Automated Mopping Robots

Okay, so I have a Xiaomi gen 1 vacuum robot.

I'm happy with it, and am not seeking to replace it.

The dual systems, from the reviews, seem to do a mediocre job at best at mopping.
I'm looking for a dedicated mopping robot, and for the price I'm leaning toward this:

But I'd prefer something that returns to the dock, etc.
There doesn't seem to be anything that fits the bill, that also ships to Australia and that's under $500.

I'm asking if anyone has found something that can be shipped to Aus, or fits the bill outside of the iRobot range, for the <$500 price.


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    Maybe look for a cleaner on airtasker


    You can have my ex-wife for no upfront cost! does a good mopping job, already in Australia and when finished she "returns to the dock" - the kitchen


    Best mopping robot was the iRobot Scooba 390. They no longer make them. You have to be prepared to troubleshoot a bit and look after it, so if u think u can do that keep eye on gumtree. They have a clean tank and a dirty tank. They suck up the water off floor into dirty tank. I love mine. I also fix them. If u are in melb I could sell u one Cheers