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[Amazon Prime] Sonos Playbase White $449.54 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I believe this is the cheapest price for SONOS Playbase ever. I've been looking for a soundbar and randomly clicked this item and can't believe my eyes when I saw the price at check out is $449.54 with the additional 25% discount.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2019

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    That's a ridiculous price!!! If only I had the spare cash… Said every OzBargainer daily

    • Buy now and think later brother

  • I'm guessing that this is a price error. They state that it is a 25% discount, but when you get to the checkout the final price is 50% off.

    • Additional 25%. Many deals are showing in cart.so the discounted product without the additional 25% would be higher

  • Good deal. Wish black was the same price.

  • Thank you. I've been after a good sound system for a while. Just purchased two.

    • +2

      One for each ear?

      • +18

        One for the garage when the missus sees the bank statement.

  • +1

    This is nuts

    • -1

      That is peas

  • +4

    Thanks bought

    Probably wife gonna divorce me when she wakes up cause I've already spent $1500 and it's only 4am

    • +2

      At this rate, you will have spent $18,000 by the end of the Prime Day sale.

  • Why aren't people sleep?

    • +2

      Why ainโ€™t you?

      • I'll be awake next 48hrs buying crap I might use once or twice Max

      • Because I ate too much and can't sleep

        • +4

          Cricket world cup & Tennis

          • +1

            @777: This world cup costs me over 1.5k last night ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • +1

    Seems like itโ€™s been OzBargained?

    • -1

      Lol they took it down ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • +1

    yup, gone. probably an error tbh. Was about to buy it but waited litreally 2 minutes until the tennis finished. Ah well, didn't need it. The credit would of been nice though.

    • -1

      Same! Waited a couple of minutes for the cricket to finish and all gone

      • -3

        You snooze and lose boy

  • I really hope they donโ€™t cancel these orders been waiting for a deal on one of these for ages

  • Crazy price. If anyone got one and changed their mind please PM me. We are in the market for one!

  • Id say pricing error but if you get it that is the ultimate bargain. I use one of these for sound to my PC, it's pretty good.

    • did you have to get a sound card just for it?

      • +1

        The playbase has an onboard DAC, you use s/pdif digital out. Common on most motherboards

        • nice!

          • @mr_asstight: There are more cost effective options though. I went through a sonos 'phase'.

  • Probably find if price error you will get Amazon credit atleast

    • seems to have gone through

  • Love Murphy's Law! I just brought a Sonos system on Saturday! Sonos playbase $710, sub $710, ones for $250 each. I was told they were cost price due to overstock of the white ones so got a bargain… But these if real are awesome. Well done.

    Ps. For those in the market, check out Nakamichi 7.2 or 9.2 reviews as well.

    • That's still a solid deal. You did well to get that.

    • Where did u get the sub for 710? Decent price

    • i'm curious where you get the sub from?

    • +2

      Yes I thought it was a good deal but unsure you'll get the same. Look out for Selby, it was a specific store but as I dealt with the owner he said he's only doing this as they ordered 4 white rather than black and unlikely he'd do it again. Good luck and sorry I'm being a bit obscure.

  • +1

    mine just shipped :) this is legit

  • +1

    Mine has also been shipped

  • Well done to those who snagged it. Wish I had that kinda money around let alone free these days! Still I had to resist the urge

    • all on credit. why even save money when savings rate is so low. #economicstimulus

  • -1

    This is legit.. Shipped ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Nice to see them honoring price errors

    • Wow, you got incredibly lucky.

  • Yep can verify its legit - status is shipped too

  • Got my shipped notification email late at around 5pm. Glad that it got shipped. Thankfully Amazon honour this deal.

  • Saw this deal 3.5 hours after it was posted. Can't believe I missed out!

  • Mine delivered 20 min ago. The box is damaged though from the side. They just shrink wrapped it with black wrap.

    It amazes me how they send a cheap packet of chips in a huge Amazon shipping box and a large expensive item with no protection

    • +1

      Well done on getting it so cheap though. Make sure it connects and you're gold.

    • Well you did get it on a pricing error for almost half the price you should have! Perhaps they were pissed

    • mine came perfectly in 1 piece. it might be the Australia Post that have damaged it during delivery. as long as it connects and it works that's all that matters :-)

      • They gave a further decent discount for the damaged box

        Just a heads up this is a well balanced excellent speaker with some nice base. I can imagine how the subwoofer would complement the playbase

        • Dude, you are chiseling them further over the box? This item basically doesn't go cheaper than $800. You got it for $450 (RRP $1,000).

          It has an inbuilt woofer in the playbase, it's one of the primary design features. I wouldn't advise paying $800-1000 for the full size sub. That is only recommended for the Playbar and Beam. I guess you didn't research that when you saw it pop up for 45% of RRP at 3AM and snagged it.

          -Sonos Playbase, Beam and Subwoofer owner (no price errors).

          • @Budju: Bezos had a halving of his net worth. What's a couple more bucks

            • @mr_asstight: Too many chiselers and they won't honour the next one!

              • @Budju: Well, they may learn to package things properly because mine got dented up real good too.

                • -1

                  @mr_asstight: That was my point. Its the 3rd time they do this to me for expensive items.

                  I told them either send me a new one or give me a discount. They replied with a decent discount so I accepted