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60% off Premium Pizzas, 50% off Traditional Pizzas, 40% off New Yorker Pizzas @ Domino's


Original flyer with different codes.

Premium 60% off 913009
Traditional 50% off 431960
New Yorker 40% off 313439

Stores: All AU, excl remote stores.

Mod: Note that there are multiple coupons for this same deal that do the same thing.

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  • New Yorker pizzas get any better yet, haven't had since the freebie when it first came out

    • It is still hot trash.


        seconded, but the philly cheese steak taste pretty good

        • I think the philly cheese is super boring, so little flavour.

          • +2 votes

            @thedriver: tbh really depends on who makes it which store, sometimes it taste good and base and crust is crunchy. other times its pretty disgusting ike dough soggy, barely any toppings

      • When they first came out it was soft and chewy dough. Now it's just the normal one but larger. Was much more authentic before the change occured

    • Did some measurement before eating and did some math after a belly full :)

      New Yorker pizza measured 14 inches diameter. ie 154 Sq.inches of Pizza
      Original price $20.95 less 40% = $12.57
      Price per Sq inch = $0.08

      Premium pizza with $3 extra to make the usual 10inch base to an XL 12inch. Equates to 113 sq.inches
      Original price $18.15 less 60% = $7.26 +$3= $10.26
      Price per Sq inch = $0.09

      Premium pizza - 10inch base - 80 sq.inches
      Original price $18.15 less 60% = $7.26
      Price per Sq inch = $0.09

      Traditional pizza with $3 extra to make the usual 10inch base to an XL 12inch. Equates to 113 sq.inches
      Original price $14.80 less 50% = $7.40 +$3= $10.40
      Price per Sq inch = $0.092

      Traditional pizza - 10inch base - 80 sq.inches
      Original price $14.80 less 50% = $7.40
      Price per Sq inch = $0.092

      Hope this helps fellow OzBargainers to choose the right pizza !

      • That's awesome. Thanks for all that!!!

      • should have weighed them also for a gram/sq inch or $/gram ;)

        Im assuming the New Yorker would have less topping than a premium for instance

        • Weight is important

          Can you please weigh each flavour and give the best price per gram even if taste bad

          Cause Margherita for example has the least toppings and weight

          Same with the cheese pizza

          You can also do old fashioned weight test and weigh yourself before, after and during eating a whole 🍕😂

      • Adding Value range.

        Value pizza with $3 extra to make the usual 10inch base to an XL 12inch. Equates to 113 sq.inches
        Original price $5.45 +$3= $8.45
        Price per Sq inch = $0.075

        Value pizza - 10inch base - 80 sq.inches
        Original price $5.45
        Price per Sq inch = $0.068

        Good point about grams.
        I believe premium pizzas have most toppings so those may win in that category.

      • +1 vote

        Did you do Pi x radius^2

        • Yes.
          I love the way Woolies and others display the price per gram, especially for meat and fish products so that we don't have to keep calculating the cheapest choice.
          Pizza guys won't even mention whats the size in inches of their pizzas. Subway has it in the name of the product - foot-long sub, 6inch sub etc.

      • The real MVP is always in the comments

      • Thanks, it is interesting to see the price differences between stores. At my NSW store Premiums are $17 each, and Traditionals $14 and the New Yorkers are the same as your price.

        I have been getting a Loaded Supreme for $6.80, taking off the swirl of sauce and the Italian sausage and adding prawns, yum :)

      • What about crust to topped area ratio. Is it the same across the range regardless of overall diameter?

  • +8 votes

    That makes most premium pizzas cheaper than most traditional pizzas…

  • I will be shifting my place on 22nd and moving in on 1st, what a timing when i was thinking of buying dinner those days

  • What is the particularity of new yorkers pizza ? it's so expensive :(

  • Is this the biggest deal ever?

  • thanks for the post up, always good to have a coupon handy

  • Want to plan your order and pricing ahead? Set the pick-up date to TOMORROW (Monday) around lunchtime… or whenever! Just as long as you set it tomorrow, it'll allow you to enter the codes and see if they work at your local store, get an estimate on pricing and plan your time around whatever stores accept it around you :)

    Just don't place the order obviously… unless you know what you are doing well ahead :)

  • Eventually a code that worked at my local

    Gone are the days of removing red onion and adding prawns…

  • Giggity. Two premium pizzas a day for ten days. Cheaper than groceries and cooking

    • How much cheaper is it for your health?

      • Yeah but ten days is not quite enough to do major damage or put me at risk and should also put me off trash fast food for a while. My doctor and friends have expressed concern about me losing weight while already being pretty skinny so I think I should he fine to sample every premium range pizza twice each over ten days

  • Alternate codes if the above aren’t working: 139358, 989980, 160451

  • +2 votes

    Carlton, Vic store.
    60% - 786063
    50% - 364770
    40% - 842781

    Heidelberg (private store who doesn't normally participate with most of these offers).
    60% - 798428 (~12 hours until expiry from time of posting)
    All below are 9 days, 12 hours at time of posting)
    60% - 177969
    50% - 134131
    40% - 995176

    Other deals in app but these are the main ones aligning with the OP.

  • Thanks OP, 3 Premium Pizzas for $7.50 Delivered each, love it.

  • Finally a code that works at a store that is nearby.

  • As a consumer this offer sounds amazing to me, but I just hope it's not poor franchisees who are losing the money and the HQ are paying for the difference

  • Thanks OP! Dinner sorted tonight :)

  • Anyone have recommendation about which premium pizzas are the best?

  • Anyone else notice that toppings have increased since they started taking selfies of your pizza?

  • Fantastic deal.
    Im having one, maybe 2 tonight!
    Thank you OP

  • Got chicken bacon ranch down from $16 something to $7. Yew!

  • Doesn’t work for Melbourne range (a couple of $9.95 pizzas in Vic).

  • Ordered some premium pizzas and then realised i had forgotten that they are actually smaller than traditional.

  • I had one of these Premium Pizza's from this yesterday. I really enjoyed it!
    Was not a big fan of the old Domino's but when they run specials like this it brings value and taste to hit the spot. Although, if there was no voucher then I am not sure if I would buy a Premium range. But in the mean time, I can see myself eating a couple of more Premiums before Expiry :P

  • Got one Value range - Pepperoni $5.95 without code

    One Supreme $6.97 with code - Premium or traditional range I forget

    Both same size but the pepperoni tasted better. THe supreme has a little more ingredients tho

  • At this price, just eat the toppings, avoid the base. Low carb diet.

  • Thanks OP, what a cracker!

  • Thanks Op. Happy life as dinner sorted for tonight

  • 60% off premium 906881, 307711, 783063
    50% off large traditional 783668, 132202, 364770
    40% off new yorker 300743, 200630, 842781

    in SE QLD

    valid for the next 8 days

  • The cheese now taste like shit, never going to dominos again.

  • anyone know of any vouchers for the Lava cake?

    Ive always wanted to try it

    Will it be better than my mum's?

  • The code DONDEAL works at all stores until the end of the promo on 31/7. For 60% premium :)

  • Thanks, ordered 3 premium pizzas delivered for $23.

  • Now that the old Large size is called 'Extra Large' how small is large now?

    • Tiny, The first time i saw it, i was stunned at how small it had become. Its basically what a small used to be i think.

    • The current "large" at Domino's is what most pizza places would call a single kids pizza. It's laughably small compared to an actual standard sized large pizza.

      • Nar, wait another year and it will be. Be like the lunch mini pizzas they sold at school canteens or as qldanders call tuckerboxes. Like 6-8”

    • That's what She said…

  • Some new sides coupons added to go with the pizzas:

    725569 2 1.25L Drinks $5 27/07/2019
    762767 2 Garlic Breads $5 27/07/2019
    445010 Garlic Bread + 1.25L Drink $5 27/07/2019

    Also still available which isn't bad:

    437508 2 Cheese & Garlic Scrolls 4pk $7.95 31/07/2019

    OzBargain Pizza Coupons

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