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Boost Mobile 12 Month Plan $140 @ Coles in Store Only (Telstra 4G, 80GB Data, Unlimited Calls & Text, Overseas*)


$10 cheaper than Boost direct, and includes a free $2 SIM. Starts Wed July 24. Enjoy :)

*Unlimited overseas calls & text to 25 select destinations, and 1200 minutes to a further 30 destinations.

Click here for product information & terms on Boost website.

Offer valid Wed 24 Jul - Tue 30 Jul 2019
This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

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  • ahh shucks just bought this for the wife

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      Better block the OzBargain IP address on you router then for at least a week.

    • haha Same !! bought for wife about 1 hour ago!

      • -1

        Why didn't you wait for the catalogues at 5pm?

        Are you new to OzBargain?

        • +1

          catalogues get released at 5pm? which day? NM just read post again

      • Haha Same!! bought my wife about an hour ago.

        • +5

          Was she on special? Good value bargain?

        • any change my mind option available ?

          Warranty terms?

          • +1

            @CDG: When you buy a wife, you dont own her, she owns you.

    • +26

      Change the Wife.

      • +11

        NOT a bargain

      • What if she takes all goodies and leave just eneloops :(

    • +3

      Argh… Bought 2 packs from this ebay seller yesterday

      • if you have received it already what is the expiry date on them?

        • Expiry is 2021-04-24

      • you paid the same price?

        • +1

          Actually I paid $275 for 2 cards. There was a targeted $5 ebay coupon I used.

      • +1

        Cheers, I asked the Ebay seller about the expiry date and as soon as he replied April 2021 and I went check the same listing.

        Guess what I paid $135 because he has dropped the price as soon as I got his reply.

        • +1

          Thanks for sharing

  • +2

    Great deal. Thanks for sharing TA :)

  • Nice, might be time to move from Lebara. Do these need to be activated within a certain timeframe, anyone know?

    • Do these need to be activated within a certain timeframe


      • +18


        • Walked in to that, is it the standard 30 days like others, or more?

          • @frankymatty: Yeah, I'd love to know too, want to switch out from Kogan.

          • @frankymatty: would like to know this too..

          • +2

            @frankymatty: I thought it was more like 6 or 12 months? Not 30 days.

          • +6

            @frankymatty: The one I bought on 30/4 expires on 17/1/21.

            • @dazweeja: so technically we can leave it till goddamn 2021 before we activate our 1 year on Boost with this plan?

              • +2

                @TwentyTwoCarats: by that time telstra will offer you 365 day plan for half that price with double the amount of data

                • +11

                  @lgacb08: I think you don't know Telstra very well :P Telstra's network is great, but Telstra's plans and pricing have long been the biggest rip-off in the country

                  • +2

                    @TwentyTwoCarats: obviously you don't understand my sarcasm. But to give you perspective, when 4G was first available they offered measly 400mb on $30 prepaid plan, and now the same plan give you nearly 100 times so my prediction will probably not very far off, but what important is the market rate at the time for such offer.

          • +3

            @frankymatty: This is to be printed out on the receipt rather than the display physical card. It used to be on sale at $135 by Coles, so it is $5 more expensive this round.

    • +10

      last time when I bought it on 24/04, the vourcher stated expire in 17/01/2021, so over a year.

  • +10

    Just in time to renew my kogan number. Bye2 kogan, welcome Boost. Thank TA.

    • -2

      Same….my 3 year Vodafone plan is coming to an end in 2 weeks time. Looking forward to moving on to something more than 22GB per month. This will be great.

      • +3

        This is far less than 22gb a month.
        It’s 80gb for the whole year, not per month.

  • +1

    Nice, thanks TA

  • +4

    Awesome!! I assume you can add this voucher to existing plan?

    • No, don’t think so. Happy to be corrected.

      • +5

        Yes you can, it’s just a voucher recharge, and a $2 starter sim purchased in the same transaction.

        • Do you know if I can port my existing number into this Boost plan? Or do I have to get a new number?

  • +1

    Catch Connect or this deal? $120 after cashreward bonus of $15

    $20 saving, comes down to which network Optus v Telstra.

    • +7

      No unlimited international text/talk to certain international countries on CatchConnect.

    • +6

      Catch no int'l call included

    • +12

      Im more than happy to pay extra $20 for Telsta network as My CatchConnect SIM offers little or no 4G/Phone signal in a new building (10 months old) in CBD MEL office whereas my colleague enjoys full signal using Boost!

      • +1

        sweet, will switch to boost. thanks

        • No worries!

      • +3

        But the Boost Network is virtually the same with all the premium features to that of Telstra!

        I should know, because I am on this plan when in May Coles had a $15 off this 80GB plan which cost me $135 for the year.

        Tell you what, the data speeds are amazing, at times I get like 200mbps on

        Most other virtual providers get capped at 100MB but not Boost, it rocks, I mean really!

        • +4

          Indeed, even Telstra runs their tech support.

          • @fchis: lol chris, no worries mate! Fortunately i have never had to use support.

        • +9

          I got about 200mbps on my Speedtest too right after activating. And it costs me almost 500MB just to do that test. 😂

          • @darthsparrow: I must live in the wrong city. The most i ever get since using Boost is less than 10 mb/s

        • Where are you located? I must be doing something wrong because i never get to 10mb/s. Make it feel slower than my previous optus sim :(

      • This 100% I get super shoddy reception in my office compared to when I had telstra (currently on catchconnect). Even on the road reception can be dodgy.

      • Same here, Catch sux big banana

        • Same. I get terrible connection too

    • +3

      Boost has the following;

      *Unlimited overseas calls & text to 25 select destinations, and 1200 minutes to a further 30 destinations.

      • 1200 mins, is this per month or for whole 12months??

        • +1

          Whole 12 months.

    • +1

      i'm using both Catch and Woolies (Telstra) dual sim in my phone. I use the catch sim for data and the woolies for calls and texts.

      The Catch (optus) gets poor reception in shopping centers, hospitals, and even some homes. The phone thinks I have no internet connection. I have to switch to my Woolies sim when that happens. And I get reception no problem.

      If you're at a shopping center and find yourself getting separated from your partner, and you can't even call them because you got no reception, yeah that's just bad. Stick to Telstra network.

      • +2

        Funny I have the exact opposite experience. Have switched from Telstra to Optus and vice versa over the years. Telstra always cuts out or switches to 3G inside buildings (Melbourne CBD). Optus flawless.

        Today during lunch I went inside Woolies in Docklands, VIC (Melbourne) and I coulnd't open my shopping list app inside the shop - am on Telstra now.

        • Yes I have both Catch and Boost, and Catch is much better than Boost in terms of data connection and I am in Melbourne CBD as well.

        • +1

          been on vodafone, optus and now boost (telstra). Sydney. Telstra is the worst regarding indoor reception. Always on phone that works with all bands.

      • -4

        You need a phone that supports all of the Optus bands, especially the ones that penetrate buildings.

        • I have an S10+. Australian version.

          What bands am I missing and which phone has them?

          Supported bands are:

          2G GSM
          GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
          3G UMTS
          B1(2100), B2(1900), B4(AWS), B5(850), B8(900)
          3G TD-SCDMA
          B34(2010), B39(1880)
          4G FDD LTE
          B1(2100), B2(1900), B3(1800), B4(AWS), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B12(700), B13(700), B17(700), B18(800), B19(800), B20(800), B25(1900), B26(850), B28(700), B32(1500), B66(AWS-3)
          4G TDD LTE
          B38(2600), B39(1900), B40(2300), B41(2500)

          Btw, this experience has been consistent with every device and tablet I've owned too, not just my current phone.

          • @lostn: Where do you live? I find Optus much better in Melbourne. I also have used several phones, all bands supported.

            • @Kontiki: SE suburbs. But everywhere I go and no matter what device I use it's the same. Thick walls = forget about it. It's even worse if you're on Vodafone.

      • I use catch/optus and no problems with reception in shopping centers, buildings, coastal country traveling… (using Cheap Xiaomi phone).

        • how fast is your internet in these places? Go to next time you're there.

  • +25

    Don't forget this comes with AFL access to watch all games for FREE….

    • Blah, didn't realise all this time, thanks!!

    • How do you access it? Why don't they advertise this for Boost customers?

      • AFL App on your phone will detect it. May have to turn off WiFi (unmetered data anyway).

  • +1

    Is this a physical card/pack you find in the supermarket aisles? Or can you buy these as a 'recharge code' at the self service kiosks?

    • +2

      Printed on docket. You need a Boost SIM too if you don't already have one. It's usually $2 but the last time they had this deal at Coles, they threw it in for free.

      • +6

        Yes, this deal includes a free $2 SIM.

    • Chick at the counter (in a hurry) at the Coles I went to wasn't aware of the deal and then reckoned I needed to go to a larger store. An ad for this deal was placed over the $2 SIMS (out of her view) but she didn't come out in front of the desk to look for herself. She must have assumed it came in its own pack. I bought the $2 SIM anyway at the self-checkout but looks like it might be useless without paying at a Coles desk for a voucher.

      I suppose I wasn't going to walk away with this deal from that store anyway as the person serving me was clueless.

      • Yeah, why did you buy the $2 sim? People have said everywhere that the SIM is free with the recharge.
        Next time bring the SIM to the counter and ask to buy that and a $150 recharge.

        • I went to a second store and had another clueless checkout chick but she wasn't in a rush and eventually worked out that the deal was on the computer system rather than the shelves. She refunded me on the SIM. Eventually got a voucher (required a different unique SIM) so I am now off the Groupon Amaysim deal and onto Boost!

  • +1

    cock…Bought last week from Boostwebsite and it has been delivred…..

    • Oh no! You spent an extra $10. Whatever will you do now?

      • He'll probably ignore snarky replies.

  • was just about to order from boost direct, thx mate.

  • +3

    Bit confused. Is it 80GB per month or 80GB for the entire 12 months?

    • +11

      The latter obviously. Do you really think they'd do 80GB per month for $11.60 per month?? :p

      • +55

        I was hoping they were as bad at maths as me.

    • +6

      Entire 12 months. Averages out to 6.67gb/month.

    • +1

      I can confirm its 80GB for 12 months or 6.67 GB per month

      • +1

        Well, technically someone could end up using the entire 80GB in a month (or lesser), and be left with no data for rest of the period, correct?

        • Yes

        • Technically yes - however, it would be pretty impressive to use that much data in one month and you'd have to be pretty stupid.

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