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AMD Ryzen 7 3700x $469 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Not exactly as cheap as the previous deal but the 3700X is back in stock, grab em quick!

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  • Thanks OP! Missed the first batch, grabbed one just now.

  • Darn just bought a 3600x, upgrading from a 2700x for mostly gaming.

    • Negligible difference for gaming, you'll be fine.

    • Hate the fact that most of the new motherboards have those horrible little fans on them that sound like jet engines. The actual chipset is amazing.

      • Because these new chips generate so much heat..
        Anyone think in 6 months time newer mobos will find better solutions?

        • B550 wont have the fans :) they are real chipsets not repurposed AMD CPU IO dies like the X570

          B550 B530 comes out at the end of the year.

      • B550 and B530 come out at the end of the year and do not have fans.. they also support PCI-4 and are real chipsets.. the current X570 is an AMD IO CPU die repurposed to be a motherboard chipset. This is because the real chipsets made by a third party were not ready yet. AMD didnt want to delay the launch because of that.

        • that is a pretty good insight! One of the big drawbacks for me currently was that fan on the Mobo. If they resolve that without overheating issues then, I might, go back to AMD it's been nearly 2 decades since my old Athlon XP days!

        • I highly doubt B550 will support PCIe 4.0 for anything that isn't the CPU lanes. Chipset will almost certainly be 3.0. Why? Because the signal integrity has to be high to allow 4.0 and that's made the boards expensive, B550 chipset will be cheap, meaning less electrical integrity.

          You may get a single PCIe slot and NVME… maybe.

      • Hate the fact that a decent x 570 board cost as much as the CPU

  • Any 3900x deal? :(

  • just grabbed it to upgrade from i7 6700k @4.6ghz. but will slowly purchase mobo and NVME hdd over year.

    • I think you will need the mobo at the same time if you are switching over from 1151 to AM4 lol

    • What are you going to do with the CPU while you wait to buy a new motherboard? CPU might be cheaper by the time you get around to getting the mobo. :)

    • Just grab a MSI B450M Mortar / Tomahawk. Flash the latest BIOS and you are good to go. IMO the best budget MB for Ryzen 3000 series.

      • OK thanks will most likely get the B450 Tomahawk then. Cheers

        • The mATX version of the Tomahawk is called the Mortar, if you need a mATX board be sure to check the name

      • Are there any issues with bios? The article below makes me wonder…


        • I have just built a new PC, putting 3700x in a b450m mortar. The bios flashback is handy and easy enough, everything just works. I haven't stressed test but playing games is fine so far. Running the 3200 mhz cas 16 g.skill ripjaws at 3400mhz same timings. The board got new bios update yesterday bringing back Raid support. All in all it has been smooth sailing for me, massive upgrade from my i5 7600, and finally a good pairing with rtx 2080.

    • AMD CPU depreciates very fast, so better to finish now or wait until AMD does price cut.

      • maybe 2000 series but.. maybe not 3000 series.. intels are dropping like rocks these days because AMD is faster :)

        4000 Zen3 series comes out next year

        • It's literally getting replaced next year. That's some pretty hard depreciation.

          • @JohnnyB.Cheap: i dont think the jump from 7nm R7 3700X to 7nm+ R7 4700X will be as huge as the jump from 14nm R7 2700X to 7nm R7 3700X it

            So overall the drop in price will also reflect this smaller increase in performance.

  • who'd'a'thunk'it

  • Picked one up, upgrading from a i5-4430 from six years ago.

  • Hey guys,
    Can anyone confirm if this cooler will be suitable for the 3700X CPU on a Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite Motherboard - Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum Liquid CPU Cooler PN CW-9060039-WW

  • Guys I’m thinking of picking up 3700X. Upgrading from 2700X on an X470 (ASUS C7H motherboard). I don’t think ASUS has released the new BIOS with new AGESA version. So I can’t drop in this CPU just yet am I right?

    • BIOS version 2406 for C7H ships with AGESA, which is capable of booting with Ryzen 3000 chips. You may have trouble with reaching rated boost clocks and using your RAM's XMP/DOCP profile, but it should still work while you wait for an updated BIOS.

      Pretty crazy that Asus are sleeping on this with their top of the line X470 mobo!

      • Thanks! I wonder if it would help if I dial in the memory timings and voltage manually. But worth a try!

  • Thanks OP, bought two.

  • I just built my PC with 3700x today…So stoked!!!

    You won't be disappointed. This is the sweet spot for price and performance!

  • If you bought a $350+ CPU in the past 6 years, you don't have to upgrade. Yes that even includes you sod still slumming it with an Intel 3770.

    • Still rocking my OC'd Intel 2600K. These are temping though…

    • 3930k here still going strong! My GTX780 went on strike last week though so all this AMD hype is tempting me to ditch Intel/nvidia and play a few rounds with the 'opposition'.

    • Look like my 3570k is outdated now haha

    • I've got an i7 4770 with an 8GB RX580 … and while i dont NEED an upgrade, its pretty damn close to time … sick of playing SCUM on medium/low settings and struggling to maintain 60fps @ 2560 x 1080

    • Sod slumming it with my 3770k at the moment… I definitely don't NEED an upgrade but I'm tempted to if the performance boost is decent.

      I primarily game with my 1070 but I also do a lot of video editing - can anyone comment on the difference I might be looking at with a 3700x?

  • Do I upgrade from a ryzen 1600 or wait till prices drop further or prices won't be much better for a long time? Running an x370 mobo so guessing this will be the best upgrade i can get

  • Yeah it’s too little reason to go from a 2600 to an 8 core.

    • Agree, i5 2400 still running AC odyssey on high with 60fps

      • U could prob benefit.

        A 2600x won’t
        Not really 3500 i5
        But 2400 would be pushing it. So boarder lone. Wait for next gen and prices to fall.

  • Thanks - Purchased.

  • Got this yesterday, really happy with the performance so far.

    PSA - Android Emulator is broken on Windows 10 latest stable build. At least for now it is. Sigh.

  • Don't know if I should go for 3700x or 3900x upgrading from xeon 1241v3. Content creation and gaming

  • I don't have an AM4 CPU so cannot buy a B450 mobo and flash the bios for Ryzen 3000 series, and at the same time, I do not want to pay through the nose for a X570 mobo that has features that I don't need… hmmm……

    Currently rocking a 6 year old Xeon E3 1230v3 (which is still surprisingly fast) and R9 270 2GB, time to upgrade…

  • 0 available 195 sold

    SOLD OUT .. wow GO AMD :) these things are flying off the shelves globally .. selling like hot cakes and the 3900X is mostly out of stock or on back order everywhere

  • How do I keep missing out on these deals?!

  • FYI, we have a small number of 3700X reserved for system/shop sales and more due in next week that will go back up on eBay.

    Also received a decent sized batch of 3900X this afternoon. Many have gone to preorders and most of the rest are currently reserved for in shop sales and system builds, but we have also allocated a small number for ebay sales.

    Note these are expected to remain in limited supply for some time and we are not sure when we will the next batch or stock in volume.

    • If I bought a B450 board from CA to pair it with a 3000 series, will you be able to flash the BIOS to make it compatible with 3700x before shipping it out?

      • +2 votes

        We generally will flash boards bought with the 3000 series on the same order, but not otherwise unless requested via a note placed on the order.

  • For those using a B350 board, I can confirm it works very well, but comparing my benchmarkscores to others, I am seeing a performance loss, but that's probably also due to my cheap ass memory running at 2666mhz versus 3200mhz.

    My cinebench r20 scores are about 70% better compared to my old 1600x.

    I'm using an Asus B350-F for reference.

  • Received my 3700x, but was quite disappointed with the Computer Alliance packaging - no bubble wrap at all just the bare CPU box in a Startrack satchel. Usually not an issue, but the Ryzen chip itself is quite exposed on one side of the box, with only a thin plastic layer between it and the world. A sharp poke against something at the wrong angle and nearly half a grand would be destroyed.

  • update bios to fix all issues guys

  • Any sick 3900X deals?

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