Selling Gift Cards for Cash (semi regular basis)

I have looked at the previous threads on this and they all seem to point on a once off type scenario. Ie I got a gift voucher that I don't want etc… Or I won a voucher.

Basically I have a business, sometimes I can spend 100k per month on my card. So I am in a position where I am looking at selling probably 100 or 200 dollars worth of vouchers per month, nothing huge, just for some beer money. The voucher could be (nearly) anything as well: coles, woollies, jb hi fi, caltex or whatever.

Since it would be a repetitive, I can't use the classifieds section. Has anyone got tips for this? Anyone used or similar? I suppose I could try gumtree or facebook marketplace.


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    Make sure you don't use ebay. They have a strict policy on the sale of gift card/digital vouchers.

    Don't let this be the next you.

  • yeah mate thanks.

    It is low volume so ideally I meet with the person face to face in front of the shop where they can verify the funds and also hand over cash. Safer for both parties.

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    Why not use the gift cards for groceries?

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    Didn’t know you could get business credit cards that gave rewards. Who you bank with?

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      OP may be using non business credit card products for their business' expenses…

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      Most of them do, but rewards earn rates are still better on personal ones usually. From memory Bankwest was one of the better ones when I looked, NAB has a good deal at the moment for 100k bonus points.

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    Hi Loulou: We do use the points for groceries. We don't have kids so our groceries bill is small, looking at only selling around 100 or 200 worth of vouchers per month which would be in excess.

    Hi VicKiwi: ANZ and Amex.

  • Why not use the points for travel redemptions, which generally represents much better value on a points to dollar basis?

    • pretty early on in the business. Cash is king right now.

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    Just avoid doing most of the things this guy did

  • Classifieds could work if you get a regular buyer. Surely there's someone on ozb that needs regular gift cards from Coles or Woolies.

  • I'm in Melbourne and interested in comes vouchers regularly. Please shoot me a msg if you'd like to set up an ongoing arrangement

  • The biggest problem you will face is that scam artists do the same thing with gift cards that aren't activated.

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    I assume beer money is a synonym for cash - if not, Coles Group and Woolies Wish cards can be used at their liquor businesses…

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    I'm assuming you're getting these via points? If so, have you considered redeeming them for flights? Usually it convert to a much better value.

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    OP. I know you said cash is king, but if through whatever earning method you have, you can accrue airline points instead of giftcards, there's a decent (albeit grey) market for resale of FF points. Think there's one or two peeps on here that buy and sell wholesale for ~1cent per point. Probably worth weighing up which is better value.

  • anyone know of these buyers of FF points? can they point me in their direction.

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