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QKZ VK3 Hi-Res Earphones $4.79 US (~$6.84 AU) QCY L2 BT5.0 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones $19.99 US (~$28.53 AU) @ GeekBuying


First up is the QKZ VK3 3.5mm earphones for a low price. Featuring 40kHz Hi-Res audio, inbuilt mic, call/media control buttons and different sized silicon eartips.

Followed by the new QCY L2 Bluetooth 5.0 earphones featuring Active Noise Cancelling up to 25dB, 210mAh inbuilt battery providing 10-13 hours of playback, IPX4 water and sweat resistance, inbuilt mic, different size eartips and media control buttons.

Free shipping included. Australia Direct Line express shipping on QCY for an additional ~13 US cents.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • QKZ VK3 cheaper at AliExpress - US $4.06

    Enthusiasts are using these IEMs as shell replacements for Sony MH755 mods

  • 40kHz…
    So basically you can share these with your dog for those special moments.

  • How do the sound quality of these compare to Xiaomi Hybrids?

  • Bought one thanks.

  • Is the QCY L2 sound quality any good? I hear that (no pun intended) earphones with ANC have poorer sound quality and white noise. Any suggestions of non-ANC equivalent wireless earphones?

  • For that price, willing to give it a punt.

    My last batch of Piston Fresh didn't last long and I'm between deals on the Fresh.

    I have low expectations but I'll give them a shot while I wait for the next deal on the Fresh.

    UPDATE: It keeps rejecting my payment. Had to give up.

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  • Has anyone purchased QKZ VK3 Hi-Res Wired Earphones received it? I have got mine today and I must admin it blows my mind away. Build and sound quality way surpass the price.

    • I bought 2 and one is decent while there's something wrong with the other, sounded tinny and far away.

      The decent ones is good for the price. I find similar looking KZ ones are better (still cheap at double this price)

  • I got mine yesterday.

    They are good for the price.

    Difficult to put on and stay on and if not fitted properly will get that tinny sound which I abhor for an in-ear.

    Below the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro standard but not far off.