expired [WA] Weekly Specials - Pink Lady Apples 4pk $3, Thai Drinking Coconut $3, Iceberg Lettuce $1.50, and More @ WA Fresh Delivered


Just in case you didn't catch our short intro about who we were last week… we're a Perth-based grocery company that home delivers; and have been around for quite a while.

We specialise in market fresh produce; easy to make, chef-designed meal kits; and carry meat from specialist butchers, as well as dairy, deli and grocery items; all delivered to your door up to five days a week depending on where you are in Perth; and delivery is free for orders over $85; and $10.50 for orders under that.

You're welcome to find out more about us, read our customer testimonials, or check out our reviews on Google or Facebook to see why people keep switching to us for their grocery shopping.

Our fresh specials this week include:



Meal Kits

PS: I can personally tell you these two meal kits are fantastic, because the meat is pre-cooked in a style called sous vide. If you've never enjoyed a cut of meat that's been cooked sous vide, then you've never seen Shakespere the way it's meant to be played.


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