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[Amazon Prime] Oculus Rift S $597 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$52 off the normal retail price for this relatively newly released VR headset.

Better than Windows Mixed Reality headsets for playing games due to the additional inside-out sensors for improved tracking volume, and the ergonomic and easy to use Touch controllers. Worse than the Valve Index (Knuckles & Base Stations 2.0 are best in class IMO), but that's gonna cost twice as much ($999 USD). Can make an argument for inside-out tracking with convenience if you plan to move your gameplay area a lot (taking to a friend's house, changing rooms within the house, etc.)

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  • Also consider the Quest which isn't on sale but can be used with Virtual Desktop to be used as a headset wirelessly

  • upvote because i came out of curiosity, and left with an oculus quest on order.

    • make sure to get Sidequest

      • I'll do more reading up, but I presume this is mainly to sideload and emulate steamvr games? If so, wouldn't there be a whole heap of graphic fidelity loss through a virtual desktop environment?

        Also I have samsung gear VR which I rarely use now. I did pay for some apps and games on there, like drop dead, are they all transferable to the quest?

        I'm still a little skeptical about the graphics on the quest because I bought into it mainly for the VR untethered experience. It's using the same processor and graphic chip as my S8 which I've used through a gear VR.

        • yes but also a lot more

          custom beat sober mods & songs
          a lot of Beta games are easily accessible via side quest (crisis vrigade/pavlov etc)

          Yes, technically you can get those APKs to bring onto the quest.

          I've used both desktop VR & quest since launch, the untethered experience is very different to a cabled experience. I haven't had any issue with the graphics.

          Also have gear VR and would still use it for media consumption.

          • @impoze: Thanks. I impulse bought the quest after watching some YouTube reviews and skim reading some online reviews which all consistently rate the device at 90% or 9/10. I also figured if it's not for me or if it's under utilised, I could easily resell it since it's relatively new tech with a demand.

  • Quest is awesome due to untethered freedom

    • What does Rift-S do better than Quest ?

      • Well, it's a different beast. Rift S being tethered means you don't need to worry about charging a battery (as it's not portable), and graphical quality is better since you're driving the screens with a dedicated GPU instead of a mobile SoC.

        • Yep, but I find the quest good enough for high end graphics and battery lasts about 4 hours with wifi off and since I’m developing it charges when attached to Mac. Make sure you buy a MagSafe USB C connector cable to you don’t have to disconnect the USB c from the headset every time you want to test your build

        • do you know any difference between OLED & LCD affecting eye health ?

        • you can use the Quest with Virtual Desktop/ALVR/AMD ReLive to use with PCVR setups to get the best of both worlds

      • And how do these compare with Steams new VR headset?

        • Index is $1000+ and uses beacons

          Rift S is inside-out tracking so no lighthouses required

  • Nice, got one, been waiting for a deal I've used this at friends it's impressive for a cheap unit

  • Wanted quest instead for prime deal ><

  • As with a few people here, I’m patiently waiting for an Oculus Quest deal.

    • Some decent deals can be found on eBay.

      I made an offer of $720 aud for the 128gb unit, offer was accepted then I paid on ebay US for another $7.20 off via cash rewards. $722.80 aud delivered. Pretty close to the US price of $499 usd.

  • I bought this a few weeks ago. I really like it but it has some glaring issues to be aware of.
    - The IPD is fixed, meaning if your IPD falls out the optimal range (61-65ish) images will not be as clear and it may cause headaches. That said, my IPD is 58.5 and I haven't had any issues even with extended play.
    - The audio on these is hot garbage. I plug XM3s in with the 3.5mm jack and it's fine, though getting the headphones over the strap is a bit awkward.
    - There's a static flash bug that's gone unresolved since launch. For me, roughly ever 20 minutes one frame will flash white/static and then normal image will return. This isn't enough to be disruptive, just a bit annoying.

    I definitely prefer this to the CV1. The strap is much more comfortable, fits glasses really well, inside out tracking works great and the increased resolution is very noticeable. I sold by CV1 not long after purchasing them but I think I'll keep the Rift S long term.

    Also, beat saber is amazing…

  • Gahhh, I kind of want to pull the trigger on this but after trying a friends Quest I think going back to wires would suck. But I also definitely want the PC-VR Experience… decisions…

  • do you think the price will drop further towards end of the year ?