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[PC] Free - Steam - Age of Wonders III (80% Positive Reviews on Steam) - Steam Store


Another freebie from Steam. Great game for a great price: FREE.

From the website:

Age of Wonders III is the long anticipated sequel to the award-winning strategy series. Delivering a unique mix of Empire Building, Role Playing and Warfare, Age of Wonders III offers the ultimate in turn-based fantasy strategy for veterans of the series and new players alike!

Create an Empire in your own Image

  • Rule as one of 6 RPG style leader classes: Sorcerer, Theocrat, Rogue, Warlord, Archdruid, or the tech-focused Dreadnought.
  • Research powerful skills unique to your class to develop your empire and arsenal.
  • Choose your allies from among the six main races - Humans, High Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins and Draconians - and fantastical monster dwellings.

Explore and Exploit a Living Fantasy World

  • Explore a rich fantasy world that is more detailed and alive than ever with over 50 location types to raid for treasure.
  • Expand your domain by building new settlements, forge pacts with monstrous allies and capture valuable resources.
  • Wield earth shattering magic and terra-form the lands for your needs.

Fight In-depth Tactical Battles

  • Recruit legendary heroes, equip them with magical weapons, and let them lead your armies into battle.
  • Crush your enemies using the detailed 3D turn-based Tactical Combat System.
  • Become a master tactician. Crush city defenses. Learn to use flanking and master your army’s hundreds of abilities.

Master Age of Wonders III’s many Modes!

  • Immerse yourself in a rich single player story campaign, playable from two sides of an epic conflict.
  • Create endless scenarios using the random map generator.
  • Compete in multiplayer wars with up to 8 players online.


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  • Thanks OP :) Steam library growing every week on here.

  • I was all excited until i realized it was in my library already, unplayed of course!

  • Torchlight is currently FREE on Epic Store in case you missed it!

  • excited until I realized it already in my library :)

  • Another one for the library of possibly unplayed games

  • Nice game and thanks OP! I wish I could find time to play this one as well. :(

  • This is a good game. I paid $20 USD for it and more for all the DLCs.

    It's a shame none of you will play it and you're just claiming it because you can.

    I'm a fantasy 4X connoisseur and Age of Wonders series is still my favorite, although AOW3 is not my favorite in the series (that would be Shadow Magic).

  • What age group is this game for?

    • all ages

      But young kids aren't going to be into this kind of games. I'd say a lot of adults aren't going to be either. It's a slow paced game. Battles are turn based. A map will take hours.

      • It's a slow paced game. Battles are turn based. A map will take hours.

        Can you imagine playing the first mission/quest campaign and takes more than a day to finish….? And then find out that there's like 50 more of these campaign missions/quests….

        • Pretty much yeah.

          But if you have a preference for value for money, you're well served.

  • any relation to AOE?

    • -1 vote

      Yes- well that's what AOW originally hoped for when people were shopping in store and looking at the box.

      Similar looking game cashing in on the "Age of Empires" name.

      AOE released 1997. Real time strategy. Publisher: Microsoft, huge success and millions of copies sold.
      AOW released 1999. Turn based strategy, but looks very similar to AOE on screenshots and cashed in on AOE juggernaut. A fraction in comparable sales. Publisher: I can't remember.

      The more recent releases are different and AOW now has a very strong following and IS a different game to AOE (I enjoy both).
      But its initial sales was I reckon in part to riding the coat tails of AOE.

      • The games cannot be any more different. They don't look alike, and they don't play alike.

        Totally different genre.

        If you think the screenshots look alike, every car game looks alike, GTA looks like a driving game, any game with shooting in it is cashing in on some other game's success. Even Civilization looks "very similar" to AoE.

        This argument is bunk. That they put "Age of" in their title so therefore they were riding the coattails of AoE. Anyone buying AoW thinking it's going to be an AOE clone is going to be extremely disappointed. And you know what? Those people didn't buy the game. The game's sales came from fans of the 4X genre who are a niche audience and knew what they were getting.

        A TBS is never going to sell as good as an RTS. The audience for it is smaller. That you are comparing sales of games in totally different genres is a very pointless thing to do. It would be like comparing AoE's sales to League of Legends player base because if you look at their screenshots, it's very similar, except League has more than 100 million players and generates more revenue in a month than the entire AOE series lifetime.

        The more recent releases are different and AOW now has a very strong following and IS a different game to AOE (I enjoy both).

        They have always been different, not only recently, but since the first game. When a game takes turns and combat goes into a different screen, and you can't tell the difference between that and a real time strategy game, you must be the kind that looks at a screenshot of GTA and think it's a racing game because it looks like Forza.

        Are you seriously telling me the first AoW is an AoE clone? That it's the same game and the series only diverged recently?

  • Nice. awesome game I have read a lot of reviews and I am willing to try this for free. I hope I will like it and I will buy full version after the trial expires

  • Houston we have a problem. I'm not at home to log on my steam. What should I doooooooo

  • Hardly bought any games this year when they keep giving them away here and humble bundle.

    When it dries up, Ill just move to gamepass.

  • Great! Gonna play this with my rtx2080!

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