out of stock [eBay Plus] Bose QC35 II Headphones $199 Delivered @ Sydneytec eBay


Hot deal from Sydneytec. Apply code PATIENCE at checkout. These will go fast. Enjoy :)

Worth mentioning eBay's Best Price Guarantee. Found it for less within 48 hours? We’re so confident in our seller’s prices that if you buy on eBay and then find it cheaper on an Approved Retailer's website, we’ll beat it by 5%. That’s our guarantee.

Note: Promo was meant to run at $290, but most units sold at $199. See explanation here.

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    Hi all. I've just got off a call with the owner at Sydneytec. Please let me stress from the outset how upset he is as he's just taken a massive hit with this pricing error. Apparently the issue occurred due to an eBay sync issue when they dropped the price at 5pm. He's asked me to relay that all buyers fortunate enough to purchase at $199 will have the sale honoured. I can't speak highly enough of this store, and this gesture speaks volumes. Please support them going forward. TA.


      Good bloke. Sad I missed out by a couple of minutes.


      Nice work TA

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      Feel bad for that owner :/ just hope that 199 is above the cost price so they dont make much lost

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        Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely it would be. I know the cost price for the QC35 II's for JBHifi and its well above $200. I'd assume it would be similar if not higher for them as I would think it would be harder for them to negotiate a lower cost with suppliers due to the fact they have nowhere near the sheer volume of sales that established retail stores do,


          Is that the "cost price" that shows up on screen so sales people can show customers when they tell them "we'd be losing money if I sold it to you at that price" or the REAL cost price?!

          Out of interest, do general sales people even have access to real cost price on the system, or just the 'don't sell it for lower than this' price?

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            @Tex Texan: The one I'm referring to is the actual cost of the item per unit straight from the supplier (I work at JB and have access to it).

            To answer the second question, yes the sales staff do have access this number however it can only be accessed using a system inside the store itself, and can't be done so on the PDA devices they use. As such, they don't have access to these numbers on hand while they are serving customers. The PDA shows the full price and the actual lowest price to sell to in order for the store to still make the minimum profit margin required for the item. So in a way, yes there is a 'don't sell for lower than this price' number, which is obviously above the cost price as at the end of the day, it's a business and is trying to make a profit. If a salesperson does sell below that price, it needs to be for a good reason otherwise they will definitely have a talking to.

            But back to the topic on hand. This seller will definitely be incurring a fairly sizeable loss by honouring those orders however I genuinely hope for him that it leads to more customers buying from their store as it is a great gesture that I know most JB stores would never do…

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          seems unlikely that an assortment of everyday metal, plastic and cheap labour costs soooooo much


            @ozbargainer666: There are many other sources of cost associated with a product in addition to just the raw materials and labour.

            Some examples off the top of my head include:

            • R&D
            • Marketing
            • Licencing Costs (you'd be surprised just how much companies pay for licencing and certification that a standard consumer would assume to be free, for example, Bluetooth)
            • Quality Assurance
            • And much much more, if you really want to spend some time looking into it.

            Think of it this way, if it really was so cheap to make a product like this, why hasn't anyone else made a product of the same quality and massively undercut Bose?

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      Rip seller… tried to do a good thing and ends up killing profits. Maybe eBay will eat some of the loss???

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      Oh that sucks. I thought that with the sales ebay covers the discount part. damn that must have hurt for the owner.


        Lol no, iirc it’s like split between eBay and the seller. Need to ask the store owners though. Otherwise there wouldn’t be rampant price jacking before every sale.

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      I managed to score a set for $199 but always thought it'd be cancelled as an error, but to see that they're honouring it is amazing, thank you so much Sydneytec!

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      Sure. So what was his reasoning behind the price jacking and extremely high pricing in general?

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