Free Car Rental up to $30 Value When You Sign up to Car Sharing Community, Car Next Door


WINTER Offer - $30 free driving credit to rent your neighbours' cars, utes or vans on car sharing community, Car Next Door.

Rentals from just $5/hour or $25/day + Fuel

We have over 2500 car share cars in Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, VIC, Brisbane and Canberra, we've also just opened in Perth

Offer is valid when you complete your application before 31 August, driving credit available to use for 2 months! Enter the promo code on the last page of the application form to redeem.

Offer valid for new applicants only.

Hit the link for more information:

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Referrer gets $15. Referee gets $15 off for borrowing a car, or $15 credit for renting out a car.

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    My neighbours don’t own a car but one day I took them and 9 dogs to their dads house

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      Well, now you can transport them and their 9 dogs in your other neighbour's car.

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    I used these guys and they're just amazing, Very user friendly app and they really have this incredible community vibe where you actually book someones car, as opposed to a dirty fat executive bloke from a rental company making bucks with 100s of cars, the coin is spread among the car owners, incredible idea.

    I rented a convertible golf for $35 a day and had a good time with a mate, simply incredible service, very recommended.

    It's cool that they have dog friendly cars and stuff

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      Agreed. I borrow a van, 10 years old, neat and works fine. 80$ for a full day of carting stuff around town. And it's 5 mins walk from my house to pick it up.


    Does the $15 referral stack?


    Good Coast, when?


    Do they still charge by kms driven in the rental? OP states rental fees + fuel but just want to confirm their current model.


      Yep, fuel is included in the per km charge. You will be reimbursed if you need to refuel within your booking


        That's the thing I have a problem with. Why can't they just allow us to pay for our own fuel like normal rental cars do? It would work out so much cheaper.


          Because that per km charge is not solely for fuel. It covers increased wear and tear for moving parts, more frequent servicing cost, etc.

          Full disclosure, I rent out my car through the platform


            @djprima: So how much % does CND take out of the total cost to someone renting your car?


              @starbearer: They've just introduced different plans for owners with different fees and benefits. Also, the cut differs after reaching certain income per month. Off the top of my head, roughly 20-30% with my current plan


    Is it okay if I scratch your car.

    I mean just normal wear and tear. Besides, that scratch was already there….

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    These guys just straight up rejected my application, would not tell me what the criteria is and won't even review it.

    I guess I just looked like a criminal, for some reason. Could be my loss, could be their loss, I don't know, as I had plans to do a bit of moving.


      Hi patpoh, if you would like I can look into your application for you and give you more information, Can I suggest messaging me directly on Ozbargain. Keal Car Next Door

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    Be very careful when using this mob.

    Keep photos of the odometer both before starting the trip and after the finishing the trip. Firstly I couldn't login into their app. Tried calling sending emails etc but no response until 5 days after the booking had closed.

    Secondly, I was charged for 99km after only travelling 63kms. Lucky for me I kept photos of the odometer and was able to dispute their charges.

    Apparently they use very accurate tracking technology to check distance travelled.

    Not sure how many other people they have ripped off using their highly accurate tracking.

    Have referred my concerns to the ACCC.


      As a car owner under their platform, I have encountered the opposite. My odometer reading shows more km but borrower was charged less, I guess the mistake can happen both ways. They installed a GPS in the car for distance tracking and it could play up.

      Granted, for my case it happened only once throughout the year. For the rest of the trips, it's always accurate

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