expired Surfshark VPN 60% Cashback @ Cashrewards ($26.40 AUD for 24-Months) (Stack with 83% off 24-Month VPN $66.00 AUD @ Surfshark)


Before cashback: $66.00 AUD (or $2.75 AUD/month).

After 60% Cashrewards Cashback: $26.40 AUD (or $1.10 AUD/month).

The 2 year plan is also fully-refundable within 30 days.

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Surfshark VPN
Surfshark VPN



    Anyone used them? Reccomendations?


      I bought them when it was this price a few months back.

      UI is decent, and the range of countries is good. Speeds are ok, but nowhere near the levels I was getting from PIA in my previous subscription.

      If you are going to be using it extensively for streaming or routing all of your traffic though it, I'd definitely look elsewhere. For one-off connections like I use it for it is good for the price.


    Good deal. Some info;

    Based in The British Virgin Islands 'Away From 14 Prying Eyes'

    Claims 'Access Netflix libraries in US, France, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, India, or Italy.'

    ^Anyone know if this is still accurate today?



      This link definitely has the SurfShark at number 5 but not sure if it still works with Netflix US. I'd jump on this one if it does for sure. Not sure on the speeds though.


    Been using it for a few months. It allows US Netflix access. They periodically update the app as well.
    The customer support is also quite good. I'd recommend it.


      Hey mate, glad to hear you’ve already got it. Would you be able to check for us their claim - “Access Netflix libraries in US, France, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, India, or Italy”? Just curious if they do have all those countries working. Thanks

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        I'm using it on a Vodafone TV Android box. All the countries you mentioned allows access to their respective libraries. I'm currently watching US Netflix on US-Dallas VPN server.

        I've noticed that Netflix and VPN always play a cat and mouse game. Just when SurfShark updated their DNS servers, Netflix would release an update which would block all those servers and then Surfshark had to update their DNS servers. Therefore I've uninstalled all Netflix updates on my Voda TV box and only have the factory version of Netflix. No problem at all!

        Hope this helps!