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SKYDIVIN! 8,000ft Tandem Jump - Woolongong, Brisbane and Byron Bay $199 - Adrenalin.com


One of the most exhilerating things you'll ever do!
Ive been to the skydive the beach one at woolongong and it was awesome, and also a helluva lot more expensive then!
Makes for a great suprise if you have an adventureous friend/ partner.
Be warned, if you want vid and pictures of the experience they are horrendously over priced.
Go on, take the leap and do it!

Got this in their June Spectacular email so I've put that as end date but from website it appears there are limited spaces so will likely sell out earlier

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    So there is also an additional $35 for a parachute levy? It shows:

    *** $35 for Australian Parachute Federation Levy

    With no explanation of what the *** means.

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      if you want to have a parachute you pay an additional $35.

      personnally I recommend paying it.

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        I'd like to see airlines start doing this. $35 extra for a parachute (just in case)


        Only wimps choose to use a parachute :)

        Reason I askec is more to do with truth in advertising laws. Promoting the price at $200 but having $35 extra (not an option) is misleading and probably against the guidelines.

        Similar to $35 000 + on roads……


    I'm not sure about wollongong, but for byron, brisbane, gold coast etc.. $200 is the standard price. This is not a bargain IMO. This is the equivalent of the constant "sales" that DJ's and Myer have.


      Isn't 200 usually standard for a 6000ft jump?


        i dont think there's such thing as 6000ft jump.. i think the lowest is 8000ft.


    $125 for the video/dvd - thats how they get you. Personally though, ill pay for it. Skydiving is one of those things which you wanna be able to say that you've done. Hopefully this offer will prop up again sometime near the end of the year when I have time.


      ive done skydiving before. as a first timer, its a must, but for others, no need pics..


    There's something about people who aren't from Wollongong with their pronunciation of our fair city. I've always heard people say "Woolongong" as it's said in the title, with the long -ool sound. Hehe, irrelevant anecdote.



      Woolongong is exactly how some of mates from the gong have called it. How is it supposed to sound like then, phoenix?

      No seriously, i'm curious


        I've always thought it would be pronounced "(Wollong)-gong" and most of my mates say it the same way. I guess it might be because we have a habit of combining multiple syllables into one. I do talk a bit fast, so maybe that had something to do with my pronunciation. Maybe if I slowed it down a little it might sound a little closer to the long wuul sound. But yeah, I don't think there is an incorrect or correct way of pronouncing it :P

        Just a bit strange for me to hear it said that way.