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NewRetroWave Ultimate Synthwave Bundle on Groupees - US $3 (~AU $4.35) Minimum


An absolutely huge synthwave bundle has started on Groupees from the biggest label in the business NewRetroWave. This bundle is the third bundle from NRW on Groupees and this contains nearly everything from the two previous bundles plus about 15 new releases with 100% of your payment being donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $3 minimum you get:

NewRetroWave - The 80's Dream Compilation Tape Vol. 1 (album)
NewRetroWave - The 80's Dream Compilation Tape Vol. 2 (album)
NewRetroWave - The 80's Dream Compilation Tape Vol. 3 (album)
NewRetroWave - Maximum Burn (EP)
NewRetroWave - Equinox (EP)
NewRetroWave - Crypt (EP)
Raydar - Evil Squad (EP)
New Arcades - We Had It All For Just a Moment (EP)
Raydar - Neon Graffiti (album)
Bellemaison - Bellemaison (EP)
Bachelor of Hearts - A Cosmic Funk Odyssey (EP)
DJ Ten - Akatron Vol. 1 (album)
Tokyo Rose - The Chase: Last Run (album)
WOLFCLUB - Infinity (album)
Robert Parker - End of the Night (album)
Deadlife - Variations on the Resolve (album)
Deadlife - Orphan (album)
NewRetroWave - Magnatron (album)
NewRetroWave - Magnatron 2.0 (album)
Michael Oakley - Introspect (album)

For $5 minimum you also get:

Undervatten - Politics (EP)
Vincenzo Salvia & PJ D'atri - Follow The Power (EP)
DJ Ten - Retrological (Deluxe Edition) (album)
Futurecop! - The Lost Tapes (album)
DJ Ten - Zioneon (EP)
Turboslash - EP II (EP)
ALEX - Youth (EP)
ALEX - Blood Club (EP)
Dreamhour - The Unfinished Story of the Unknown Band (EP)

For $7 minimum you also get:

DJ Ten - Retrological 2.0 (album)
Dead Astronauts - Arms of Night (album)
ORAX - Cometa (album)
Kick Puncher - Horizon (album)
Timecop1983 - Reflections (album)
Futurecop! - Return To Alvograth (album)
Zombie Hyperdrive - Hyperion (album)

For $10 minimum you also get:

Robert Parker - Crystal City (album)
ORAX - Deeper (album)
Let Em Riot - The Futurist (album)
Dreamhour - VLLNS (album)
Deadlife - The Order of Chaos (album)
DJ Ten - Trinity (Deluxe Edition) (album)

For $15 minimum you also get:

ALEX & Megan McDuffee - Hero (album)
Lifelike - Miami Nice (EP)
Tonebox - Nocturn (album)
Waveshaper - Station Nova (album)
Mecha Maiko - Mad But Soft (album)
Bachelor of Hearts - Stay With You (album)

For $20 minimum you also get:

Wice - Wice (album)
Judge Bitch - Horse Blood (album)
Midnight Danger - Malignant Force (album)
Neon Nox - Syndicate Shadow (album)
ORAX - Tearwave (album)

The first eight bonuses have been unlocked once sales pass $9,000 you will also get:

Yota - Strangers on Film (album)
Futurecop! - Voltrana (album)

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