expired Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB (Midnight Black) - $949.05 C&C/ Instore Only @ JB Hi-Fi


JB HI-FI Samsung Note 9 128GB $999.
Just received an email from JB Hi-Fi. The price was dropped by $500. Not sure if it is a good deal or not.

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    Note 10 likely to launch on 7th Aug so this has to go from their stocks..

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    Price match at Officeworks to bring it down further to $949.05.


    I got the same email but it contained additional 5% off on top of $999.


    Not a bad price, but perhaps worthwhile to wait till August 7 or thereafter which will likely see further discounting of the Note 9. If preliminary reports are true, the Note 10 will definitely not have a 3.5mm headphone jack and likely won't have a micro-sd card slot. If so, the Note 9 may prove a more attractive proposition to some users.

    I don't know whether the Note 9 is or has been manufactured in sufficient volumes to meet local demand for AU stock models following release of the Note 10, but I'd still be inclined to wait a month or two if not in a rush to buy.


    They should really try harder since everyone knows note 10 is coming in a few weeks


    not the best price, it was $879 during TGG 20% eBay sale last month, also note 10 out aug, wait for better prices