study and in a bedroom which don't look right wife says one has crack on globe yet works and the other looks like the part that lights up inside is moving around in glass this ain't right.
    They are 20w globes look bigger than what I have seen before but don't think they are led but look like them and when turned on start dull and get brighter until fully bright both of these do this. One in sons bedroom no issues with damage to it and also slowly lights up until bright.
    What would you suggest for a study/computer room and bedrooms in led was going to grab MIRABELLA but maybe just as well with coles?
    What do you recommend for bedrooms?
    Bathrooms and toilets and a back hallway?
    And laundry room?
    As said there is a mixed bag of globes from Philips hue,a lot of downlights but also halogen on above rooms which I'm unsure what bedrooms are.
    I would probably replace two bedroom ones in as something not right with them,others can wait until fused,
    And is it recommended an colour warm white cool white or is it personal choice.
    I so used to the old halogen globes and had no idea about led which can last a lot longer. But as I need some now and grab when other need replaced was curious if MIRABELLA was any good.
    I have heard ikea are good globes but unfortunately I'm not near a store. Thanks