Cheap Airport Lounge - Advantages

I've been extolling the virtues of having a lounge at airports a long time - in the OZB spirit, I don't mean high end or first class lounges, just any sort of cheap lounge you can get your hands on, be it through priority pass, credit cards, dragonpass etc.

Skip overpriced airport food? Check
Free alcohol? Check
Unlimited coffee? Check
Shower? Check (most places)

In a Jam and need to make phone calls/send emails/last minute bookings? Check

Avoid dirty tables, uncleared bags, slow as hell service, and rubbish bins that are full to the brim and never cleared at HJ at Melb airport? DOUBLE CHECK!

However there are airports in which lounges are unnecessary : Singapore, HK, Hamad in Qatar, Dubai (depends). In fact I'd say in Singapore and HK, the public areas are nicer than the lounges, more to do and vibrant, large variety of local food and drink.


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    Avoid dirty tables, uncleared bags, slow as hell service, and rubbish bins that are full to the brim and never cleared

    Obviously not been to the Sydney Virgin lounge :p

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    Thanks, noted.

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    Shower on a transit stop is worth every penny. Everything else is a bonus.


      Case in point. Europe is a 24 hour trip. I always ALWAYS get a lounge in Dubai or Qatar without fail. Its almost undoable without a shower.

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    You are giving airport lounges too much credit. For example, breakfast in Qantas Clubs are baked beans and unpeeled hardboiled eggs. Lunch and dinner are ham and cheese toasties. Alcohol is only available after noon but how many can you really drink before a flight. Yes you can take a shower and get free coffee but the lounges are still crowded and tables are not always clean.

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      It's a lounge for an Australian airline run by Aussies. Is it any surprise?


      but how many can you really drink before a flight

      If you want to take me into an airport lounge I'd be happy to demonstrate

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    Didn't you already have a thread on this


    And what do you think is the value of a lounge visit anyway? I'd put it at $20 or under. If you think "what would I spend at the airport if I didn't have lounge access?" I think you'd have to agree with me assessment. When I get into the lounge, I certainly get value out of it, but if I don't have lounge access, I don't drink 3 beers, 2 wines and 2 coffess plus various food - which is a typical lounge visit!

    And don't get me started on the value of frequent flyer points… 1.2c is a gross overvaluation imo yet it seems to be what people pay…


      What if you get free lounge visit but you stack enough food in the backpacks for a family of 4 long haul Jetstar


    Actually in some lounges where I use DragonPass showers are no longer included. In Hong Kong recently I would have had to pay $45AUD for a shower. My wife, who entered on her Priority Pass, was able to shower!


    Diners Club is the best value airline lounge access for OS travel, no lounges in Australia, but plenty everywhere else, over 850 around the world. It’s $95 for a basic card, and a extra $50 for your partner, as you both need cards for totally free access. Plus if you pay for your travel on the card, you will get some of the most comprehensive free travel insurance available.

    The only reason you don’t see this great perk pointed out on sites like The Champagne Mile and Points Hacks, is that Diners Club don’t offer a commission based affiliate program.

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