Is This a Good Use of Velocity Points?

I have about 360k velocity points.

I am looking to book a one-way ticket from Amman, Jordan to Adelaide.

I have found a Business Reward seat for 240k points on Etihad Airways (from Amman to Sydney, I can book a Jetstar flight from Syd—>Adel)

Is this a good use of points? The other option is 120k points + $750.


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    That makes no sense to me, a flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney (on Etihad) is 104,000 + $372 on Business.


      No idea. I just logged into my velocity account and searched for flights


    That is terrible use of points. Do yourself a favour and catch a cheap flight from Amman to Istanbul. Then fly Istanbul to Adelaide for 104,000 points and some cash.

    You will save hundreds of dollars & thousands of points. Make sure there is availability though.




    Not a good deal mate, i think I spent 150k sydney-abu dhabi for first class


    It's about a $5.5k cash flight in business.

    Take away the taxes and you're spending 120k points on $4,750 worth of flight. This is a pretty good use of points.

    You're also considering spending 120k points on $750 of taxes. This is an atrocious use of points. Never pay for the taxes with points unless you have so many points you no longer value them.

    You could book both way return for $1500 in business with your existing points. It looks like you can even add in the Adelaide leg (in domestic business) for no extra cost if you go via Melbourne. Just stick Adelaide to Amman in the flight search.

    The problem with booking Etihad on Virgin is that there's a $500 per sector surcharge on business.


    Thanks for all the replies.

    I am flying to Tehran —> Istanbul —> Tel Aviv, then entering Jordan and planning on flying home from Amman

    I will just book a normal flight

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    Where are people getting these points costs for flights?
    Points hacks? Or using velocity?
    If I wanted to fly to LA from Sydney would I need 12 months in advance to use points? I have 300k in points to use.