Gti Guarantee Phone Shop Is a SCAM

This is a warning to those buying mobile phones on facebook market. Be aware of scam sellers like gti phone shop and star mobile. They are authentic scammers. I was scammed AUD1000. They will claim they will post the item to you within 24 hours and eliminate every single doubt you may have. They do not have any website which makes it difficult for people to report their scam. they will claim to have a store in Canberra or Brisbane if they want to scam you in another Australian city, and even give you a fake shop address to convince you, and tell you can come and pick it or they will post it to you. I took time to search if there is any report of them on google but i did not find any, which makes me believe them and send a 1000 dollars and they never get back to me since then. I am a victim and bowed to put them on any site possible to prevent others. This is the shop on facebook if you want to have a look:

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    What exactly did you think you were buying for $1000?

    Not finding anything (relating to a business) in a Google search, should be cause enough for major concern.

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      I was buying a Huawei P30 pro. They have valid australian account number (commonewealth) and a valid phone number. they are still operating thesame facebook account and scamming people as of today

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    I'm sorry, but you sent $1k to someone on Facebook marketplace, mate………


      thank you for the concern. this is the first time such a thing happen to me and i learn from it

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        Well we all have to learn somewhere, it's unfortunate that your first time was an expensive lesson.

        How did you pay them? Maybe see if there is a way to cancel the payment.

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    When will people learn: Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace is cash only! Anything else is 99% scam!

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    Erm….a lot of the comments and likes are people from overseas.

    And some pictures are people in Indonesia.

    Their email has 'Aust in it.

    I mean…come on

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    I'm afraid you will have to go to India if you want to visit that store,

    How many red flags do you want? Mobile number can't be found in Google. Their name is the Guarantee Phone Shop, like come on. The email and domain are literally listed as belonging to a Nigerian Prince, , friggin LOL. No ABN listed. No address. List goes on.

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      LOL, it's actually listing an address in Nigeria….. One can't possibly claim to be duped when they were so damn upfront about it all.

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    Authentic Scammers are my favourite scammers. I don’t like those fake or disingenuous scammers.

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    Takes two to tango.. a scammer does not exist without a customer.
    Plenty of scam businesses around, not just on FB Market. They do a great business thanks to the never ending stream of willing customers.
    Be more careful in future. Think on the plus side… you could have bought two.


    Bet it was paid through a non tracked money transfer system as well. No wonder why Gumtree and FB are filled with these scammers. If you work hard enough its easy cash.

    Someone should write an app with 10 questions before you buy which just turn red if it fails any of the questions. It might save a lot of people money.

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    Authentic scammer… I was worried I would be dealing with pirated scammers or non-genuine scammers…

    Good to know they are authentic. Cheers OP.

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      You can take comfort that they adhere to a code of conduct and any complaints you may have can be addressed via their peak industry body.


    Did you start off your crusade by reporting to Facebook yet?


    Purchasing a second hand phone online is such a risky thing to do, unless it's from a popular shop. I wouldn't even spend $200. So many stories of people locking the phone once the new buyer has purchased it.

    Dont become a disabled user & stick around for a while on ozbargain. You will know who the good stores are.

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    These scams are like weeds, you kill one and another will pop up with another name. Best to educate yourself so you can understand and identify the red flags of a scam before you get scammed.


    everything in that facebook profile smells like a scam.


      The storefront photo is photoshopped very badly.

      One the album photo’s has Verizon advertising in the store. No reason for that to be anywhere in Oz.

      There are so many red flags you’d think you were in Moscow, on a Victory day parade.



        OP is the reason why scammer doesn't have to try very hard to trick people.

        That's actually a good thing because we can easily spot the scammer straight away this way.

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