Stats Pop-up Not Wide Enough for Text

Clicking on my name to show the pop-up window reveals a relatively minor issue, it's not wide enough to show the full line for posts/comments, and gets hidden under the Gravatar.

It's a major flaw that will affect all of just a few members :P jv doesn't have a high enough post count to be affected lol

See if I still had a Power User role, it would push that line down below the Gravatar and it would all be hunky-dory



    What do you mean? It's fine on desktop.

    Edit: Is the 'Email link' to a topic a new thing?

  • humblebragging about your post count?

    • Nope

      Top Deal Posters
      tightarse (3393 deals)
      TRENT86 (2749 deals)
      easternculture (2466 deals)
      nocure (2433 deals)
      Being Askhole (2290 deals)
      altomic (2214 deals)
      tonester (2169 deals)
      dealbot (2135 deals)
      scotty (1735 deals)
      theearth (1535 deals)

  • Actually it would affect more people if they didn't have a role listed or weren't a rep.
    TA for example would be affected without a rep role in place

  • Technically you've made it worse by posting and commenting about it!

  • The "comments" shows below the Gravatar for me. Using Windows and Chrome.

    • I wonder if it's a resolution thing? Mine looks like JJB's pic

      • Nope. It looks normal if you have the ratings field.

        Edit: See here

        If you've unticked (under View > Profile):

        Show user rating widget
        Show 5-star user rating widget on user profile pages and user popups

        Then it moves all the fields up a couple of lines, and you see the bug.

        • I think this is it. I got the user rating feature ticked, that's why it looks normal for me haha.

  • We've replicated it, thanks. Scotty will put it on his (long) to do list.

    As rompastompa mentioned above, if you have the user rating widget turned on it will push the text down and there is no overlapping. Which is why many others above did not see it, you could turn on that option in the meantime if you like :)

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