40% off Science and Technology Books (e.g. Trends in Personalized Nutrition $246) @ Elsevier


So I recieved a coupon from Elsevier that reduces the cost of textbooks by 40%. Elsevier is a reputable publisher of quality works.

Apparently, the code is only for authors and contributors, although it is generic. This may be of value to students and those in education/research.

(Disclosure: I make no recommendation for the linked text - I chose the nutrition book as an example purely due to its front cover… it made me smile).

From email: Authors & Editors save 40%*
This Elsevier Book Author & Editor invitation-only Back to School offer is not available via any public promotion, and provides you with a 40%* discount on our entire catalog of Science and Technology books, including new and soon-to-be-published titles.

More new and soon-to-be-published books >

*Sale ends August 30, 2019. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Some exclusions and limitations apply; see website for full details.

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    Elsevier is a reputable publisher of quality works.

    They have a reputation alright. A reputation for ruthless greed, exploiting monopoly power, and locking up scientific research.


    Which has nothing to do with the bargain tho. Good find. They might be way over-priced in general, but when you have no choice about your supplier, then that's a very nice discount.


      It's all perspective. The publishing houses have provided gateways to literature prior to the internet, and thus their business model developed through being a distributor of information. I don't disagree with the open access philosophy, although this now pushes the burden to researchers. Not all research groups are fortunate enough to have well-funded professors, particularly here in Australia/NZ.

      This comment is fairly limited in scope - all publishing houses operate in the same manner. Moreover, the alternative - blow up the publishers - would result in a cost for information (who is now hosting the considerable amount of papers, supplements, and various media forms) and humans. Remember, these greedy corporates are hiring humans.

      tl;dr - i. it's not a perfect system, although the alternatives are not either. ii. Elsevier holds esteem with many scientists, and their business model is not unique but rather typical of what evolved in the field.

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