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Further 30% off Sale Jackets from $27.99 (Free in Store Pick up or + $10 Postage) @ Connor Clothing


Further 30% off sales Jackets

Other sales items

Note: up to 2.5% cashback available from both Shopback and cashrewards for sales items.

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  • Climate Change is a boon for picking up cheap winter clothing.

    • Yep, I can't wait for the climate to no longer change. Cause you know, that's the goal.

  • Perfect timing. Bought one yesterday. Bugga!

  • Used to be a big fan of Connor's hoodies

  • Dry clean only puts me off :(

  • I went in store last week and tried many of these. I will have to disappoint the ozb guys with protruding bellies. Not a good fit if you are somewhat pearshaped.

    • Any idea how is it compared to Rivers hoodies? I bought a few on sale and it's pretty lengthy.. looks like a bit baggy around the waist if that makes sense..

  • Tried a couple jackets on in store yesterday then ordered online for store pickup so I could get a few bucks back from Shopback. They’re actually posting the jackets to the store… seems a bit weird 😕

    Anyway they seem pretty damn good for the sale price so thanks OP

    • no worries :)

    • ahhhh totally forgot Cashrewards, just ordered online! :(

      • Give them a call first thing if you care about the cashback I reckon, you should be ok because they pick them from a main warehouse and not the store. I asked the girl in the store why they did that when the obviously had store stock and she agreed it was stupid. Otherwise the return T&Cs day you can get a refund if all the tags are intact or store credit if you’ve cut them off. Employee also was confused as to why I tried them on in store and then ordered online 😂

      • it's only 2.4-2.5%…. So even if you spend $100 on the jackets, it'll be $2.4 cash back.

  • Bought two tHanks. Last time I bought hoodie was thick but cutting was slightly off for me. The sleeves and top part was tight but tummy area was loose so it kinda protrudes out.

  • Bought a sweat jacket and a bomber jacket. I must say I was really impressed with the quality and fit.. Best sweat jacket/hoodie I've ever bought!

    Now that I received it and happy, just placed another order for 3 hoodies :) Esp. love the removable hoodie type jackets. Great for $21!