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Win a MINIX Neo USB-C Multiport Hub & 240GB SSD Worth $145 from GeekBuying



Closing Date 17/07/2019 11:59pm


Description 1 x Minix Neo C
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $145.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Like/Follow/Comment/Share

Hey guys, the team here at GeekBuying are holding a giveaway on this new innovative USB-C hub from MINIX. From the outside it looks like a standard USB Type-C hub, however it actually contains an inbuilt 240GB M.2 SSD making it both a hub and external SSD. The hub also features 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output supporting [email protected] and USB-PD passthrough charging.

How to enter?

Simply answer the question: "What innovative product would you like to see created next?" in the comment section below.

The contest ends 11:59pm AEST on the 17th of July with the winner announced here. Open to Australian OzBargainers only.

Good luck!

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  • By the title I was questioning why a M.2 SSD would be bundled with a hub, then I noticed it's actually inside the hub, neat!

    I noticed you have quite a large selection in store, so much that it's hard for me to think of something you don't already offer in some form.
    One thing I'll recommend anyway is placing some of the screwdrivers and other large tool sets from the Consumer Electronics>Professional Instruments category into the Home>Tool & Garden category. I was beginning to thing you didn't have any screwdrivers or small hand tool at all until I found them all under the electronics section.

    • Maybe I need to redo the question. Think of something you would like to see created next.

      • Haha, that ones a bit easier.
        How about some wired headphones with quick connects to the earpiece? So when it inevitably gets caught on something they don't get pulled out of your ear or breaking the cable rendering them useless.
        At least then you could just get a replacement cable or earpiece in the case one of them does break or end up lost. Way more customization too.
        I have too many sets of headphones with only one side working…

  • a cable connects iPhone and Android phone together to transfer stuff

  • A phone that has a secondary fold-out e-ink screen. That way you can get a good reading experience without carrying another device.

  • A great innovative product would be a device that can automatically detect any sudden change in the body that could be fatal : a sudden drop in blood glucose levels or blood clot or stroke etc being detected on the spot.

  • I'm still waiting for proper Augmented Reality devices, I have watched many movies with AR, yet other than a select number of meh devices, nothing good has been created yet.

  • Time for random design splat to solve a pet peave, especially for laptops.

    It would be nice for any device that comes with a USB dongle, for the dongle to be designed and built in a way so that it finishes flat or at least smooths out the angles of the dongle rather than leaving it projecting out like a mini lego-brick. Which may save us all a little hassle if, or rather when, we accidentally clip the flippin thing, risking breaking the dongle, the port, piece of furniture or what ever appendage happens to make contact. In theory any impacts should just glance off instead. Would make sliding laptops into sleeves and bags slightly easier too instead of getting caught on everything imaginable.

    Or a similar cap slotted over said dongle would work too. One that doesn't block the signal for whatever it happens to be transmitting. Probably simpler.

    Splat over~ Well that went off track sort of.

  • How about a USB-C multi-MicroSD card reader. One that mounted each MicroSD as if it were a USB3 flash drive.

    Would need to be as small as possible; maybe have 2-4 MicroSD slots in JBOD config. RAID would be amazing but probably too exxy and not ideal for MicroSDs…

    It would make a super easy way to add cheap storage to a device without taking up too much room; flash drive emulation would make it suitable for sysadmins needing to carry bootable OSs for multiple architectures.

  • A solar powered USB hub/charger with a built in SSD.

  • On my keyring, I've got a Nitecore LED rechargeable torch, and a 64GB USB stick. I'd love to see a device that combines both the LED torch, and the USB stick, and for good measure, add a bluetooth beeping device I can locate my lost keys with!

  • +1

    On the topic of the hub/dock - For travelling the travel dock/hub for me (to pair with my Lenovo X1 Carbon) would be:

    A Portable Bluetooth Speaker Hub/Charger/Dock combo - similar in size to BOSE SoundLink and at least as good sound quality that also has:

    • Built in 30,000MAH power bank to charge laptop or phones via QC 3.0 AND can still recharge itself if power adaptor AND laptop is connected, with capacity indicator LED (30,000 probably limit due to airline restrictions)
    • made of carbon fibre or something lightweight and strong… no sharp edges, won't break if dropped… good quality USB-C plugs that don't get oxidised after a few months of use
    • USB-C / Thunderbolt connection compatible with Thunderbolt laptops (e.g. Lenovo X1 Carbon) AND Mac's, optional 40cm long lead!
    • Separate ultra compact high frequency 65W charger like the the DART Finsix in size - with additional USB-C QC 3.0 ports on charger and multi-country travel plugs, with 2 Meter USB-C lead (good in hotels).
      1x USB-C that can still output thunderbolt to display (e.g. with USB-C to DP adaptor)
      2x USB-A 3.0 with special USB ports that are orientation independent.
      1x HDMI 4K (passthrough through thunderbolt, not displaylink graphics)
      1x 10GB Ethernet LAN !! (almost no laptops have 10GB!, although this is the limit of USB-C)
      1x NVME Slot (user removable, so can upgrade to 2TB NVME SSD, minix is not user upgradable? .. but large enough capacity to act as a backup for my laptop)
    • All built in LED's low brightness (e.g. not lighting up hotel room with bright blue 'power on' lights)
    • Can connect USB-C phone directly without laptop to load data to NVME storage
    • Supporting UASP (USB attached SCSI) for both the NVME SSD and any attached USB storage
    • Well tested with no weird issues (e.g. no 'insufficient power' when connecting external hard disk)
    • +1

      Hey YayAnotherAccount,

      The GeekBuying team picked you as the winner, congratulations! Can you please turn on private messaging here so I can message you the details.

      Thank you for everyone else who entered. Hopefully I can run another one soon :)

      • +1

        I knew I had no chance after reading such a thorough reply. Congratulations Yayanotheraccount and thanks clear for tis competition

        • +1

          Next time I'll put it as 25 words or less.

      • +1

        Wow thanks can't beleive it!! My first win on OZB! I've turned on private messaging :)

  • And a few completely different ideas
    - A bagless vacuum cleaner with consistent powerful suction that is no louder than 40dB!….
    - A bike/scooter helmet that can fold up to fit in a backpack/handbag
    And still holding out for the nanotech revolution- e.g. surfaces that don't get dirty:
    - A car with self cleaning paint and windows (inside and out) (e.g. nanotech / dirt doesn't stick)
    - Glasses / sunnies / mobile phone / monitor .. etc with nanotech coatings that don't smudge/need cleaning
    - Clothes that don't get dirty/smelly… etc

  • A portable USB C gpu.

    I don't have a whole let of knowledge when it comes to the possibilities of PC/laptop assembly but I reckon it would be pretty useful.

    Say you use your laptop for mostly casual use but you occasionally need an extra burst of power.

    Or instead of upgrading your laptop all the time, you can just swap out the GPU attachment.

    It could also be handy for students at uni or school who have lower powered laptops but need extra power for renders/computing, etc
    … You could borrow the GPU from the faculty and use it for what you need then pass it on to another student.

  • A phone case with wireless SSD and card reader built into it. Waterproof so dropping it in the toilet with your bulky s9-10 wont kill it.

  • Power bank is a good idea but make it small. Just enough to keep the notebook going an extra 5-10 minutes. Enough to finish or send something important or to partially charge the phone. The hub will be heavy enough with the SSD. Don't add too much more weight. Bluetooth included so no need for extra dongles if notebook bluetooth already used.

  • I would like to see a dongle that turns into a mini beard trimmer so I can trim away in the office instead of showing up to afternoon meetings with a Jungle!….. Knowm Sayn!

  • A multiport USB-C PD charger like the Tronsmart U5P, but with USB hub functionality where the USB-C port is the upstream port.

    e.g. Plug a laptop in for PD charging and get USB connectivity to the other devices attached to the charger.

  • A USB powered fan heater that blows warm air over my hands while I use the keyboard. I'M COLD!

  • A wireless charging pad for laptops. Just like the ones they have for phones but on a larger scale so that I can just leave it on my desk and when my laptop needs charging I just put it on top and continue using my laptop at my desk. Also to make it compatible with all laptops, there will be cases that fit on the bottom of the laptop and plug into the charging port of the laptop so that the case picks up the power and sends it to the laptop.

  • A laptop where it's cover is a solar panel for the battery that just keeps going.
    Enough said! 😆

  • How about true wireless charging that can charge devices over a range of metres rather than just directly on top.

  • Universal cords and charges -

  • +2

    For those who entered please ensure you have Private Messaging turned on in your profile settings 😉

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