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Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Multisport GPS Watch $499.00 Delivered @ rebel


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I've been on a hunt for a fitness device for tracking activities indoor and out, as well as sleep metrics. Found this great deal for $499.00, down from $999.00.

General Information:

Fit for athletes and adventurers alike, the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Multisport GPS Watch is equipped to help you keep track of your heart rate and easily navigate your surrounds on outdoor training adventures. The Fenix 5 Plus' capability to measure wrist-based heart rate without the restriction of a chest strap and the functionality to translate heart-rate to provide calories burnt helps push you to reach your fitness goals. Featuring in-built full-colour maps that ensure you stay on track and the ability to listen to your favourite workout songs through wireless headphones, you can keep focused on where you're going without any distractions. Designed for the modern athlete, the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Watch is built tough while providing tech features like Garmin Pay, Custom Apps and notifications, creating the perfect balance between performance and convenience. Get outdoors today and enjoy up to 12 days battery life in smartwatch mode or up to 8 hours in GPS mode with the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Multisport GPS Watch.

  • 30.4mm display size with 240 x 240-pixel resolution
  • Stainless steel bezel and strengthened metal cover
  • Wrist-based Heart Rate tracking 24/7
  • Chemically strengthened glass
  • Built-in full-colour TOPO maps keeping you on track
  • GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellite reception
  • 3-axis compass with gyroscope and barometric altimeter
  • Stores and play up to 500 songs with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones
  • Garmin Pay for contactless payment when you leave your wallet and phone at home
  • Battery life up to 12 days in smartwatch mode
  • Bluetooth, WIFI enabled for uploading and sharing
  • Garmin Chroma Display with LED backlighting
  • Custom Apps and watch faces personalise your watch
  • Water-rated up to 100m
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Weight: 86g


  • 24/7 Wrist-based heart monitor technology with calories burnt
  • GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO Satellite reception for remote travel
  • Battery life up to 12 days in Smartwatch mode

DCRainmaker has conducted a thorough review as usual:

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  • Wow - why so cheap?

  • That's an awesome price

  • It is 5s and not 5

  • They also have:

    Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Heart Rate Watch Black / Blue for $249.00 (was $469.00)

    Garmin Vivoactive 3 Watch (white) for $349.00 (was $499.00)

    • These are also a great buy. I nearly pulled the trigger for a VA3 but upon inspecting it in person, I had lots of doubt as to its durability based on my activities. I was hooked when I saw the Fenix 5, and even the Suunto Spartan series (but data metrics and Garmins ecosystem won me over after much reading) because they appear to have significantly tougher build. For the extra $$$, I know I won’t use the mapping much (initially anyway) but I value its build and toughness quite highly. So I’d rather spend the extra knowing it won’t break after a couple of years (I hope - I do about 22hrs of physical activity a week).

  • I have owned this watch except it is the Sapphire edition, which is the toughened 'glass' and cost around $100-$200 more)for about 2 months.

    It is a brilliant watch and this is an incredible price!!

  • +4 votes

    Can confirm its the 5 plus (with mapping etc). New model later in the year great price regardless. Not much more you need!

    • Can you explain anymore about the new model and when it’s coming out? Been looking at Fenix 5 and interested in the marq series but I’ve never seen one in person

      • +1 vote

        I have no facts regarding release or features for the new one. Garmin keep it very tight. I would look at the current marq and compare from there for new features. I'm expecting a newer and hopefully slimmer design more than anything but that's just my opinion. I would say September/October release but thats not official. The 5 will be discounted alot until than (and after) but this is a great price for a great watch.

  • Great price, but damn I wish it was the sapphire version at a similar percentage off.

    For something that you are going to wear for these kinds of activities the stronger screen is a must.

    Rebel- if you're reading, to 50% on the sapphire version and I'm there in a heart beat.

    • I would be happy if it was just 20% off the 945.

      • Here are two other ways to get a 945 cheaper

        25% discount - $711.75 if you know someone who is with AIA vitality. This discount doesn't have a time restrictions and it's applied going through the checkout, so no promo codes needed.


        Buy 10% off Rebel gift cards from NIB and wait for a 20% off storewide sale.

    • Screen protector

    • I'll have a crack tomorrow and report back. I am willing to spend extra for the sapphire version also.

  • Brilliant watches, i'm still on the Fenix 3HR and still going strong…..keen to upgrade, but like others have mentioned its worth getting the Sapphire face - whilst the bezel is starting to show some wear, the watch face is completely flawless on the Sapphire

    Rumours of a new model in Aug apparently, but will be a $1k watch given the others are and usual upgrades etc..

    Also - can use after market watch bands for like $10 to replace when it gets worn out

    Great at this price for what you get.

  • This is a really good price, probably foreshadows a new model.

    I have a Fenix 5. Can't fault it have used on several ironman triathlon events can confirm it does what it's supposed to.

  • What does this compare like to the 245.
    I've been looking at the 245, but was interested in multi sport which is limited on the 245.

  • I wonder how much stock they have - it will let me go through the check out with 990 of them up to the payment stage. That makes me think it isn't checking stock status (either that or they really have a lot of them).

    Interestingly the freight isn't free if you order 59 or more…

  • Tempted. Does it come with HRM band?

    • No it doesn't. It comes with an optical wrist HR that is a bit less accurate than a chest strap.

  • I currently have the 645 music and trying to convince myself that it is worth the upgrade…

    • Same Same. The free loop broke on my 645 last week; that should be reason enough to upgrade to this one :-)

    • I’m thinking of upgrading my FR220 to the 645. How do you find it?
      This Fenix deal is a ripper but I personally think I’d find it too big and heavy compared to what I’ve got as it’s more than double the weight. I’ve only got a small wrist and believe I’d be better suited to something like the 645 or even the more smart watch oriented vivoactive 3. I’ve been so happy with my 220 but didn’t realise how outdated it has now become.

      • I have a small wrist too hence the 645 choice. I do not really use for smartwatch functionality which is pretty average tbh. Great running watch though. The 645 music has to be worn on right wrist to connect to most bluetooth headphones is the only real drawback i find.

        • Thanks for the feedback. I'm not in any hurry to upgrade but will keep my eye out for a deal on the 645. I don't know whether to go for more of a smart watch (the nfc payments and notifications are appealing) or just get a gps watch that does these things too.

          I only really use my FR220 for time/pace/keeping track of pbs. I don't use it for hr or cadence etc, just basics. I could probably get away with the cheaper Vivoactive 3 but the drawback is it being touchscreen.

  • I've got the Fenix 5. Had it for over a year. Love it! Worth paying the extra for the top model. I've had a TomTom, Fitbit, MiBand, Jawbone Up. The Garmin app is the best by far. Accurate heart rate. The company invests in its software.

  • Just picked one up. Tried to get a deal for the sapphire but no dice.

  • Remember 3.5% CR

  • Superb price but is it only for the silver version? I have the 935 in black & prefer al black

  • fyi: cheaper price in ages! The watch is very good! the bat could last a bit longer, but can't complaint much.

    warning: these screens are relatively big and since this is not sapphire, I would recommend to be careful or put some screen protector.

    ones with sapphire are at least 50% more…

  • This is an awesome deal! I just bought it.

  • Anyone who has bought with Rebel it's $20 cheaper currently @ JBHIFI.

    Rebel have a price guarantee so might be worth flicking them an email with screenshots asking for $20 back

  • Just picked one from Rebel, the 5 Plus. They offered 5% off at the till to sign up to the Rebel clubcard for free, and that dropped the price to $450 :)