Will NBN Be Cheaper near The Due Date?

Nbn has recently arrived our area.
I understand that it is a must that i need to change to Nbn.
Did research & realized that it's more expensive than the one that im using. I'm using fibre internet at $60/month with TPG. With the same speed of fibre internet, the nbn will cost me around $70 - $80/month.
The cheapest that i can find is Exetel but i read negative reviews about this company.

Just wondering should i change to it now or later, like next year, nearly end of the 18-month duedate? I guess since nbn is new, it's quite expensive now and when time passes, everyone is getting acquainted with it, it will be more popular and getting cheaper?
Or it will be in opposite situation, when it's near the duedate, everyone is rushing for the change, it will get more expensive?
What are your recommendations?
Thank you.


  • Unlikely

  • The cost for NBN is unknown for the near future but your existing cost is known. So as long as you are getting to same speed now for cheaper, why not keeping until you make to switch?

    • the similar plan for nbn is $90/month, which is $30 more expensive monthly than my existing plan, not cheaper, unfortunately.

      • I mean your existing plan is cheaper and same speed, so why dont you stay what you are using and dont make the switch until you force to.

  • Given that cable is cheaper and more reliable, I would wait as long as possible before making the switch. Closer to the cutoff date, keep an eye out on OzB for new customer deals with a decent company and then make the switch.

  • It is not mandatory to change to NBN (unless you want to retain a landline telephone). You could explore what is available for Wireless Broadband plans in your area.

  • I understand that it is a must that i need to change to Nbn.

    TPG FTTB runs their own private fiber network and will not be phased out.

    In fact, TPG is expanding their FTTB network within CBD & inner city apartments.

    It has nothing to do with NBN.

    • I thought this was the case too. You only need to swap if you're on Telstra/Optus HFC or ADSL. Private FTTB networks like yours won't change. Contact TPG to double check though. The cost of NBN is very unlikely to go down. If NBN had their way it would going up! They've been recently floating the idea with RSP's to charge more for streaming video on top of current NBN plans.

    • oh, i'm not aware of this. thanks for letting me know, i'll check on this.

  • I'm not sure if you need to change off FTTB plans. They are making people swap off ADSL (phone network is being decomissioned) and cable (HFC is taking over cable areas). Worth looking into at least.

    NBN may be new in your area, but its not new. The prices is largely determined by the nbnco wholesale price (which is why everyone is more expensive for the 100mb). Even the tpg equivalent on the NBN is $90. I would hold out the 18 months, you won't be worse off doing this. If prices get cheaper or more expensive if NBN changes wholesale prices you'll probably be effected anyway.

    If you end up having to swap then other things to consider is dropping to a 50mbs connection (that's what I did) and wireless broadband plans (especially as 5G gets launched over the next 18 months). We ran Optus 4G for a while when we moved house with not a lot of issues.

  • Yes you are so lucky already just stay. I can only have adsl2 (with 3mb download speed ) in my area before NBN

  • Was on TPG FTTB then moved into property with TPG NBN FTTN.

    If you can stay TPG FTTB stay with them. For the monthly cost its much more competitive and offers faster speeds. Congestion wasn't too bad in 3006.

  • NBN will get cheaper when there's a competitor.

    Nothing becomes cheaper without competition.

    • It's anti-competition by design, so we are all (profanity) unless someone with money attempt the scale of NBN did.

      • It is a natural monopoly just like power lines are. You can't have every company come in and put their own lines up.

        It is what it is so let's not get our hopes up for cheap internet.

  • and i thougth due date for something else.. :)

  • I think your $10 increase is unavoidable.

    I was on $60 ADSL2+ and moved to the 50 NBN for $70 on tpg. I was happy with the speed increase so don't feel too ripped off. But if you were getting 50 down for $60 on fibre that was a great deal.