What Do YOU Do on The Weekend?

Weekends always make me question my lifestyle choices because I usually do nothing. Even though that's exactly what I want to do, I can't help but feel guilty or destructive over it. Would love to hear what you guys do on the weekends, particularly those who work full time or have families.

Most weekends I'm at home alone, gaming, watching TV, or just relaxing with a drink in hand. If the weather is OK I'll walk the dog or go for a quick stroll to the shops. Overall I would say my weekends are very lazy though. Making big plans is usually a no-no for me because I work too hard during the week so the weekend is my time to be free from any plans or obligations. Does anyone else feel this way and would you consider it "common" or "normal"?


  • If you add 2 hours afternoon naps, your weekend will be perfect.

  • F5 Ozbargain.

    But seriously, why do you care what others do as long as you're happy. That being said, how old are you? You could blink and still be doing the same in 20 or 30 years (again, you might not mind).

    • Late 20s, which is maybe why I feel guilty for living my weekend like I'm in my 40s lol. Working 9-5 Monday to Friday in IT just takes it out of me.

      • Takes it out on you mentally or physically or both?

        Do you feel you have to do nothing on the weekends to recover from working? Or do you just like doing nothing? Nothing wrong with doing nothing.

        Do you love your job or is it just to pay the bills? It's the latter for me…maybe you need a career change…if you genuinely love working, then it doesn't feel like work and then you might not feel so drained by the weekend (or so they say).

        I wish I had something I was passionate about, but haven't discovered it yet.

        PS 9 to 5 Monday to Friday probably sounds like heaven to lots of people! ha

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          haha I'd say it's both recovery and love of doing nothing. I've always been a bit of a loner. Got a small group of friends but only see them occasionally, it's usually just me myself & I, just the way I like it.

          Good question - I actually do love my job. I'm in a software development role and I have a lot of freedom. I'm making a difference, getting paid well and have an cool group of people working alongisde me. I generally love coming to work but to keep up that optimism and passion I need to recharge on the weekends.

          • @SlavOz: Me and my partner do the same. I feel better if I dont oversleep, keep to my regular sleep schedule and do a few things to break up lazing about. I have mild depression/anxiety and even though all I want to do is nothing and stay in bed longer Ill feel better if I don't.

            Also regular moderate exercise helps regulate my mood much better than labourous 40hr work week does.

            Don't think of lying about as an old person thing, teenagers are known for this lol. Just have to find hobbies that get your mind and body going. I can think of nothing better in my life than procrastination and tying up loose ends to be able to do just that. At the same time youll never not feel guilty if you don't do some of lifes monotomous tasks that are not at the top of your list. Winter definitely makes it harder too.

      • 9 to 5 … Jeez. Is that like 9 to 5 actual work hours or are you just saying 9 to 5 as a metaphor but really do like 6 to 7 with no lunch and often weekends and working from home?

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          Meh, I've never been a workaholic. Most of the people at my office who stay back past 6-7 every night are just getting away from their kids by their own admission. I live on my own so coming home is exciting - I have an uninterrupted 5-6 hours to catch up on errands and relax. Yet despite that luxury I'm still drained by the time the weekend rolls around. Don't know what it is.

          • @SlavOz: I'm in the exact same boat, mate - 30yr old, work in I.T., 8-5 Mond-Frid grind, live alone and I generally keep my weekends free. I sometimes get a little anxious planning weekends in advance cos I never know how I'm gonna feel when the event rolls in, lmao!

            • @ThithLord: Not sure why you were downvoted for being honest in a relatively open forum thread, but it's quite normal to feel that way given that you clearly value your time and don't want to commit to possibly spending it doing something you won't entirely enjoy.

            • @ThithLord: Same boat here as @slavOZ and @Thithlord. Not sure if it's just an IT thing as I'm also in IT. I really am drained by the weekend and often don't want to do anything.

              I like my job, but it is difficult to be motivated after a week of work.

          • @SlavOz: Exact same here mate. Late 20’s working in IT software development mon-fri 9-5. Feel buggered by the end of the week and just want to switch off and recharge the batteries. I dunno what it is. Possibly looking/concentrating on the screen for 40 hours?

    • I did exactly the same when I am in my twenties.

      However I would suggest you start dating as I found my partner pretty late in life and I know many who are now struggling due to their age

  • What do YOU do on the weekend?

    Anything I want to.

  • Run, gym, coffee with friends, watch sports, walk dogs, bbq, garden, road trip in car, help mates out and chase girls.

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    Play over 35's footy every fortnight.
    Home duties, making, maintenance etc
    Doing 'stuff' with the children.

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    If you work full time Monday to Friday, doing "nothing" on the weekend is my kind of heaven!

    Apart from a cheap Kayo sub, what else do you need, really? ;)

  • Haven't had a weekend in 7 years. Always a development or large scale reno project running. Decided to not take on anymore at least for a few years after the current one finishes..

  • Meditate
    Gaming a little
    Usually go for a hike
    Spend time with the partner
    Catch up with mates
    Get high
    Family events occasionally

  • I pursue dreams.

  • I crush the dreams of my enemies

  • study,
    house work,
    watch sport,
    try and chat my wife up,
    answer useless questions on ozbargain after failed chatting up of wife

  • Get married and have kids. That will fix everything.

    I wish I could go to those weekends you speak of again.

    • I remember them fondly too.

      • Interesting, I have a 5 month old that I look after while my wife works on weekends and I still feel like I do mostly nothing. He sleeps for a couple of hours, gets up, eats, plays, gets a nappy change, gets grumpy and then I put him back to bed. For the next two hours I do nothing until he wakes up again and so on.

        • For the next two hours I do nothing until he wakes up again and so on.

          2 hours of nothing? Do you just sit and stare at a wall for 2 hours? Wouldn't you have chores and things to do around the place?

        • Not so much when they're babies! I'm betting your bub doesn't get up to much yet. When they get older and get into mischief you don't often get 2 hours of doing nothing. Especially when you have more than one. Enjoy your 2 hours of nothing while it lasts, I mean that sincerely! :)

        • just wait… report back in 7 months time if things dont go as what you've described above!

        • Enjoy the potato period- seriously. Crawling is the beginning of the end. They're rocket ships after that. Our son is 13 months and climbing up onto the couch already.
          I love watching him take great satisfaction in his little conquests but he's a handful unless we're reading him a book or scratching his back.

        • Cant say I ever had a 5 month old like that.

    • Two jobs and two kids.
      Wish I have time to ponder the Op question.

  • Four kids so endless cleaning and picking up all their sh1t, washing dishes, vacuuming, laundry, snacks and meals.

    Live for the week when they're all in school or daycare. Working is more fun!

    • My little one broke his arm at childcare due to lazy carers.
      Now both kids are home full time…. never a dull moment!
      At least I save some $$$

  • Couple of beers after work Friday then usually quiet evening, but occasionally a few more beers/wines or go out.
    Saturday is sleep in or kids sport in the morning, chores like laundry or vacuuming, or volunteering. Saturday night go out if there is something good like a friends party or a band, maybe a date night. Sunday is almost always sleep in, make my partner breakfast in bed. Sometimes visit family, otherwise some minor outdoors chores. Afternoon cook a big evening meal like a roast or spaghetti and meatballs that takes a little longer and is nice when there are people to chat to/help out in the kitchen.
    After dinner ironing for the week ahead then lazy couch time of TV/Internet/casual computer gaming. Early to bed.

    If it is raining, usually replace an activity with a nap, which is luxurious.
    I feel good if I do a couple of useful things on the weekend, but not too much. If I don’t commit to regular stuff like volunteering I often find the weekend slipped away with just chores and lazy stuff, so I have some routine things I do. If I had a 3rd weekend day I would like to spend it on ‘improvements’. Not exactly working, but things like diy around the house, studying/learning things like a language or music or programming, organising etc. as I think I don’t really have enough time now to do these things to progress forward, and they are the first things squeezed out of my schedule.

  • I don’t think this is the right forum to share my weekend habits. :o(

  • particularly those who work full time or have families.

    Why would you want to hear about a life full of commitments?

    Overall I would say my weekends are very lazy though.


    Making big plans is usually a no-no for me because I work too hard during the week so the weekend is my time to be free from any plans or obligations.

    Do you have social anxiety?

    • Social anxiety definitely not - probably a sickness to the opposite degree I'm always pushing conversations and meeting new people. But I generally don't like big crowds because I grew up in a big family and community and it's bloody exhausting. Plus I like things to be a very certain way which I've never found anyone who can relate to. I just prefer my own company over others but when I'm out or in social settings I'm always the loudest and friendliest. I definitely get anxiety over other things though - health, depression, relationships (75% of the time I'm happy being single though I get small periods where I think about wanting to date)

  • What Do YOU Do on The Weekend?

    Absolutely nothing. Just how I like my weekends.

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    Most Australians live a quiet nightmarish existence spending almost all of their time doing activities they dislike or hate in order to obtain material possessions that don't make them happy.

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      It's to do with people impressing others they don't like by buying things they dont need with money they do not have.

    • I’m in Singapore visiting some friends and family at the moment and I can assure you that young working Singaporeans have it worse. Here, it’s all about working extra long hours to afford materialistic things that one can show off with because that’s often a judgment of your character.

    • Maybe you need to check your priorities ;)

  • Getting ready to answer that same question on Monday morning.

  • Work everyday.

  • Good weather - hunting, fishing (dive/angling), external maintainance on home.

    Average weather - make furniture, cook, eat, equipment mantainance.

    If you view these activities as a hobby, you will see them as taking up your free time.

    I view them as necessary for life and is life itself.

  • Varies from weekend to weekend. I'm single so have to do everything myself so some weekends it's all house work, laundry, gardening, grocery shopping, washing cars etc plus try and get some exercise and if I'm lucky watch some Netflix or similar.

    Other weekends it's mostly catching up with friends, spending time on one of my many hobbies, exercise etc. Occasionally it's all work but mostly it's a mix of all of the above.

    • Varies from weekend to weekend. I'm single so have to do everything myself so some weekends it's all house work, laundry, gardening, grocery shopping, washing cars etc plus try and get some exercise

      For a single person that takes about 4 hours on a Saturday. what do you do with the rest of the time?

      • Takes 2 hours to wash the ute, less if I'm doing one of the smaller cars, obviously more if I do all of them, 2 hours for the grocery shopping (I do my parents as well and drop it off), 3 - 4 hours of exercise, at least an hour each for housework (house not apartment, there a lot of rooms to go through), gardening (more if I'm also doing my parents), laundry/ironing, prep work lunches for the week, check if there's been any major issues at work. Plus I like to eat, shower, sleep and I do try and have some time left at the end of it to relax. All adds up very easily.

  • Look for new property. Boom! Your Saturday has now disappeared.
    Actually clean your place and do meal prep. Boom! Sunday now gone too.

    Why not enjoy your empty weekend while you can…

  • Watch Ben askren get kneed in the face.

  • Why has nobody with a partner said f**king?

    We're all adults (i hope) here…

    • Cause they prob have kids they have to take to weekend activities. So no time :p

      My weekends involve not worrying about things I need to do. For now I'm enjoying the fact I'm single. I'll get up early, go for a coffee, walk around the shops, meet with mates, movies, gaming, driving, etc etc. I'm happy to do nothing as well.

      • I think we're starting to bend the boundaries of 'nothing' here. That sounds like a lot of somethings.

        I think I want to try adding a tiny thing to commit to every Saturday just to see where it goes. Maybe 1hr every Saturday at the gym or anywhere away from home doing something other than indoor stagnation. I reckon that'll get me over the feeling I'm doing nothing.

      • People who "don't have time" should get a lesson from Noah Levenstein (Jim's Dad). He knew exactly what to do with Jim to get laid. :D