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New Release - Philips Hue White Ambiance Downlight 90mm Cutout from $44.05 (10% off) + Free Shipping @ Lectory


One of the best smart LED downlight kit from Philips has released a new model in 90mm cutout

(the previous version Aphelion was 120mm)


  • Suitable for Cutout size from 75mm to 90mm

  • Compatble with Apple HomeKit as well as all other smart Apps and Hubs

  • Comes with AU standard 2 Pin Plugs Attached

  • Dimmable Range from 100% - 0.2%

  • Comes with an AU plug with a 0.6m lead

Now 10% off + Free Registered Shipping


  • Same day dispatch from Sydney

  • Free shipping by applying coupon code "OZBARGAIN10" to active at the checkout page

  • Second-day delivery for metro cities

  • 3-4 days delivery for regional areas

  • There will be no express postage, all shipping will be carried by registered couriers service with tracking.

About the offer

  • 1 Week only

  • 2 Years replacement warranty

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  • +7

    Interesting - but only 350 lm compared to the original model's (already too low) 600 lm.

  • +2

    Is there any Phillips RGB of the 90mm? I have in the middle of setting up my apartment lights and looking for 90mm and RGB

    • Yes, https://www.lectory.com.au/12w-smart-zigbee-rgbw-led-downlig... this is the Zigbee version (compatible with Philips Hue)

      and Wi-fi version here https://www.lectory.com.au/p/12w-smart-wi-fi-rgbw-led-downli...

      If you need a lot, please send us an inquiry through [email protected], we will send you a quote to start with.

      • Hi Rep, I need 12 x rgbw downlights, not sure if ZigBee or Wifi at this stage. Can you let me know best deal for both? PM is on if you prefer to PM. Thanks.

    • -1

      Philips does not make RGB downlights the RGB one we have in 90mm is not branded as Philips but compatible with Philips Hue Bridge

      • -1

        It does make rgb gu10 downlights. Aren't you a lighting company and don't know that?

    • +1

      LIFX does RGB with their downlights. Trying to decide how much I care about RGB before pulling the trigger on these.

      • LIFX is nice, there was a deal going on 2 weeks ago and it was like 20% off or something.

    • Just the gu10 version

  • +1

    Interesting offer!

    Op, what would you go for in a new house build?
    Hue 120mm/ Hue 90mm / Nue Zigbee RGB / something else

    In terms of light output quality and controlling.


    • Nue Zigbee RGB is my choice, the only downside of this Nue RGB lamp is not compatble with Apple Homekit, but it does not bother me at all as I link everything with Google Home.

      Features-wise, RGB is always an option for me.

      Output quality-wise, Philips Hue's CRI is the same as the Nue >80 so its hard to tell, and Nue is 12W, bright enough for my 2.7m ceiling (apartment).

      Controlling, I wish Philips makes RGB downlight in 90mm, their color control is very accurate.

    • +1

      The Nue stuff is dodgy. Don't always respond to the Hue controller, dimming is hit and miss goes up sometimes it doesn't work so you press it again and then 5sec later both presses register. If these were around when I fit out my house I would have gone with them instead I used the Nue dimmer controllers with standard dimmable 90mm and Hue dim switches. About a third of the house is straight Hue and it works flawlessly.

      Edit: if you mean the Nue RGB downlight, the colours are very non uniform and output across the colours is very inconsistent. Also had to warranty replace it out of the box…

      • Thanks! Very helpful.

      • +1

        Double edit: re-reading my post, it doesn't make a lot of sense. I have some Nue RGB, which are nasty, some Nue in-ceiling dimmers, which are nasty, and the rest is Hue kit, which is brilliant. It's an ugly hacked together ecosystem that is supposed to all work "out of the box" that my wife hates, and I regret spending money on, especially when the price difference to just sticking with Hue branded gear really wasnt' that much for my small house…

        • Yeah leaning towards the Hue ecosystem at the moment.

          Thanks very much for your input, hard to find honest opinions on this matter.

  • +1

    I have MR16 lights, are these a straight swap? Sorry not very knowledgeable on downlights, first house I've owned with them.

    • As long as you have this surface socket installed https://productimg.middys.com.au/product/SCHELE/51M-B.jpg

      If your existing MR16 fixture comes with a plug and was plugged into a surface socket in the ceiling, then yes it is an easy swap.

      Otherwise, you need to call a sparky to change the downlights for you.

      You can find out by (switch off the main switch - VERY IMPORTANT) and then pull the MR16 fixture off the ceiling and see if there is a plug at the end.

  • +1

    Do these have a big huge external power block like the older model? that thing was huge

    • Yes, it comes with an external driver as well, nearly half the size of the 9W version.

      • +1

        Great! What are the clearance space around the light needed? I assume since this is smaller and less powerful than the last ones, the clearances required are less?


        • This lamp is not IC rated, so at least 5cm from any insulation I guess, will contact Philips and update you.

        • +3

          Sorry mate, just opened one and checked, there is no external driver……

          The lamp is in one piece (driver integrated).

          • +1

            @Lectory LED Lighting: Hey, thanks for doing that! It's actually hard to get a proper photo of these devices to find out. Now I just need to decide how many to get lol.

  • OP this product feels very similar to XIaomi Philips collaboration product other than the fact it is ZigBee.


    Care to comment OP?

    • Installed one of this yesterday, i feel it is dim compared to government free leds.,

    • We believe Philips Hue App offers way more features and a more user-friendly interface compare to Xiaomi's Phone app.

      Oh, by the way, I have tried that downlight, the problem I found is if you choose your region as "Singapore" (there is no Australia as an option) then the downlight doesn't show up on the pairing list.

      We sell that downlight as well, sold like 2 pieces in a year.

  • Wow have been waiting for these (au plug), but not as not expecting to be so dim. I have plugs in the roof so don’t need a sparky and the right size also.

    May get one to try, as I have found Philips led’s to be brighter than many other manufacturers claimed higher outputs.

    Tough call….

  • +2

    Hi guys can't seem to find much official documentation and reviews for this model. Do you happen to have any?

    • Hopefully, someone will put up a review soon.

  • +2

    This product is not on the official Philips HUE site, US or AU. Is it actually a legit Philips product?

    • I want to know this as well. Can't seem to find them anywhere else and there's no IC rating.

  • Price has gone up from $49 to $69 (without discount)

    Has anyone confirmed if this is a genuine Philips Hue Aphelion product, or just something compatible?

    • it's $48.95 without discount, where did you find the price $69?

    • This is a genuine Philips Hue White Ambiance Garnea, not Aphelion.

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