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[NSW, VIC, QLD] Deposit Waived on Tag for Toll Roads @ E-Way


Ready for a tag for toll roads? Right now E-way is waiving the tag deposit (usually $20 per tag).

When you pay $40 to get set up you'll have your first $40 worth of tolls prepaid.

Existing E-way customers can get an extra tag without paying the deposit.

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  • Do these expire?

  • Sometimes I wish I were a non-existing customer.

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      While there will always be that moment when the shirt you paid full price for yesterday is half price today we have tried to look after existing customers. If you need an extra tag for your account you can order it during the promotion at no cost.

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        good one

      • +15 votes

        Does it mean we can order a new one, return the exiting one to get the deposit ?

        • -2 votes

          Please contact us with your account details so we can have a look at this for you. [email protected], 1300 555 833, Facebook messenger @ewaytollpay

        • let us know how you go spk! $80 in savings if we can manage this.

          • @aurotaro: It's a deposit so there is no saving per say..whatever the interest of $80… I know I know…here you save 50c..and then you save 50c there and now you have a dollar…you can then go to a dollar shop and get something…😄😄

            • @expertreader: Well I've spent 80 bucks on 2 tags since 2005. Since I haven't seen that money back and probably won't either for a while… I'm gonna put it under expenditure (refundable now hopefully ;))

    • Sometimes I wish people in the lucky country didn't have to pay $30 per day to travel to work on public roads.

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        All we can do is try to take the pain out of organising to pay the toll ;-)

        • Aren't E-Way part of Interlink Roads, part of Transurban - the same company that operates most (all?) Sydney toll roads and whose very existence is to make money from toll roads?

          All we can do is try to take the pain out of organising to pay the toll ;-)

          I don't think that's true.

          • @thevofa: Transurban footprint expand beyond Australian territory, it prettymuch hold monopoly over Australian toll road systems

          • @thevofa: E-Way is indeed Interlink Roads, and Transurban is a major shareholder. The only truly non-Transurban options are Eastlink (owned by ConnectEast - a subsidiary of Horizon Roads which is a swathe of pension funds) and NSW RMS (which is, obviously, the NSW Government). Almost all roads bar Eastlink itself are owned and maintained by Transurban, who also own the A25 Motorway in Quebec and the 495 and 95 HOV lanes in Northern Virginia (by Washington DC).

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        We don't in WA - zero tolls and our roads are really good

  • Hi E-Way it is possible to reduce the allow load into the tag ? currently when it fall under $10 it load another $40 and Now i have $4x in the tag for 2 years as I only use toll less than 1 a year(normally it is by mistake)

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      Our Beep 'N Pay account might be better for you. There's no pre-paid account balance, instead you pay the toll via visa credit or debit the day after each trip. Our team are expert at providing just the right advice depending on your unique circumstance. Would you mind calling 1300 555 833?

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    Any reason to use this as opposed to a current Eastlink tag I have (that im pretty sure doesnt ask for a tag deposit)

    • I was thinking the same, Eastlink tag are free.

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      If you are in NSW there are two reasons to go with E-way - both the NSW Toll Relief program and the M5 Cashback program require you to have an account with a NSW tag provider. Otherwise, there's no difference. All tags you get in Australian work on all Australian toll roads.

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      In addition to Eastlink tags already being free, Eastlink does not charge surcharges for credit cards as E-way does:

      Visa / Mastercard debit card: 0.49% of transaction value
      Visa/Mastercard & American Express credit card: 0.74% of transaction value

    • I just found out that EastLink have a minimum annual spend;

      ($26.09) is the minimum amount of EastLink tolls charged for each commercial vehicle tag in each of the first three years after the tag is issued to your account. If the actual amount of EastLink tolls incurred by a tag during any such year is less than this amount, an additional amount equal to the difference will be charged to your account.


      • +2 votes

        That is for commercial vehicles (which some larger 4WD things are classed as).
        If not a frequent user, it would easy to do an estimation of travel, do the maths, and work out if getting a tag is the best value as opposed to plate matching.

        • So in summary: Eastlink tags are probably the least expensive toll tag solution for the majority of people. I def like the zero CC surcharges!

  • isn't pre-payment 20 and not 40?


      We have a large range of payment options, however the one most people go for is to top up automatically when your balance gets low. To do that requires a $40 prepayment.

      You can choose instead to pay weekly (eg. when you get paid) for a lower prepayment.

  • Just in time, my tag on etoll cant be recognised in the last 10+ times. I thought its the battery as its been for 5 years but they refused to replace as the batt should last for 10 years. Repositioning the tag didnt help. I ended w camera read fees which are silly.
    Time to switch thanks op


      It's easy to sign up online, but if you'd like to talk to us about the issues you are experiencing the team could make sure the new tag is going to do the trick for you. 1300 555 833

    • Who told you it wouldn't be replaced? I've had that happen twice now (on different occasions), on both older and newer model tags. I just take it into ServiceNSW, tell them the tags aren't beeping anymore and I'm getting video ID fees. With the newer one, I did have to go through their questions of where I placed the tag, but they took both back and gave me a new one. Advised me that they will send it back for testing and refund all videoID fees if it was found to be faulty. Wasn't checking how long it took to get the fees back, but they paid them.

      Is there a physical location you take faulty e-way tags, or is it all online/phone interactions?

      • +1 vote

        You can take it into the M5 Motorway office at Hammondville to have it tested, or swap it over, or have expert help in installing it. Or you can organise a switch over the phone or logged in to our website (tollpay.com.au).

      • Good to know, I should have gone to ServiceNSW. It was phone interactions and follow up email. Really annoyed

        • Yeah, in this day and age it's good to be able to have a storefront you can just talk to someone face to face about issues!

          It might be worth noting to have your car's rego plates also set in your account… Not sure if it makes a difference, but they might not refund the ID fee if it's not.

  • I get taxed around 30% of my income which goes towards paying for infrastructure (like roads and tunnels), I then get taxed on the money left over after the government has taken its share whenever I spend money, and then on top of that I need to pay to use the road I've already paid for with my taxes and need to pay a "deposit" to even pay to use the road I've already paid for.

    Thanks for "waiving" this deposit so I can "prepay" for a road I've already contributed towards twice. Why is there even a deposit? You're worried I might get away with using a road I've paid for?

    • +2 votes

      You realise if these roll roads were covered entirely by tax, your tax rate will have to go up to subsidise it right? I’d much prefer a toll to increased tax since I barely use these roads..

      • No problem with paying for roads, but when the majority of my income goes towards paying for useless government expenditure and then I get asked to pay for a road my tax should have been funding originally, forgive me for asking why exactly I need to pay $10 to use a 500m stretch of road.

        The Australian government made around $529,000,000,000 from income tax in 2018, if they can't figure out a way to not charge me effectively 3 or 4 times for a road, I think that's basic fiscal mismanagement.

        • Don't worry. Governments around the world are going bankrupt.

        • Useless Government Expenditure aka NEW Stadium for 3bn

        • We have some of the lowest population density in the world, and a much lower fuel tax than most countries with whiz-bang freeway/motorway networks - only the United States, Canada and Mexico pays lower in fuel taxes in the OECD, and they get away with it because they're denser (except Canada), massively, massively in debt and pay two-fifths of (profanity) all in maintaining their public transport networks.

          Roads are incredibly expensive to build and maintain, and most motorists just seem to think that somehow governments should be able to fund it because they think they already pay enough in tax (because everyone, no matter how rich or poor in this country, is a little Aussie battler - of course, ignoring what our relative position is in the world - which is generally one of the best).

          That being said, in my opinion toll roads should be operated by government, not private companies.

          • @mubd1234: The maths just doesn't add up.

            The Cross City Tunnel in the Sydney CBD costs $5.77 per trip with an extra cost for a different exit. In 2016 the average daily vehicle count was 37,000. So we are talking around $215,000 per day in tolls which extrapolates out to $77,923,850‬ per year. Give me $77,000,000 and ill organise some annual work (not to mention they have already sold it off)

            I'm sure roads are expensive to maintain, but having to pay nearly $25.00 for a round trip from the Sydney CBD to the southern suburbs is excessive. It's a money-making exercise…

          • @mubd1234:

            We have some of the lowest population density in the world

            That's immaterial.

            No-one sensible is expecting multi lane highways in the middle of the desert.

            Australia is amongst the most urbanised countries in the world. A mere 2000km of road across the eastern seaboard would connect 15+million people - we don't have that as a dual carriageway.

            They promised the new M4 in Sydney from Parramatta to Strathfield would be 4 lanes all the way - it's not - it's only 3 around the Silverwater Rd exit. They built a hodge-podge 2 lane additional bridge to marry up with the 6 lane overpass around Clyde to get their 4 lanes in each direction.

            The M7, opened only 13 years ago, is 2 lanes in each direction. TWO, F'ING, LANES - in a city of 5 million, mostly living in the exact areas the M7 services. The only reason it is not always congested is because the expensive tolls regulate its use.

            They just widened the M2 to 3 lanes. THREE LANES IN 2019 - already congested.

            But hey, the contractors delivered and got paid, and I'm sure they'll be happy to get paid again for the next widening / expansion.


            ignoring what our relative position is in the world - which is generally one of the best

            Which just makes it even more pathetic that our roads are in the state they're in.

      • I'm the complete opposite. I live in regional NSW, tax me what-the-hell-ever it takes to ensure all our roads/schools/hospitals are accessible to all and not falling to bits.

        But balance that ledger - I never want to see a toll again either, for a start.

        • 100% agree.

          Don't get me wrong, I've got no issue paying for infrastructure and public facilities with my taxes, and I think that's where my taxes should be going. I'd prefer to be paying $30,000 in income tax annually and 100% of that goes towards public infrastructure rather than the system we currently have which is $29,000 goes to rubbish and $1,000 gets allocated to infrastructure (exaggeration) because the government has the attitude "Oh Mr. Politician, don't worry about the mortgage on your 12th property, we can take on a $2,700,000,000 Sydney CBD Tram upgrade and who cares what it'll cost because we can just pass on the cost to the public through tram fares".

    • Power of unseen lobbyist basically getting city folk to pay for national roads benefiting mainly the major freight companies .

      In a nutshell if city road taxes even a small portion stayed in the city there would be no tolls .

      • getting city folk to pay for national roads

        It's 2019 and we still don't have a dual carriageway connecting Sydney to Brisbane. Sydney to Melbourne was only completed in the last 5 years. Meanwhile Eastern Europe has cars zipping at 130km/h+ between major cities. I don't think city folk are paying for national roads; rather it seems it's the same mismanagement all round, city and regional.

  • Alrighty I'm a country boy living in Sydney so never really needed to worry about tolls until recently so go easy on me.

    I have a tag (account) via myE-toll (https://myrta.com/etoll/index.html#!/login) which appears to have a $40 deposit on it.

    Would it be worth me siging up with EWay to take advantage of the no deposit and then requesting my deposit/funds be returned from myE-toll?

    • -2 votes

      We do, of course, believe we provide the best customer service in Australia ;-)

      If you have an existing arrangement and it's working for you - no need to switch. The deposit you've paid is refundable, it will come back to you should you no longer need the tag.

      • We do, of course, believe we provide the best customer service in Australia ;-)

        wowsers we've got a hard sell. A service promise is not something I've seen publicized or promised in any of your companies content but admire you trying to promote it like that.

  • I have 2 tags. Both required some form of deposit.

    Can I get another 2 tags deposit free and return the first 2 for a refund of the original deposit?

  • +2 votes

    So how is this better than Linkt? They also have no deposit, and a lower opening balance needed.



      The reality is, you can spend over $20 on Sydney toll roads in one day. We advise it's best to pre-pay at least $40 to ensure you are covered for wherever your day takes you, without running the risk of a toll notice.

      We are local, with all of our customer service team at Hammondville.

    • Or even better, use the LinktGO app. Doesn’t require you to have a tag or an opening balance and is covered on every toll Australia wide.
      All your trips show up in the app and you just pay it there and then, avoiding a toll notice.

      • That's what I'm after. I always avoid toll roads when I can, but somedays I do need to use them, but don't really want to put money down on a tag. This should be perfect.

        Edit: I don't believe this is a bargain, as this app was easy to setup and ready to go within a minute. No deposit required, no requirement to put credit on and less plastic waste.

        Why would I get an eTag when I could just install this app?

    • Tagless travel, with a $0.95 service fee included in your trip cost per toll road for LinktGO app

  • Hi OP, there is something wrong with the postal address option. the "Same for postal address" tick should be the other way around.

    Now I can only have it ticked before providing postal address and then when about to checkout the postal address will be the same as the bill address


      Thanks for the feedback, we'll investigate. Please let me know if you need us to give you a call to assist with opening an account.

  • When does this offer expire?


      22 July.

      • Hi OP, there is something wrong with the postal address option. the "Same for postal address" tick should be the other way around.

        Now I can only have it ticked before providing postal address and then when about to checkout the postal address will be the same as the bill address

  • +6 votes

    Toll roads are an abomination.

    • But is it fair for people in Katoomba to pay for the construction of the M4 upgrade and M7?

  • For people living outside metro area but occasionally visit cities, is LinktGO app a better option?

    • +1 vote

      When you travel without a tag you pay an extra fee - a vehicle matching fee - every one-way trip (eg. 75c per trip on Westlink M7) https://www.tollpay.com.au/toll-roads

      If get the tag deposit free this may end up being a better long term option, even if you don't travel frequently.

    • Tagless travel, with a $0.95 service fee included in your trip cost per toll road for LinktGO app

  • How is this a bargain? Can already get a tag through other providers for zero deposit.


      This is a bargain for E-way, where a deposit is usually charged. All providers are different - our customers value being able to call and talk to us at our local office, with a focus on having questions and issues dealt with straight away.

      • Eastlink's call centre is in Melbourne, they have a customer service centre in Ringwood and they don't charge for tags.

    • Its a bargain cos this is discounted. Its like how half price serrien tuna is a bargain even though coles brand is cheaper even with the half price.

      • There is an implied different quality in branded products that people may or may not feel is worth paying.

        This is just a like for like service not extorting free cash reserves out of its customers. Others do it, they're offering nothing new, they have surcharges others don't. Not a bargain.

      • +2 votes

        Using your analogy, this 'bargain' is like comparing the same brand tuna, in the same size, from two different suppliers.
        The product is the payment of toll road fees, which are the same $ regardless of the toll collector.

        This toll collector (e-way) has dropped a cost that other providers do not charge. So, at best, that would bring them to an equal footing with other providers.

        Again using your analogy, it is similar to if Coles dropped their sirena tuna 100g price from $2 to $1.50, whilst Woolies was already selling the same sirena tuna 100g for $1.20
        In that example, the Coles 'deal' would not be classed as a bargain.

  • Is the $40 pre payment optional?


      There are several payment options (eg. weekly, fortnightly, monthly or based on how much prepayment you have left). It is a prepaid account so a prepayment is required.

  • Didn't know you have to pay a deposit for tag. I have two tags with Eastlink and have only paid a top up amount to get one delivered.

  • I have a Linkt account and mainly drive around Melbourne. Is there any difference in fees with this?


      If you have an existing arrangement and it's working for you - no need to switch.

      • It's not working perfectly for me because I don't have a tag so I pay a vehicle matching fee each time. So my question was around whether I procured a tag through eWay or a tag through Linkt, would my overall fees be identical (ignoring any deposit needed to get the Linkt tag)?

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