Issue with Neighbours Rubbish


My issue is my neighbours who live next to me has rubbish that flies down into our front yard almost daily. They are say 1m higher than we are so it all seems to accumulate down our side area in the front yard.

Now I don’t mind picking up a few bits here and there but yesterday there was a ‘bloody’ pad and I think this is a little too far. On top of this we’ve just had bin day and they’ve left their bin slightly open allowing birds to pick out it. This resulted in dirty nappies all over our yard.

They’ve got a gate that’s always open and I assume majority of the rubbish blows from out of there.

Do I man up and say something or stop being a sod deal with it?


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    Be an adult and talk to them first.

    If that doesn't work then contact local council/EPA and see what they can do about it.

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    Man up.
    They might not even know what is happening.

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    As per others, the civil thing to do is speak to neighbours directly although I wouldn't judge if you went straight to council and/or EPA.

    Carelessness is never purely ignorance, and even if it is (which I maintain, is never) it is their responsibility to ensure their rubbish is their problem.

    Overfilling bins and/or not compressing the bags is a parental failure or willing oversight, neither of which are your problem.

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      Agree. They certainly know it’s happening, do they think their rubbish just disappears lol?

      I’ve had a few biffs with these people before and their the definition of grouch. I’ll try and talk to them first and see where that goes.

      Or I could stuff it in their letterbox 😏

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        I would just call the council.

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        Or ask them to come and pick up their rubbish and I would also expect an apology. If it keeps happening, take lots of pics and report them to the council or EPA. I wouldn't wait too long though. You really don't want to have to deal with another bloody pad again.


        Do you really think they are keeping tabs on how much rubbish is in their bin ?


          I'm sure someone notices if the crap the last thing they left on their overfilled bin was a bloodied pad was no longer there and the lid now closes or is completely opened.


          Do you really think they are keeping tabs on how much rubbish is in their bin ?

          Nope. People don't give a toss how much or what is in their bins.
          I do scrapping as a side hustle and look in the bins (lots of stainless/ally kitchenware and appliances with copper bearing cords and electric motors).
          The amount of recyclables in the landfill bin is unbelievable.
          The amount of non-recyclables in the recycling bin would ensure that pretty much every truckload of recycling is contaminated and also goes to landfill.
          I don't look in the green waste but the weird stuff poking out the top doesn't look very green.

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    Just throw it back over the fence


    Curious op. What is a sod?

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    If the birds are picking out rubbish because the bin is too full, then you could always share some of the space in your own.

    I think the biggest problem these days is that people don't use plastic bags anymore because of the ban. The plastic bag ban was one of the worst environmental debacles we have had in Australia. There is so much rubbish that flies out of people's bins when it is emptied into the truck, and those stupid ibis (protected national bird of Australia) which keep opening bin lids and eating trash.

    In fact in San Francisco the homeless used to use plastic bags to go do the usual toilet stuff in. Now the homeless just do their business in the streets. They are currently debating in Vancouver whether or not to ban plastic bags and I noticed it appeared on reddit. True comments if you actually go look at the source. Made me want to puke.


      Made me want to puke into a plastic bag.

      Fixed it for ya.


      Hey If people need somewhere to put their rubbish by all means I’d rather it in my bin then on my lawn. But I’ll bring it to their attention.


      Plastic bags were never the problem. It was what most people did with them after they’d used them.


    If it's leaves or similar then I don't think there is much you can do unless the branches are overhanging your yard.

    Is their bin not closed or something, you will need to talk to them about it.


      Trees are no issue. We live in a new estate that’s lucky to even have grass. Just their general rubbish and sanitary stuff.


        that's (profanity). I would talk to the neighbours as there is no reason rubbish should be around like this, then call the council if you don't get anywhere.

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    So they put dirty pads and nappies in their bin but not in a bag?? Not sure I'm buying that. Don't know anyone that would put blood and sh*t straight into a bin without covering it or wrapping it up somehow. Sounds like you're just saying extremes for the sake of the story.


      Yes it's outrageous isn't it, so unbelievable it's actually worth making a post about.

      Don't worry folks, Monsta is on the case bringing combined powers of intuition and scepticism.

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    This is definitely one for your local council

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